#AmazonSynod, optional celibacy, divorced and remarried priests, and Amoris Laetitia

Let’s think about “optional celibacy” which the Germans and other iconoclasts want in order to drive the Church towards becoming a well-connected NGO.

Let’s use Amoris laetitia (“The Joy of Sex”) as a lens.

So, Father is married.  The marriage doesn’t work that well because.. well… it’s  obvious, why it might be strained.   Father and Mrs. Father divorce.   So sad.

So, if Father marries without a declaration of nullity, say a divorcee, former wife of a former priest friend, can he receive Communion at Mass?

Of course, if he doesn’t, it wouldn’t be a Mass, right?  In that case, by consecrating the Eucharist outside of a Mass, he would commit one of the worst canonical crimes on the books.

And he took a stipend for it.

Ahhhh… the possibilities.

But we would have to accompany Father and Mrs. 2nd Father because in the internal forum, they discerned (maybe with the help of the Mrs. 2nd Father’s former priest husband) that they can receive Communion.

Marriage is, after all, an ideal and not something that real people can actually live.

Priesthood too.

See how it all fits together?

That’s all for now.

Signed… Internal Forum Msgr. Zuhlsdorf.


I had the moderation queue on, but I think I’ll only let the funny stuff through.   I’ll read it all, however.



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  1. hilltop says:

    So: a priest, his newly-ordained deaconette wife (he vested her) and an Amazonian shaman (sporting a nifty clay doll) are discerning polyamory (it’s no longer an easy question) at a German bar (“Das internes Forum”), and the bartender (all in white) is being interviewed (off-the-record) at the other end of the bar by (one of his best friends) an ancient Italian atheist reporter (older than dirt). The bartender comes up to the three and says “Need some accompaniment? I promise not to judge. Let’s walk together (synod) on this!”
    The reporter recalls a blessing occurred involving a rattle.

  2. JonPatrick says:

    But Father! But Father! We must get rid of this medieval celibacy thing because … because it makes priests RIGID and unable to accompany others like the divorced and remarried because, you know, it’s all about LOVE and we have to be open and meet people where they are … like this Amazon synod thing where the Holy Spirit is moving us to a new level of caring for indigenous people and the rain forests … because they have this spirituality which we must incorporate into our worship services and get rid of this old rigid medieval stuff … which priests like you impose on us because you HATE VATICAN 2 !!!

  3. Suburbanbanshee says:

    The Roman system of priestly celibacy is tested and tried. But that is not good enough.

    The Eastern systems of monk priestly celibacy or married priests are also tested and tried. Yet we do not see the synod organizers inviting a bunch of Byzantine Rite bishops or seminary teachers to come and Teach Them The Way, or just plain take over.

    So it is all about virtue signals and messing things up, creating holes in the practice of the faith where things ought to be solid.

  4. AutoLos says:

    Really we ought to just abolish the practice of ordination all together! Since women are basically already doing priestly duties, we can just have an internal forum priesthood. Each man (or woman!) can discern whether he or she is a priest and just skip all the boring seminary training. Yawn.

  5. hwriggles4 says:

    Just think…

    How long will it be before someone can go to “YeahWhatever.com” and become a priest with a click of a button, a fee, and then print out a fancy certificate.

    That’s like getting my cat an online degree.

  6. maternalView says:

    Remind me again why it’s necessary for all parts of society to jettison any semblance of traditional marriage but imperative for Catholic priests to be married?

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