A solid “state of the question” VIDEO about The Present Crisis

When we write scholarly papers or monographs or theses, or even in depth blog posts, analyzing a burning question, we often begin with a status quaestionis section: What is the state of the question?

This morning Michael Voris posted a “Vortex” video which could serve as a pretty good status quaestionis about The Present Crisis (which term the US Nuncio used during his USCCB speech even after the USCCB was gutted by the Congregation and Francis).

You can be a fan of Mr. Voris or not, but it seems to me that this video is a pretty good summary of various aspects of The Present Crisis.

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  1. mepoindexter says:

    That was the first thing I thought. It was a little weird that Chupich jumped up so quickly. There are no coincidences in these things.

  2. mharden says:

    Transcript here, for those preferring written format:


  3. Massachusetts Catholic says:

    Cardinal Sean O’Malley, one of the nine and the Pope’s point man on abuse in the US is missing in action. He’s done very little here in Boston, and said very little on the national stage. After Cardinal Law left, so many people placed their hopes in the seemingly humbled friar. What a waste and a disappointment!

  4. Marion Ancilla Mariae II says:

    I’m so sorry for what our brothers and sisters in the Boston area have had to go through. Horrendous. Those of you who have kept the faith are my heroes.

    “He (Cardinal Sean O’Malley) has done very little here in Boston, and said very little on the national stage.

    Having watched the scene in Boston from afar, Cardinal O’Malley strikes me as someone who started out trying to do and say quite a bit, but his efforts have met with only limited success.

    Perhaps because “this kind is not cast out but by prayer and fasting.”” (Matt. 17:20)

  5. Amerikaner says:

    Spot on. Voris, Arroyo, et al need to keep things in the forefront to help prevent the prelates from setting their nothing-to-see-here agenda’s.

  6. Ave Maria says:

    They had C. Mahoney speak! As though he has no filth on his hands after millions upon millions of dollars in payout have already hit his former diocese. Surprised they did not have the former C. McCarrick speak too. About par for the course with these ones. I guess we have to depend on the civil authorities. Yet the secularists have a problem because it is sodomy that is the issue and that is what the secular society is championing.

  7. That Guy says:

    Voris is a diamond in the rough, perhaps, but a jewel nonetheless. I often wonder if he spoke through a smiling female avatar, with less snarky tone, would he be received better? I don’t know, but I rarely disagree with him. Fr. Z, Mike Hichborn and Voris are all on my Fantasy Cul de sac.

  8. Akita says:

    Hi Ave,

    Mahoney’s diocese had to pay out a billion $$. Not just millions.

  9. Akita says:

    I’ve come to invite Voris into my iPhone since he abandoned his former stance about all those nasty, nasty people surrounding good pope Francis.

  10. Whatever one thinks of Voris, he has made his mark. He got mentioned today (with a great caricature) in Damian Thompson et al.’s piece on the tribes of the Catholic internet. Voris appears among “The Militants”:


    Vermeule of Harvard, leader of the “Papal Knights” is actually using his caricature as his twitter icon.

    V. Funny and often close-to-the-bone . . .

  11. Malta says:

    Good job, Mr. Voris. Towards the end of the video he mentions that the DOJ might charge Racketeering (RICO cf: https://www.nolo.com/legal-encyclopedia/content/rico-act.html)

    If that were to happen, it implies guilt to the bishops for the sins of priests, if they knew about their crimes and were in anyway complicit; the bishops could be facing prison, even up to the pope (though Francis would hide-hide in Vatican City, with which we have no extradition treaty).

    RICO was first passed to deal with mobsters; this is how serious this situation has become.

  12. JustaSinner says:

    Scandalous behavior that drives the faithful out of the pews, making the Cardinals and Bishops wonder what’s going on…
    It’s official, we’ve entered Bizarro World!

  13. Paul of St Paul says:

    Thankyou for the post Fr Z
    I think Michael Voris is heroic

  14. arga says:

    Terrific video summary. No doubt, Rome and its co-conspirators here are planning a coverup. What a rotten bunch. They sicken me. I’m glad I didn’t go to Baltimore. I’d spit in their faces.

  15. KnightOfTruth says:

    I have a lot of good Catholic friends. Why is Voris appreciated by half of them and rejected by the other half?

  16. SanSan says:

    Thank God for Michael Voris and the Church Militant team. They have taught the truth for so many years. They were the first to awaken us to the corruption in Holy Mother Church. God protect them and keep them on the front lines of truth.

  17. maternalView says:

    There were others long before Voris. They were marginalized as extreme and basically ignored. But they were reporting on these sexual and liturgical abuses (they seem to go together often) decades ago. No one listened.

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