Matters papyrological

I am visiting my mother, at the moment.  She is the only person I know with her very own papyrus stand!  As you may know, papyrus gives us the English word “paper”.

No, she isn’t making her own papyrus manuscripts.


She does, however, make things out of paper.

Having a strong artsy-craftsy side – which I did NOT inherit – she has this year made her own Christmas cards, including the envelops.  Even as I type she is stuffing them with her annual Christmas letter and addressing them

They are made out of various scraps of wall paper obtained from the shop owned by a friend.

Since they are out, here are a few.


Closeups.   It seems to me that, perhaps, people could do this with their children, thus spending time with them and even saving a little dough, considering the expense of cards these days.




Anyway… those were some matters papyrological.

She also makes things out of shells and bits of broken tiles and glass, etc.  I should buy stock in the company that makes hot glue.

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  1. Liz says:

    Bee-yew-ti-ful!! Wow, those are neat! I’m going to show my 14-year old so she can do a similiar project with her younger siblings since I didn’t inherit that sort of gene either! Have fun with your mom and eat lots of chocolate chip cookies!

  2. wanda says:

    The cards are beautiful. True works of art & love, I have a feeling. Have a wonderful visit with your Mom, enjoy the cookies and be sure to tell her Merry Christmas. Tell her she did a fine job in the Mom department.

  3. benedetta says:

    Those cards are lovely, from one Mom to another. I hope that you have a pleasant visit, Fr. Z.

  4. albinus1 says:

    I used to have some papyrus plant in a pot. I definitely have a brown thumb (I once managed to kill a cactus), but the papyrus lasted a good 8 years or so, I think. I got it from one of my graduate school professors.

    Another graduate school professor of mine once made life very uncomfortable for a fellow-student who didn’t notice that in Latin, papyrus, despite being 2nd declension, is feminine. ;-)

  5. ckdexterhaven says:

    Wow, beautiful cards. What a treat for the people who will receive them!

  6. Catholictothecore says:

    Your mom’s cards are lovely….. hand-made cards are so much more special than store bought ones.
    Enjoy your stay with your mom.

  7. Jane says:

    The very best Christmas card that our family ever received came from my dad’s aunt. She was well off financially, so her card making had nothing to do with saving money. It was obviously a hobby. The card featured a manger scene with an Australian twist to it. There were kangaroos among the animals surrounding the manager. This card was a real winner.

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