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RADIO SABINA STREAMING – Rosary in Latin and Prayers for Pope Benedict

Z-Cam & Radio Sabina, or “Fr Z TV” is on the air most of the time! Because of a special prayer intention right now I have just entirely Latin chaplets of the Rosary followed by the Litany of Loreto and … Read More

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QUAERITUR: Why pray to “confuse” enemies rather than “convert”?

From a reader: Sometimes you write that we should pray for strength for the Pope but confusion for his enemies.  Shouldn’t you pray for the conversion the his enemies? Okay.  Pray for conversion.  By all means. Perhaps I have read … Read More

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QUAERITUR: ideal measurements for vestments

From a transitional deacon: I am wondering if there is such a thing as an ideal measure for sacred vestments, both in Gothic and Roman cuts. I am planning to buy some chasubles, but I am not sure what I … Read More

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The Feeder Feed: very strange night visitor edition

I was about to shut down and go to bed and thus checked to make sure that the cams were working. That’s when  I saw it. At first, I thought it might be an immature gray squirrel.  Nope. Meet Glaucomys … Read More

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Catholic Herald DIGITAL only £10 ($16) ending soon; sample from my column

I was wrong about something.  The chance to subscribe to the digital edition of the Catholic Herald, the UK’s best Catholic weekly, does not end on 30 March.  It ends on 31 March.  They aren’t fooling around when, on 1 … Read More

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Confirmed: UK will use new Roman Missal from 1st Sunday of Advent 2011

I just saw this on the site of the Catholic Truth Society, which is the UK publisher for the new, corrected Roman Missal. The Roman Missal in its new English translation will be published by the Catholic Truth Society in … Read More

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QUAERITUR: Children reading the Gospel during Mass

From a reader: I am a curate in a busy city centre parish in the UK. I have just been told by my Parish Priest that I should be flexible [?] and pastoral [?!?] at Children’s Masses and allow them … Read More

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This leaves me deeply conflicted.

I suspect that nearly every one of these sisters either left their order or now run the Catholic Health Association. Painful. [wp_youtube]JdO3R5MlbxA[/wp_youtube] To atone for this, right now go buy some Mystic Monk Coffee! The Wyoming Carmelites wear habits, but … Read More

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Of vandals, thorns and blooms

Do you remember vile scrubs hacked away at the Holy Thorn Tree in Glastonbury, England? I found in The Mail a story that the Thorn Tree is blooming. Bud by bud.

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Dissident Irish priests whinge about new translation, again, after meeting with Irish Bishops

The dissenting Association of Catholic Priests in Ireland, whom we treated here, are having a nutty over the decision of the Irish Bishops Conference not to conform to dissent but rather conform to will of Rome.   These members of the … Read More

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Very cool Benedictine Nuns in England who use technology well!

From The Anchoress I learned about DigitalNunDaily.  This is a very cool site by some very cool Benedictine Nuns of Holy Trinity Monastery in East Hendred, England. I have a soft spot for traditionally-minded very-cool Benedictine Nuns. They have audio … Read More

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Follow up: TLM at York for St. Margaret Clitherow

You may recall that there was to be a TLM in York as part of a celebration of St. Margaret Clitherow.  Photos are available. Apparently the Anglican Dean of the Cathedral of York, and Chapter, were very accommodating. The music … Read More

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Do you have any good news?

What is your good news? For my part I am – touch wood – not ill or cold or hungry, there is sunshine, the coffee is very strong and delicious, a few encouraging donations have come in, I found large … Read More


Rumor about the upcoming Instruction on Summorum Pontificum.

A reader sent a link to a story about the upcoming Instruction on Summorum Pontificum. Actually, he sent two links, one to a French site Golias, not exactly conservative that, and to the Italian site Messa in Latino, which from … Read More

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How a bishop who thinks with the Church can’t help but get it right.

Attention seminarians, priests and bishops. I was going to post about a fine address by the Bishop of Fargo, Most Rev. Samuel Aquila (he says Aquíla, rather than Áquila).  Like I said, I was going to post about this great … Read More

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One – first – liners

Minds are mostly dulled by mouse clicks, not delighted. But there are those clicks which bring you to gems. At the blog Faith and Theology I saw a great post in which a man and his daughter search their home’s … Read More

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“Things of the 1960s should remain in the 1960s.”

In reference to my recent post: Reason #64675 for the new, corrected translation.  This was in reference to the super-bad translation of the Post Communion in the lame-duck ICEL version… of the the very worst I have ever seen. That … Read More

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Norma Jean Coon: reconciled

Norma Jean Coon, who had been involved with some wymyn who think they can be pryssssts, Norma Jean Coon, who renounced her involvement with the same women, abjured her pretend ordination as a deacon, and sought reconciliation. She has an … Read More

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QUAERITUR: Vesting priests for Vespers

From a priest reader: At my parish we celebrate solemn sung Vespers during Lent with the congregation. The pastor has asked that the priest celebrant vest in alb and stole using at the basis of his request that the Holy … Read More

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Bp. Morlino affirms prohibition of eulogies. As night follows day, liberals whine.

We have written about H.E. Most Rev. Robert Morlino, Bishop of Madison on several occasions.  Bp. Morlino is one of the true stand-up men in the USCCB. Now comes this from Channel 3000 which seems to have something to do … Read More

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