You can’t make things up fast enough …

… to keep up with reality.

Courtesy of CatholicVote:

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  1. diazt says:

    Oh, Episcopals. Fr. Z, don’t give us heart attacks. I thought this was a Catholic cathedral at first.

  2. bmadamsberry says:

    What do you expect from an Episcopalian Church. At least it’s not Catholic.

  3. Gail F says:

    Girls just wanna have fun…

  4. jarhead462 says:

    Just as I was feeling better- WHAM!
    Slapped with reality.
    Oy Vey.

    Semper Fi!

  5. jkm210 says:

    This might be even worse than U2charist.

  6. Incaelo says:

    What a thoughtful tag line, though: “It’s about the Gospel”!

  7. Tradcarlos says:

    You know I take great pride in being soooooo humble!

  8. andrewnhan says:

    Lady Gaga and Cyndi Lauper *sigh*

  9. Daniel says:

    You know that there must be something wrong with something when it claims the chief of the deadly sins as its slogan. The “Pride Eucharist” is such an oxymoron that it cries to Heaven for vengeance. It is horrible, and very sad to see this.

  10. Captain Peabody says:

    They should go ahead and do one for each of the other Seven Deadly Sins, too. Wouldn’t want anyone to feel left out, would we?

    [In yellow letters]



    …and so on and so forth. The Wrath celebration would of course feature musical interpretations of William Shatner’s KHAAAAAAAN! (

    How prayerful! How relevant!

    I also like how the word Pride is three times as big as the word Eucharist. Got those priorities straight!

  11. RMT says:

    Captain Peabody,

    The Wrath of Khan has already been set to music–completely appropriate for the “Wrath Mass”:

  12. Joseph James says:

    @ Incaelo:

    They eliminated the definite article: “It’s about gospel”.

    Not THE Gospel of Jesus Christ. No, that would require conformity to a rigid one-sided view of humanity according to a presumed created purpose and a denial of the diversity of human expression.
    Thus, their tag line gives away one of the fatal common threads the vast majority of Protestant movements: a denial of the particularity of some pretty important mysteries. It’s not about THE Gospel, it’s about gospel (read: gospel-ish-ness). Not The Church, but church-ness. Not The Eucharist, but eucharisticalness, or “being really thankful all the time”. Not The Lord Jesus Christ, but Christ-ness. Not Almighty God, but god-ness.

    This blasphemy is a logical extension of schism from THE Holy Mother Church.

    I know everyone here knows all of this, but the unabashed filth on that poster got me riled and the Truth is worth re-stating. As a convert myself, I am sensitive to these particular tricks of the devil.

    Kyrie eleison.

  13. Well, isn’t that just dandy. Now i can send some Orthodox and Roman Catholics who feel the Church must become more inclusive a place to exercise their views : The Episcopal Community!

  14. AnAmericanMother says:

    Reason No. 19283745 why we left the Episcopal Church . . . .

    Christopher Johnson of the Midwest Conservative Journal, an Anglican breakaway blog, some time ago formulated “Johnson’s Law”: no matter what you write as a parody of the Episcopal Church, it will come true before the ink is dry (or the electrons are situated in place).

    Or, as one of Kipling’s characters said, “Curse Nature! She gets ahead of you every time!”

  15. alexandra88 says:

    Shocked yet not surprised.

    As a convert from the Anglican church, I’m grateful I’m off that sinking ship. Thank God for His mercy.

  16. benedetta says:

    But will this feature Gaga’s hit “Judas”?

  17. Geoffrey says:

    I wonder if “Lady Gaga” and Cyndi Lauper will sing such classic Anglican hymns as “The Church’s One Foundation”?

  18. Matthew the Publican says:

    Well, I’m an Episcopal priest and I have 9 of my ten toes in the Tiber, but on behalf of Anglicanism, I offer my apologies for this…..

  19. Jack007 says:

    Matthew, I will be praying for you. No need to apologize. As a cradle Catholic who grew up in the Sixties and Seventies, I can assure you I’ve seen PLENTY to apologize for from my OWN Church!
    I can assure you this…the water’s never been better to jump in! Thanks be to God for that!
    Jack in KC

  20. Elizabeth D says:

    respondit Iesus ei si non lavero te non habes partem mecum
    John 13:8 Vulgate

  21. flyfree432 says:

    From a person who swam the Tiber 7 years ago, let us know how to get that last toe in. We’re here to help. :)

  22. Gregg the Obscure says:

    This was the only one of the set that panned out.
    Sloth: no one showed up as all slept in.
    Gluttony: folks stopped off for breakfast on the way and missed out.
    Envy: no one could agree where it should be conducted as all were envious principally of what they themselves found lacking.Lust: attendees diverted themselves in the parking lot.
    Wrath: a melee broke out.
    Greed: everyone simply lurked outside waiting to pilfer pocketbooks from pews.

  23. Ezra says:

    Maybe they got the idea from the Catholic Archdiocese of Westminster?

    Fr Finigan on the London Pride Mass

  24. Matthew the Publican says:

    That tenth toe will be in as soon as the Ordinariate is launched. The Holy Father has asked us Anglicans priests who are Ordinariate bound to soldier on preaching Christ (if we can and are allowed to) as Anglicans while we await the final touches to be put on the Ordinariate. We expect to set sail across the river Tiber this fall. However let me be clear, I am joining because I believe the Catholic Church to be the true Church founded by our Lord, not because of silliness like this in my own church. It does, however, show what happens to the branch when cut from the tree.


  25. Jack Hughes says:

    oh dear, you really can’t make this stuff up, the idea of proud Eucharist (if you are a Catholic) is unthinkable given who the Eucharist is, but the idea playing the music of ‘lady’ i’m a slut gaga at such an event makes the ‘western Mass’ in Austria look positively tame.

    Its almost as bad as the mock crucifixtion by the apostate ‘madonna’

    The city where I live is having its annual ‘pride event’ soon………. please pray for the poor souls who wander in.

  26. Maltese says:

    Well, the Episcopalians have a fake liturgy, so, I guess this is nothing more than another comedy show! (Yeah, I know, it’s not meant to be, but we can enjoy it as such, much like we enjoy “Plan B from Outer Space”!

  27. AnAmericanMother says:

    I can relate.
    We launched in two stages. We left our Episcopal parish when the silliness (but worse, the meanness and persecution) became too much (an option that you don’t really have since we were simply laymen). But we then spent a good deal of time praying and visiting around until Christ led us to His Church. I have all the spiritual sensitivity of a large locomotive boiler, but He whacked us upside the head with a 2×4 — with the greatest kindness and mercy imaginable. I was awed, joyful, and incredibly touched all at the same time.
    I am so thankful to be watching the train wreck from the safe city on the hill instead of being in one of the passenger cars, and I do pray faithfully for all those believing Christians who are still struggling to find their way to an exit.

  28. DBuote says:

    I am a Catholic Seminarian in good standing, can I assist at this???? ha not!

  29. FredM says:

    At least someone still goes to the Episcopal Church.

  30. jarhead462 says:

    “I have done far worse than kill you…I have hurt you…and I wish to go on hurting you”

    Semper Fi!

  31. Brent S says:

    Just for the record, this doesn’t happen in all Episcopal churches.

    There are Roman Catholic churches in this country that are just as bad or WORSE.

  32. Mariana says:

    “As a convert from the Anglican church, I’m grateful I’m off that sinking ship. Thank God for His mercy.”

    As a convert from the Lutheran church, I’m grateful I’m off THAT sinking ship! Thank God for His mercy!”

    Matthew (the Publican) – please keep us posted!

  33. Samthe44 says:

    So glad I am out of the Anglican Church! I actually panicked at first, thinking it was Catholic. Though I typed in ‘St. James Cathedral’ and then the address, and was very relieved to discover it was Anglican. There website boasts about supporting contrary-to-nature ‘unions’.

  34. AnAmericanMother says:

    In a way yes, but in a way no.
    There may be individual Catholic parishes that are worse, but here’s the difference:
    Ultimately, there is an authority that can correct a parish that runs off the rails. Perhaps not right now, if their bishop is timid, or disengaged, or even in sympathy with the loons. Perhaps not easily.
    But if people are persistent and patient, and pray, it can happen. E.g. Toowoomba.
    In the Episcopal Church there is no ultimate authority – “no adult leadership” as my husband says. General Convention is purely a political, majority-vote affair that weathercocks with every wind of popular hysteria. Doctrine is whatever “815” (the street address of the denominational headquarters) says it is this week. The procedure for discipline was destroyed back in the 70s when the denomination was unable to discipline Bp. Pike and others. You are really and truly on your own, and if you have a bad rector or worse a bad bishop, your only alternative is to shake the dust of the place from your sandals, as we did.

  35. Bless all converts. I’m sorry there’s so many people burning down the houses you’re leaving, though.

  36. Mariana says:

    Thank you, Suburbanbanshee!

  37. Martial Artist says:

    I, too, am a convert from the Episcopal Church, and I had a truly devious reaction to the image of the sign when I saw the comments of Daniel and Captain Peabody, above. It occurred to me to locate the website of the subject cathedral and send them an inquiry as to whether they have scheduled, or will be scheduling, Eucharists for the other six deadly sins, and if not, why not. It is particularly tempting for me, as I am slightly familiar with their new Bishop (not in a personal way) as he was until last year a priest at one of the richest Episcopal parishes in the Seattle area, where I reside.

    Mind you no comments more critical than that implied in the question. Would that be too uncharitable of me?

    Pax et bonum,
    Keith T&oum;pfer

  38. AnAmericanMother says:

    We appreciate your prayers!
    Martial Artist,
    LOL! I wish I’d thought of that. It really would be pearls before swine, though, as sin is not something that the Episcopalians think about very much.

  39. Martial Artist says:


    I immediately thought of Johnson’s Law myself (and still check out the MCJ—and his Bad Vestments blog—on a daily basis), but saw that you had beat me to referencing it.

    Pax et bonum,
    Keith Töpfer

  40. MissOH says:

    Wow, you almost gave me vapor lock. I had to squint to confirm it was not a Catholic church. But really, Lady Gaga and Cyndi Lauper and prayerful don’t belong in the same sentence.

  41. Laura R. says:

    Suburbanbanshee, I join Mariana and AnAmericanMother in thanking you. It’s wonderful to be in the Catholic Church at last, but sad to see what has happened to the Episcopal Church. Praise God for Pope Benedict and the Ordinariate!

  42. LaurenHoeds says:

    Yes, yes…unfortunately, this is not even a first. One of Yale Divinity School’s daily chapel services last year included a sing-along to Lady Gaga’s “Born this Way.”

    Never mind that she’s a Manichee.

    I don’t remember if this chapel service came before or after the one that included a prayer to the flowers.

    Fr. Z, will you come visit us and speak about establishing boundaries in Christian liturgy?

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