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Benedict XVI’s sermon for 1st Mass of Christmas: Really and truly!

Here is the Holy Father’s Sermon for the 1st Mass of Christmas, with my emphases and comments. Dear Brothers and Sisters! “You are my son, this day I have begotten you” – with this passage from Psalm 2 the Church … Read More

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WDTPRS 24 December COLLECT (2002MR): The consolations of Thy Coming.

The Collect for today’s Mass in the 2002MR, the last of Advent, brings us to the very threshold of the humble place where the Lord was born. COLLECT (2002MR): Festina, quaesumus, ne tardaveris, Domine Iesu, ut adventus tui consolationibus subleventur, … Read More

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The sad canonical tale of Sr. Margaret McBride

The distinguished canonist Ed Peter’s on his blog In The Light Of The Law has a good examination of the canonical censure incurred by Sr. Margaret McBride of St. Joseph’s Hospital in Phoenix, AZ.  Sr. McBride played a crucial role … Read More

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The Holy Father’s Christmas Message to the UK and some reactions

The UK’s best Catholic weekly, The Catholic Herald, proffers the full text of the Holy Father’s message. My emphases and comments: Recalling with great fondness my four-day visit to the United Kingdom last September, I am glad to have the … Read More

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New options for watching Papal Masses LIVE

I received good news this morning. For Christmas, Vatican Radio’s website is offering its users a new service. It will allow users to stream liturgical celebrations presided over by the Holy Father through audio/video, live and in high definition: The … Read More

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Last minute gift idea? A special price on The Catholic Herald web edition!

The other day I mentioned in another entry that The Catholic Herald, the UK’s best Catholic weekly, had a special price right now for their web edition. Last minute gift idea for a person who may be hard to buy … Read More

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No moss under these feet

So… out of the plane and into the car, no traffic through the Midtown Tunnel, got call “Come to a concert!”. I dropped my stuff at the rectory, got into a subway, and a few minutes later I am in … Read More


Clarification… Ding… Dong… Ding

I had posted here that Lloyd Dean is the Catholic Healthcare Association’s Chairman. At this time he is not. He was in 2008. But he is now on the Executive Committee of CHA. You begin to see the interlocking players … Read More

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Why a woman has chosen to stop receiving Communion on the tongue

From the National Catholic REGISTER.  My emphases and comments: Why I’m Giving Up Communion On the Tongue Share BY DANIELLE BEAN I have always received the Eucharist on the tongue. This is not something I usually get all political or … Read More

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The Pope will follow up with the British people on Christmas

In case you haven’t see this… from AFP: Pope to deliver Christmas message on the BBC LONDON (AFP) – Pope Benedict XVI will deliver a brief message for BBC radio’s “Thought for the Day” programme on the morning of Christmas … Read More

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WDTPRS 23 December Collect (2002MR)

Here is the first prayer for the Mass of 23 December, the last full day of Advent before the Vigil of Christmas. COLLECT: Omnipotens sempiterne Deus, nativitatem Filii tui secundum carnem propinquare cernentes, quaesumus, ut nobis indignis famulis tuis misericordiam … Read More


A little arm-chair medicine and the Phoenix Affair

It is hard to make long-distance determinations about the facts of a case when those facts are sketchy. That said, a reader sent the following: Just a bit of medical knowledge related to the abortion/Phoenix scandal: I spoke with the … Read More

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An upcoming film about a Catholic priest during the “Rape of Nanjing”

Via CMR I read this: This looks pretty interesting. MTV reports: Bale will headline “Nanjing Heroes,” a period drama about the Massacre of Nanjing, also known as the”Rape of Nanking, from award-winning Chinese filmmaker Zhang Youmi [Zhang Yimou] (“Hero,” “Raise … Read More

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An upcoming beatification

In the Italian daily La repubblica there is an article about an upcoming beatification. Vatican City – In spite of the fact that only his salary was coming in, they had 21 children: an example of Christian “faithfulness” and “acceptance” … Read More

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Have yourself a multicultural little Christmaaaaas…

From Religion Law Blog comes A Politically Correct Nativity Play: Characters: Mary and an Angel. (Please note that the role of the Angel is Non Gender specific and therefore the person playing the role must be chosen in accordance with … Read More

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Cookie break. Espresso with the best Chocolate Chip Cookies in the cosmos, made by and sent by my mother. I, not my mother, made the espresso, by the way.

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Reminders about Christmas and Holy Communion

First, if you are not in the state of grace, don’t just go to Holy Communion anyway.  That’s a sacrilege and a mortal sin.  Those of you who are lax about Mass attendance need to remember that not going to … Read More

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We have seen this movie before, and it ain’t The Bells of St. Mary’s.

We have seen this movie before, and it ain’t The Bells of St. Mary’s. The conflict in Phoenix between Bp. Thomas Olmsted and St. Joseph’s Hospital exemplifies a deeper problem, which more and more is going to tear the unity … Read More

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In the leak industry the table turns pretty quickly. WikiLeaks’ Julian Assange turns on the Guardian after paper leaks info on his alleged sexual assault BY Aliyah Shahid DAILY NEWS STAFF WRITER Old friends are quickly becoming Julian Assange’s new … Read More

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Brick by brick in Williamston, MI

For your Brick by Brick file… from a reader: After decades with no crucifix and no tabernacle in the sanctuary (other than a processional cross), both were installed this week in anticipation of the Christmas season. This is a temporary … Read More

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