Catholic League’s 5th Ave Nativity Scene

I posted some time ago about the Catholic League’s Creche or Nativity Scene in New York City.

I went to find it today.

Many people stopped to look qt it and take photos.

I added a FourSquare location when I saw that nobody else had.

Go see it if you are around. It is up until 3 January.

The closest subway is probably the NRQ entrance on 59th.

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  1. Rachel K says:

    It is a beautiful Nativity, but what is the construction behind it? Is it a Menorah?

  2. Centristian says:

    Good; it’s nice to see Catholics doing this sort of thing, for a change. We need to be out there, evangelizing and promoting our faith in this way. I’m also glad to see that the Catholic Church is actually promoting Catholicism via television commercials, too, the way that the Mormons have for years. Why shouldn’t we, after all? It’s a great idea and good for those who are doing this. In every Episcopal parish you see signs strategically placed in the neighborhood that read “The Episcopal Church welcomes you”. Why don’t we start doing that, too?

    Matthew Kelly writes, “The Catholic Church feeds more people, clothes more people, houses more people, and educates more people than any other organization in the world. And when the modern media and the secular culture have finished tearing down the Church as best they can, let me ask you, who will then take our place?”

    Who, indeed? Our Church is all that; it has contributed and continues to contribute so much to civilization. It’s good to remind civilization of that.

  3. Kathleen10 says:

    Hello and Merry Christmas Father Z, and all!
    I was trying to figure out how to send you a photo of our nativity at home. I always wanted a nice lawn nativity to make a statement at Christmas. Ours gives us alot of joy. It seems a good idea to have a lawn nativity today in light of the blatant effort by atheists to remove Jesus from the public sphere. It makes us very happy that anyone might drive by our home and see the Holy Family. Imagine if every Christian made sure to make the Holy Family the centerpiece of their Christmas decorations! Wow!

  4. Liz says:

    Nice! We joined The Catholic League this year. I had no idea just how much good work they do for the Faith. I appreciate them so much more now.

  5. pfreddys says:

    Why Jan 3rd…why not Jan 6th (the last day you can have up Christmas stuff)

  6. momtomany says:

    This Nativity scene looks just like the one in my church, St Ann’s Basilica Parish, in “Scranton, PA. I look forward to seeing this beautiful creche every year. It’s wonderful that it is out there for public viewing! God bless the Catholic League!

  7. SonofMonica says:

    I do support the Catholic League, and of course, I’m all for them placing a Nativity downtown. But I have to remark that I don’t really care for the sign at the bottom that says Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights. That sign seems to me to portray the idea that the Creche is being placed out there for the sole purpose of daring someone to challenge its placement there. I think the Nativity scene should be displayed in the spirit of peace, not brandished as a weapon in the culture war.

  8. If you put something up, you generally put your name on it. Otherwise, it looks like you have something to hide.

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