ROME DAY 22: Lights, egg, and sweets

Sunrise in Rome was at 7:29 and Sunset 18:19 and the Ave Maria still at 18:30.

I’ve had a couple days I’d rather not talk much about.   I had a meeting at a certain shop and started to get things worked out.  Also a friend came to town whom I am glad to see.

Allow me to be brief.

I wrote about the church that has the tomb of Alexander VI, Borgia.  They are getting a new lighting system installed.  And BLAM amazing illumination of the side chapels.

Then, while wiling away a little time I was in the Via dei Pettinari, where I stopped at San Salvatore in Onda, I noticed this good street sign.  I’m sure I’ve seen this a zillion times.  It’s like many of the things in Rome.  Sometimes little details stand out.

Vi offero il mio cuore
e insieme l’alma mia [anima mia]
per me pregate
O Vergine mia.

“Se tu dirai di cuore ‘Ave Maria’ in cielo tu vedrai la faccia mia”


A view up the same street, so familiar to me, since the early 80s.

A little food, so people won’t ask “Where’s the food?”

And egg.

Poached.  Cooking arrested with ice.  Slightly breaded.  Fried. Garnished with a truffle foam and some caviar.  So simple.  I’m going to perfect this technique.

After supper with 8-9 people (someone went and came back).

Little beignet.


Back to the beignet, because the blog loaded the pictures in this order and I am too tired to change it.

It’s raining and that puts me into a mood.

In your goodness pray for Riccardo who is in the ICU in Rome.  He has some horrible flesh eating bacteria in his torso, may God help me.  One of the diners tonight left us, went to the hospital after a call, and returned at dessert time with the news.  We prayed for him. Do pray for him.

Pray for me tomorrow.

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  1. FrAnt says:

    I will keep you and your friend in my prayers. I made my way to SS. Trinita today, lovely and quiet. Happened upon an American group from Maryland just in time for mass at S. Croce. The two priests used the NO, but there was a little Latin and a few words in Greek. But day ended with my phone being stolen on the 23 bus. I’m only on day two of seven, but I’m offering it up in reparation for the now floating idols. Thank you for a wonderfully, informative, blog.

  2. Kathleen10 says:

    God bless you Fr. Z. Tomorrow mornings rosary for you and your friend Riccardo. My goodness.

  3. Let’s pray for each other Father. I had something happen today at work that absolutely enraged me and I am still trying to come down out of orbit.

  4. mo7 says:

    Oh to live in a place where a love letter to Our Lady is part of a street sign!

  5. Suburbanbanshee says:

    Ss. Cosmas and Damian, pray for Riccardo!

    St. Anthony, please help find the phone!

  6. ajf1984 says:

    Prayers for Riccardo’s healing and strength, and prayers for you, Father (using your own Prayer for Priests, and a Memorare)!

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