A visit to the Benedictines of Mary, Queen of Apostles (D. KC)

I have written before about the wonderful Benedictines of Mary, Queen of Apostles in the Diocese of Kansas City-St. Joseph. They were invited to the diocese by His Excellency Robert Finn, the ordinary of the region.

The sisters are building their new digs out in the countryside. I posted about that here.

I made a visit to their new place to see the progress. Very impressive. They are still in the building which will eventually become their guest house. Brick by brick, is I believe how you describe this?

Here is one of my favorite photos, just inside the main entrance of the place.


First things first… the chapel. The altar was obtained from, I believe, a closed church in Ohio.


Of particular interest was the work area for their vestments and embroidery. Here are a few action shots.


They have quite the construction line going.


Storage racks for fabric.


Cases for different colored thread, etc.




There is Mother, … perhaps the only time she will ever be to the left of anything.


Since they are not in their final digs, they have to hold their chapter in a less formal setting.



They have an apostolate of praying for priests.

We also saw some of the grounds as Mother gave us a short tour in the ATV.

And here is a sample of work they did on the wimpe used during Mass at the Cathedral in Kansas City this morning, where some seminarians received “candidacy” before going off to major seminary.


The stemma is that of Bp. Finn, but without the addition of the diocesan stemma. I forget the technical term…. impalement, perhaps?

One of the seminarians had a surplice made by the sisters. If you clerics or seminarians out there are looking for gear, contact the sisters. Excellent work by very happy women who are loving what they do. A good way to support them too.


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  1. contrarian says:

    Just wondering if anyone else is having trouble downloading the pics. Perhaps it’s just my Mac. Either way, I’m very glad to hear about progress being done on their new digs!

  2. Johnny Domer says:

    I have a mac also, and I can’t see any of the pictures in this post (I can see everything else on the blog fine).

  3. old_sage says:

    Me neither (Windows pc).

  4. jmhj5 says:

    Thank you for sharing—-do they accept female visitors?
    God Bless you Father “Z”—Father Harden please pray for Father “Z”
    Selfish motives—always—I think I know one of the priest that says Mass for them….

  5. Charles E Flynn says:

    The pictures are loading now.

    House of Ephesus

  6. Athelstan says:

    They have an apostolate of praying for priests.

    Who stand much in need of it. Not least their local ordinary.

    Bishop Finn has had a tough year of it. But he has done much good since inheriting this diocese, not least the invitation, encouragement and support of these wonderful sisters.

  7. benedetta says:

    This is lovely to see today. Thank you for posting.

  8. TNCath says:

    What a beautiful place!

    In the picture of the sets of vestments, am I color blind, or is there not a set of BLUE vestments between the green and white ones? Hmmm.

  9. MissOH says:

    A beautiful order and one I would be happy for my daughter to join some day if her vocation is to the religious life.

  10. Maltese says:

    Fully Habited Nuns! Hard to find after the ’60’s Revolution, but refreshing to find!

    God speed, Sisters!

  11. The Cobbler says:

    Looks like quite the order!

    TNCath, it looks blueish purple or purpleish blue to me; seeing as the lighting’s not reddish, I’m banking on their being purple vestments shaded blueish by the light rather than the other way around.

  12. Sacristymaiden says:

    I think it is wonderful that Father got such a tour in such a place.!!! Having helped make vestments in my time, I can only look at some of these pictures and think, with that kind of equipment and those supplies and the nun-power they must be turning out some stunning vestments. I wonder if they would give out patterns if asked…
    I would absolutely LOVE to visit a place like this!

  13. Katharine B. says:

    Nice to see some real Benedictine nuns… as compared to the ones who run a convent in my hometown that offers enneagram readings and labryinth walks.

    Nice Altar too, too bad about the exit signs though =/

  14. mrsmontoya says:

    Father Z I am so happy you were able to get out and spend time with such good people. I hope the visit lifted your spirits some! Thank you for sharing, and have a blessed day!

  15. jesuitschooled says:

    Fun fact: the storage cases for the different types of thread, etc. are actually the old card catalogues from the Conception Abbey library. One group of Benedictines helping another

  16. jrleblanc says:

    Father Z,

    We are trying to get in touch with you so we can make CatholiCon arrangements. Please call me 337.422.4850


  17. irishgirl says:

    Nice to know you went to see these good Sisters, Father Z! I’m sure it did your priestly heart somw good, seeing that they pray especially for priests.
    I used to get their newsletter, but not in a long time. I remember them when they were originally in the Scranton, PA diocese (courtesy of Bishop Timlin).
    Good thing they are such a prayer-support to Bishop Finn in Missouri, with all the grief that some members of his flock are giving him!
    And they are flourishing big-time, too!
    jesuitshcooled-I heard about the old card catalogues that were made into thread drawers….very clever!

  18. irishgirl says:

    Should read ‘some’ instead of ‘somw’.
    That’s what happens when you type in the dark and don’t preview before hitting ‘send’!

  19. inIpso says:

    I was blessed to spend a week with them very recently, and they are some of the most loving women I have ever met! The way they welcomed me into their lives was truly Christ-like. Such a peaceful and joyful home filled with beautiful brides of Christ! I learned a little bit about chanting, got to help in the sewing room, and they even taught a city-girl like me how to milk a cow!!! Did you get to try their amazing homemade ice cream? ;D

  20. hollomr says:

    This place looks so inviting… and they make beautiful vestments!

  21. Rachel says:

    I happily recommend their CD, Echoes of Ephesus, which you can buy here: http://www.benedictinesofmary.org/page-musicalrecordings.html . It has some old classics and some original compositions. They have the prayer of St. Ignatius of Loyola that ends “Grant me to love Thee as I ought / Thou givest all in giving this.” And there’s a six-part recording of “Cantantibus Organis”, the antiphon for the feast of St. Cecilia that tells how she sang to God in her heart at her forced wedding, “Make my heart immaculate, that I may not be confounded.”

  22. momoften says:

    wasn’t that a picture of a vimpa? not wimpe? I love these sisters, and they have graciously helped me in the past with a project. They deserve our support….and sew beautiful vestments! I wish I could visit someday!

  23. tealady24 says:

    Their work area is so spotlessly clean! Such a beautiful Order and stunning results!

  24. AnAmericanMother says:

    How beautiful! . . . I must confess that I covet that clever adjustable embroidery frame – maybe my husband can build me one if I show him the picture.

  25. MJ says:


  26. Tony Layne says:

    Yes, the term is “impaled”. Though I’m not sure if the diocesan stemma would be placed dexter or sinister.

    I look forward to seeing shots of the new digs.

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