Forty years ago… USSR v US at Lake Placid

I’ve been lately in a place where a lot of miracles were worked.  However, today I also remember the so-called “Miracle on Ice”.

Forty years ago… can it be that long?… the US ice hockey team beat the Russians.

I was at the Univ. of Minnesota at the time, so we were hyper aware of the games.

Quite a moment.

A good movie was made of the adventure of that intrepid team that won the gold.


It’s exciting even though you know the outcome… sorta like Apollo 13.

I’ll always remember that countdown and, after the Russian team just standing there, watching.

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  1. Jack says:

    40 years ago I was a young, thin waisted Emergency Medical Technician working at the Games. We worked long, exhausting hours. Fortunately no major problems; mostly cold injuries and drunk spectators. We had the radio on in the truck and listened to this most unbelievable victory. After 10 days on station we came home exhausted and sick with the flu. Good times! Oh to be 26 again!

  2. Semper Gumby says:

    What a game, and great movie with Kurt Russell playing Coach Herb Brooks.

    On that day in that rink a team of young working-class Americans taught the Commies a sharp lesson in dialectical materialism as the Soviet team withered away.

    Jack: Thank you for your service.

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