It’s still swell! And it’s seasonal!

The Carmelite men of the Carmel of the Immaculate Heart of Mary are building their monastery in Wyoming and earning their daily bread by roasting, blending, and selling you coffee and tea.

Their seasonal Pascha Java is back at Mystic Monk Coffee!

Limited time! Festive spices with white chocolate and bourbon make up this delicious treat.

And just because I like writing it, their Coffee of the Month is:

Dukundekawa Musasa

Prefer tea?  Click HERE.

Go to your kitchen and check on your coffee supply.  Share at work.  Give as a gift.  Use for a parish event.  Keep a thermos handy for your spring cleaning and yard work.

And you can subscribe, which will help the monks budget and relieve you of having to remember to order!

Help some Carmelites, get great coffee.

Win – win.

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  1. poohbear says:

    Dumb question, but does anyone know if the alcohol in the bourbon cooks off during roasting? Can’t have alcohol due to meds, but I have had this in the past when the alcohol content didn’t matter, and it is yummy!

  2. acardnal says:

    Alcohol Burn-off Chart
    The following chart data comes from the U.S. Department of Agriculture with information on how much alcohol remains in your food with specific cooking methods. Keep in mind that this is the percentage of alcohol remaining of the original addition.

    For more detailed information and explanation, consult the full article on Cooking With Alcohol and Alcohol Substitutions, which includes important information about how much alcohol remains in cooked foods and caution when using alcohol in frozen foods, plus tips and hints to help you make the right substitution choice. For alcohol substitutions, consult the Alcohol Substitution Chart.

    Alcohol Burn-off Chart
    Preparation Method Percent Retained

    alcohol added to boiling liquid & removed from heat 85%
    alcohol flamed 75%
    no heat, stored overnight 70%
    baked, 25 minutes, alcohol not stirred into mixture 45%
    Baked/simmered dishes with alcohol stirred into mixture:
    15 minutes cooking time 40%
    30 minutes cooking time 35%
    1 hour cooking time 25%
    1.5 hours cooking time 20%
    2 hours cooking time 10%
    2.5 hours cooking time 5%

    Ethanol alcohol boils at approx 173 deg F.

  3. Maltese says:

    Good cause! Thanks for supporting these good men, Fr. Z!

  4. UbiCaritas says:

    I, alas, due to what must have been temporary insanity on my part, gave up coffee for Lent.

    Sheer madness, I say.

    However, now that I have a job (thank you, thank you St. Joseph!) I shall place a sizable order with the good monks next month. Great coffee+supporting one of the worthiest of causes? As you say, win-win!

  5. Nathan says:

    Father, I agree that Mystic Monk Coffee is, indeed, swell. To promote unity within the Church, perhaps you could bring in the proponents of a certain liturgical and theological emphasis that Mystic Monk Coffee with language more suited to their background.

    “Upset with consubstantial? Don’t like the idea of anyone wanting to enter under your roof? Have some Pascha Java, it’s groovy!”

    Full disclosure: I am decidedly of a Trad bent, and I have been known to use “groovy” around my teenage children. It’s guaranteed to elicit an eye roll.

    In Christ,

  6. beez says:

    I would like to help the monks, but I use a Keurig!

  7. benedetta says:

    Just got my subscription the other day. Will be brewing a pot of decaff for the parents at homeschooler chess club later today. Sent Cowboy Blend off to a Father Son retreat last weekend and it was very well received. Keep up the great work, Mystic Monks!!

  8. AnAmericanMother says:

    that’s why they make the reusable K-cup.
    It’s a bit more trouble to fill it and rinse it out, but it works fine (you get one free with the Cuisinart machine).
    You’d do it to help the monks, wouldn’t you? You’d do it for Randolph Scott!

  9. poohbear says:

    I brew Mystic Monk coffee in my Keurig with a reusable pod. I have the simple one that looks like, and is used as a regular pod, not the one that requires an advanced degree in engineering just to remove the part from the machine so you can use the pod.

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