Vatican employee caught messing with Wikipedia entry of @TaylorRMarshall

Here is something amusing.

Here is something not amusing at all.

First, do you remember the dust up over the doctored letter of Benedict XVI when he declined to review books about the theology of Francis?  A guy in the comms office edited to make it say something it didn’t say.   He lost his job, but they created a new one for him and slide him into it.

Now there’s this.

Some of you might not get exactly what’s going on here.

Taylor Marshall is an outspoken critic of Francis and those around him.  Recently he supported the men who threw the pagan demon statues into the Tiber.

Suddenly Marshall’s Wikipedia entry changes.

By the rules, you are not supposed to change your own entry, but other people who have access can… and they do!

Someone went into Marshall’s wikipedia entry and planted bad stuff.  (That has happened to me, by the way; someone dedicated to the ordination of women planted insinuations and right now there is other tendentious stuff about – you guessed it – a certain Jesuit … but I digress.)

The thing is, you can see the history of the changes and you can see who made them.  If you know what you are doing, you can dig past the initial information and really see some interesting things.

In this case, someone drilled in and found that the person who put the bad stuff on Marshall’s page was working from the IP address of the Vatican’s Office of Telecommunications.

So, someone who works for the Vatican screwed with Taylor Marshall’s Wiki entry in an unfavorable way.


Ooops… sorry, not incompetent.  Didn’t mean that.  I meant


That’s it.  This is new kind of “accompaniment” being offered by the Vatican to Taylor Marshall.

¡Hagan lío!


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  1. LarryW2LJ says:

    So much for “Thou shall not bear false witness against thy neighbor.”

  2. Bearing false witness and stealing as well. When you tell lies you steal the truth and replace it with garbage. I wonder if this person that stole the truth about Taylor is one of the same people that accused those brave warriors of stealing pagan idols?

  3. The Astronomer says:

    Fr. in my past life in service with what the SEALs kiddingly referred to as “Christians In Action,” we’d have recognized this ham-handed effort to smear Dr. Marshall as a tactic perfected and employed by the Soviet KGB known as “Active Measures (Aktivnye Meropriyatiya, or in Cyrillic ???????? ???????????).”

    The more things change…

  4. The Astronomer says:

    Apologies, Father. The Cyrillic letters DID appear in your PREVIEW.

  5. CasaSanBruno says:

    Mercy. Going to the peripheries. etc.

  6. Philmont237 says:

    Stuff like this just proves out incompetant some of these people are and who have jobs that they are not qualified for. You think someone working in this office would think to use a VPN.

    I suspect that many people appointed to positions in the Vatican don’t actually have the qualifications to do what they are doing.

    [At many levels.]

  7. Lurker 59 says:


    There are some mistakes here. [No. This originated from a Vatican IP.]

    The IP address in question is not the IP address of an individual’s computer. Rather this IP address is the PUBLIC IP of the edge device for the local network. (equivalent: This is not the physical mailing address for your house but rather the mailing address of your Post Office)

    This could have but likely did not originate from the Vatican’s Office of Telecommunications. That piece of information is the Point of Contact for issues relating to that Public IP address — the IT department of the Vatican Office of Tel. It IS NOT the physical location of the router or who is using the device. The information is WHO IS IN CHARGE of the device, not its location or User. The info comes from a form that is filled out when the IP was originally obtained/renewed and can say anything that the individual filling out the form wished for it to say. The physical router literally could be anywhere in the world, it is just that the IP that is directed to this device is being reported as being under control of the IT department of the Vatican Tel. All Public IPs coming out of the Vatican should report this information, though I haven’t checked. The Vatican Website reports this information. [Nope. I’ve been through this before.]

    Now, if I were Dr. Marshall, I would give the IT department a ring — contact info is right there. Generally speaking, IT people don’t like their Users messing around on their network (strong emphasis on THEIR network). You don’t want your IT person coming to you to have a discussion about what you are doing on your computer.

    TLDR: That IP reveals not the location of the User who edited the Wiki but the public IP of the edge device and the contact info for the Organization and Department that administers this device.

  8. KateD says:

    Taylor Marshal and his oft co-anchor are both solid men. I watched most of that episode on youtube. Good stuff.

    This incident should altert them to the fact that they are under attack. Likely this is not the only venue being exploited.

    Wikipeadia should revoke permissions for the person who made the malicious edits, FWIW. He will just use a different login, but this is the Wild West days of the internet and one can only knock them down as they pop up.

    This was a petty, catty, viscous act. It is to be expected given the lavender mafia we are contending with in the Vatican.

    Look at it as a badge of honor. You must be doing something right. You hit a nerve…And hey, you’re in good company! They messed with Pope Benedict XVI also. Kudos!

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  10. Amerikaner says:

    Wow, unbelievable! Busted.

  11. Ave Maria says:

    Can anything good come out of the Vatican?

  12. cpdog says:

    Lurker 59 summed up the technical issues well. I would go even further and say that it is possible (maybe even likely), that this person has nothing to do with the Vatican at ALL. It’s very possible that someone is using publicly available Wifi SOMEPLACE in the Vatican. I note that the edit was made on a phone (wikipedia says). So THAT tells me this person was using their phone on wifi and it went through one of the Vatican’s IPs. It could be a tourist for all we know. [Nope.]

  13. Gaetano says:

    The positive news here is that Dr. Marshall was deemed a sufficient enough threat for someone to take such action. They wouldn’t have felt obliged if his words were meaningless.
    In other words, someone’s scared.

  14. CanukFrank says:

    And yet ANOTHER in a long, line of catastrophic blunders as a result of this synod!
    -The debacle of the “Mother Earth” opening ceremony including the ‘Mother Nature’ figurines currently doing backstrokes down the Tiber and the ridiculous figurine with the disproportionately sized “elbow”
    -The awkward fact that 80% of the area’s indigenous people live in cities
    -The disturbing news that of those that actually live in the forests, some practice infanticide
    -The embarrassing revelations of Vatican finances including the millions of €’s stolen from ‘Peter’s Pence’
    -The relationship between REPAM, the Brazilian Bishops and the Ford Foundation
    -The secret cabal of socialist priests/bishops renewing their Marxists vows in the catacombs.
    It’s like a slow motion multiple pile up, isn’t it?

  15. mo7 says:

    The commandments fall like rain in Roma.

  16. Benedict Joseph says:

    I’d say disappointing, but can you be disappointed after six and a half years? Now, merely to be expected, yet ever so gratifying once again to see the mask fall and the real character of the charade illuminated.
    Good going, Vatican Telecommunication Office. Bet there were some good laughs in the office that day. We are all mightily edified.

  17. Johann says:

    I see the page has now been “semi-protected” due to persistent disruptive editing.

  18. Toan says:

    I wonder what other wiki edits (or other online activity) that same IP address may have made. Anyone know how to search for that sort of info?

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