UK: CTS edition of the DAILY Missal with the new translation

I have seen the Catholic Truth Society’s edition for people in the pews of the SUNDAY Masses.  You can pre-order the DAILY Mass edition at a reduced price.

And for those of you in the UK who just want the Sunday edition with a slip cover.  Click HERE.

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  1. pm125 says:

    Wondering if the Years A, B, & C readings are printed out.

  2. marknelza says:

    I heard that the readings have not been updated to the new bible translation that will be used. Think new is NRSV. I will pre-order if the readings have already been updated.

  3. skull kid says:

    These new CTS missals feature the existing Jerusalem Bible readings. So I’m thinking we won’t get too many years out of them. :-/

  4. Jack Regan says:

    I’ve ordered this Missal as I like the idea of having weekdays and Sundays all together.

    That said though, there seems to be a lot of disquiet regarding CTS in the UK at the moment – and not necessarily from the liberal crowd. There was a lot of resentment when they were awarded the new missal contract without anybody else even being allowed to bid, and the way that they decided to strong-arm various suppliers to stop them importing Missals from the US (when CTS stocks had run out) left a lot of people feeling quite sore.

    I generally like CTS though. But they have some fences to mend in the years ahead!

  5. Supertradmum says:

    I have seen this and it is very nice. I wish people would stop dissing the CTS, as they are running on a very tight budget. I admire the work the editorial board decided to do, as they decided to present the best, rather than cheesy. I have several friends in the publishing world, and the margin of gain is very small, plus taxes are paid on inventory, not sales, so publishing companies like CTS which run on a shoestring only publish what they can afford. It is uncharitable to criticize this company. They have had to ask for donations in order to produce a beautiful Missal.

    There are laws regarding importation of books which have a copyright in another country. It is not easy to just import books under a title. Stop the criticisms, please and be grateful for the nice books which are being done under financial constraints.

  6. albinus1 says:

    Wondering if the Years A, B, & C readings are printed out.

    IIRC, the lectionary for daily Mass is on a 2-year cycle, not a 3-year cycle.

  7. benedictgal says:

    I have decided to order both the Sunday and Daily editions. In fact, I am ordering an extra Sunday edition for my parochial vicar just so that he can have the Latin prayers of the Mass whenever he wants to swtich to Latin, since the Roman Missal does not have the Latin.

    I received the MTF Daily Roman Missal. It’s nice, but, the CTS editions put it to shame.

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