Of Fr. Corapi and Casey Anthony

My maibox is filling with unrelated requests for my reaction to two things.  First, what about, I am asked, the additional news about Fr. John Corapi?  Second, did I watch the verdict in the trail of Casey Anthony?

I have paid as little attention as possible to both these stories.  Both stories, however, have things in common.  We can think about these stories in themselves and in respect to our reaction to them.

I am concerned that when it comes to human failures we can slide into ghoulish voyeurism.  The media purposely scratches that itch, which was left us as a result of Original Sin. Certainly the secular media has slavered over the later story.  I hope the Catholic media doesn’t slaver over the former.  Either way, we need to be careful.

Fr. Corapi’s case makes me very sad.  There: I’ve said it again.  I have paid as little attention to it as I can, though I couldn’t ignore this last wave of bad news.  I pray that eventually Corapi will get things sorted out.

Corapi has an immortal soul. He is need of a Savior just like the one writing this and you who are reading this.  And I would remind you that you, dear reader, are not sinless and neither am I.  Many people who admired Corapi will want to know what happens in his case, but I urge you to examine your consciences for your motives.  Those who didn’t like him, consider first your own state of soul and God’s mercy.  In any event, pray for him, who seems to be very troubled, and for all the people who have been harmed in the matter.

About the Anthony case, I don’t know enough of the facts to opine about it.   I found the media coverage loathsome.  Even I who avoided the coverage as if it were a really bad smell couldn’t fail to note the vast presumption of guilt before the verdict.  Now that she has been acquitted of the more serious charges, it will follow as the night the day that the same raving pundits will now rave about other aspects of the case, about themselves being right even though they were wrong, about who was right or wrong and how wrong or right they were and why and what is wrong with being right for the wrong reasons, who will get prosecuted next … blah blah blah slurp slurp.

I kept the TV off for most of the frenzy. When I did watch programs on news channels, used my DVR to scan through the hours of muck for the few tidbits of real news we were allowed without the ghoulish voyeurism.

I don’t find these stories entertaining.   I’ll admit that once in a while when watching a US Senate hearing on CSPAN about truly important issues I am tempted to make popcorn, but these other stories, Fr. Corapi and Casey Anthony and the mysterium iniquitatis they reveal, leave me feeling world weariness encroaching on my overarching sense of Christian joy.

Never were baseball, the Tour de France, or a black screen more welcome, a trend which has increased with each year that I pass in this vale of tears.

I’ll pray for Corapi and, if I am allowed, I’ll hope that the Anthony case fades from memory.

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