WDTPRS POLL: Did you see Rose vestments on “Gaudete” Sunday?

Here is a little poll for your 3rd Sunday of Advent.

Please choose an answer and add a comment in the combox.

For "Gaudete" Sunday the vestments I saw were

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  1. ckdexterhaven says:

    Our priest was newly ordained in June. His vestments were rose, and they were gorgeous. He explained why he was wearing rose during his homily. I told him after Mass that Father Z would be impressed! Father Z, he said he’s eaten w/ you before. :)

  2. 1987 says:

    Two priests concelebrated the first morining Mass at the Vilnius cathedral (Lithuania). One of them wore rosacea, the other wore violet.

  3. Random Friar says:

    I think perhaps we should add “pink” to refer to all those vestments that call to mind, not so much the ever-approaching Nativity, but rather, a very large bottle of Pepto Bismol.

  4. jesusthroughmary says:

    I picked rose, but I should have picked “other”, because they were straight-up pink. Of course, so were the Pope’s, but he apparently offered Mass in a warehouse and had to make do with whatever materials they could find.

  5. jesusthroughmary says:

    (I started writing the above before 10:09, but got distracted by news of the death of H.E. John Card. Foley. Requiescat in pace.)

  6. Trad Catholic Girl says:

    Our priest wore primarily cream with some rose vestments, and the alter was decorated with cream and rose colored flowers – actually quite lovely.

  7. Genna says:

    The priest made a worthy attempt at rose vestments, but they were a very light sugar candy pink. I guess he had to work with what he’d got.

  8. SonofMonica says:

    Our pastor made a big deal that they were rose and not pink. I think if you took a poll of most folks in the pew, they woulda said pink…. :-)

    Still, the homily referenced the Introit and there was a latin Ave Maria sung during Holy Communion. Can’t complain about that.

  9. Elizabeth D says:

    Very nice shade of rose, roman style chasuble, matching chalice veil and burse and even tabernacle veil at EF Mass. I am going to OF Mass next in a different parish and since they have a nice rose gothic chasuble I know that is what will be used.

  10. DLe says:

    There were rose vestments ready in the sacristy this morning, but they unfortunately were too long for our priest for the morning mass so he went with purple. The pastor, who is taller, will probably wear rose.

  11. Random Friar says:

    I have also seen rose copes in vestment catalogues. I marvel at the parish that can afford such!

  12. Banjo pickin girl says:

    Bubble gum pink on both priests, flaming neon pink on the tabernacle veil and altar “gear” (sorry, forget the names). The p.v. said the vestments were a little too pink for his taste so he appears to know what rosacea means.

  13. Andrew1005 says:

    Beautiful Mass today, It sure seemed like our Priest “Said the Black. Did the Red”. Even the Eucharistic prayer, he said ALL of the Saints names, pausing just right at all the commas in the prayer. He never missed a word or made a mistake, and the sermon was just as good! I really felt I was in the presence of God this morning.

  14. Gorgeous new true rosacea silk brocade Roman chasuble with matching burse, chalice veil, stole, maniple, and even a rose cord alb cincture for the celebrant of TLM at Holy Ghost Church in Knoxville. Matching gold-fringed rosacea Roman-style cope for the asperges, likewise the tabernacle veil at the center of the high altar.

  15. mvhcpa says:

    The main altar cloth was purple with two pink runners on either side (pink, not rose). The priest wore red chasuble and deacon wore red stole (“to approximate pink” according to the priest).

  16. racjax says:

    Burgundy! Just a plain burgundy! I had never seen this although the Franciscans here don’t surprise me. However, the visiting Franciscan who assisted wore the chapel’s beautiful traditional rosacea. (Maybe they flipped a coin and he “lost”?) Talk about two opposite images on the same beautiful altar.

  17. thereseb says:

    Fr B has a complete set- plus matching altar and tabernacle hangings. They also match the colour of the wall behind the altar. Plus he had another matching set of vestments for a visiting priest who acted as deacon. A kind parishioner had also taken the trouble to do matching altar flowers. It was like Spring on the altar. Absolutely gorgeous!

  18. Ef-lover says:

    Went to my home “ordinary Form” parish -priest wore purple– and the choir for some reason sang the old translation for the Holy, Holy ( God of power and might)

  19. RichardT says:

    Purple. And it was the Bishop on his visitation.

    But last year the parish priest did say that he would wear rose vestments if the parish had any, so I suppose it’s my fault for being too broke to donate a set.

  20. JaneC says:

    The priest was wearing violet, and the deacon was wearing a rose stole (no dalmatic).

  21. Ben Trovato says:

    There was no EF Mass anywhere near today so went to our local parish. Violet vestments, though the Priest did acknowledge they should be rose today, and indeed pointed to a bit of applique on his stole that might have ben something near pink…

  22. Dominican says:

    Rose at the Rosary Shrine…wish they were a bit “duller” shade of rose but it wasn’t pink. The orphrey was exquisite. I’m sure their chaplain would say it was pink but the nuns say it is rose and if the nuns say so!!!!

  23. cursormundi says:

    A dark-rich rose chasuble worn by Rt Rev Bishop Alan Hopes, auxiliary in Westminster archdiocese, London, UK, at the Rite of Admission to Candidacy Mass (4 x first year students – permanent diaconate) at Ealing Abbey this morning. Assisting deacons wore rose stoles and concelebrants wore purple stoles.

  24. jmk1453 says:

    Purple vestments today, but not because there was no rose vestment available, but because Father refused to wear it. He also refuses to wear a stole, so it came as little surprise.

  25. rollingrj says:

    The priest’s vestments were rose (and probably closer to a pink hue than rose). The deacon only wore his alb with a purple stole.

  26. Matthew78 says:

    Here in the Archdiocese of Philadelphia, Pepto Bismol pink seems to be all the rage. ..

  27. Oleg-Michael says:

    No rose this time. We suddenly realized that we had a rose chasuble but no stole, maniple or anything else. So we had to take everything violet, to my kids’ disappointment. But then, before us, the priest who celebrated N.O. in the same chapel was wearing a beautiful rose chasuble which I would almost call “Gothic revival” – much better than usual N.O. vestments used here.

  28. jmgazzoli says:

    Glorious rose at St. Anthony’s in Trenton!!!

  29. Sword40 says:

    We broke with tradition today and attended our local OF parish. I was asked by the lady in charge of decorating the Altar to lend her my rosed colored Altar frontal and she also told me that the priest said he would wear our rose colored vesstments but when “push came to shove” he couldn’t bring himself to don the Roman vestments so he reverted to the hideous “purple” bathrobe. (sorry, I can’t bring myself to call it anything else).

    At least it was a step in the right direction. The parish is now using 4 of our traditional candlestick on the Altar. Another small step.
    Perhaps, someday even the maniple and chalice veil and burse.


  30. Dan G. says:

    Alas, my parish has no rose vestments. I am told that the previous pastor thought them “unmanly” and got rid of them. Not knowing what these earlier vestments looked like, I wonder if perhaps he may have been right? But for now we are left rose-less.

  31. Charlotte Allen says:

    I’m confused: What does “rosacea” (the adjective) mean, in contrast to “rose” (the adjective)? My Lewis & Short dictionary defines “rosaceus” as “made of roses.” There’s no definition of “rosaceus” as a color. My old Webster’s Collegiate doesn’t have a definition for “rose” as an adjective, but it does have a definition for the noun “rose” as a synonym for “rose color.” It defines “rose color” as “deep pink or pale cardinal.” So the color “rose” can apparently include many shades of darker pink. Does “rosacea” have a particular ecclesiastical meaning that wouldn’t be found in an ordinary Latin dictionary?

    The celebrant at the Mass I attended at my parish church this morning–who happens to be our brand-new pastor–wore pink vestments. Yay! It was the first time in the nine years that I have belonged to the parish that I have seen pink/rose on a celebrant on Gaudete or Laetare Sunday. The priests here, including the former pastor, had always stuck with purple. I wanted to ask the pastor after Mass whether the pink vestments were a new purchase or something he had discovered in the closet, but he was busy talking to other parishioners. Our new pastor has been bringing a dignity and meticulousness to the celebration of the liturgy that has been long overdue in our parish, and the pink vestments seemed to be part of that effort.

    What’s with blue vestments? I’d never seen them on a priest before in my life until I attended Mass for the First Sunday of Advent at a church in Southern California. They weren’t blueberry or plum–that is, a bluish purple–but a clear medium blue, the color of Mary’s cloak on old plaster statues. What was that all about? Can you really order Catholic vestments in non-liturgical colors? My non-Catholic husband, who was as astonished as I was, thought the vestments might have been bespoke.

  32. JenB says:

    The same purple vestments as for the rest of Advent. I was surprised, however, to hear Father explain during his homily that he *ought* to be wearing “pink” today. He told us that you have to be very secure in your manhood to wear pink vestments. He is secure in his manhood, he added, but he looked like a giant Pepto Bismol, so he changed into the purple. (I’m not altogether sure what any of that had to do with the homily, other than to justify why he was not wearing the correct color. And, having seen the vestments last year, they really are pink, not rose.)

  33. Just plain old purple today– no explanation…. but this is my third year at this parish and they’ve never done rose, so I’m guessing they don’t have any :(
    If I were interested in making rose vestments, what would be a good source? I like to sew in my spare time, but as a college student, spare time is somewhat rare….

  34. irishgirl says:

    The vestments worn by the priest at our little TLM chapel were the same as the rest of Advent: purple.
    I don’t think we even have a set of rose-colored vestments.
    Had a rose candle lit on the Advent wreath, though….
    (Wow, I didn’t know that Cardinal Foley passed away)

  35. ChrisWhittle says:

    The priest wore a rose chasuble and maniple, and a rose veil and burse were on the altar, but the deacon and subdeacon wore their violet dalmatic, tunicle, and maniples because my parish doesn’t have a complete set of rose vestments. Since rose is only worn twice per year I suppose that many parishes don’t have a complete set, if any at all.

  36. Mike says:

    Father wore the rose gothic vestment set I bought him.

    Brick by brick!

  37. joanofarcfan says:

    Not only did we have rose vestments and accoutrements, but eight obviously brand-new altar BOYS, all under, what looked like, the age of 10. I am hoping they will be able to learn the Latin responses soon.

  38. Paula says:

    Since “both” wasn’t an option, I checked “other.” We had confirmations, so our new bishop was present, wearing the first rose vestments I’d seen since I left the Episcopal church! The concelebrating priests and the deacons wore their usual violet.

  39. albinus1 says:

    TLM. Very bright, pink, even a bit on the pale side. (We have a complete set of traditional vestments that was made for us, and I guess that’s their idea of rose.)

  40. Sacristymaiden says:

    TLM at Wyoming Catholic College. The chaplain wore a very nice matching set of violet vestments with gold trim. I’m pretty sure the college doesn’t have rose vestments, so that’s the reason the obvious default was used.

  41. kal says:

    Yes, he wore rose. Unfortunately he started talking about why he was wearing them in his homily, and then digressed, saying, I feel like a giant bottle of Pepto Bismol.

  42. MaryW says:

    I checked other. Our Pastor wore white vestments this morning at Mass. The front of his chasuable was decorated with an image of the Blessed Mother.

  43. Jaybirdnbham says:

    “other” category vote.
    I attended the Melkite-Greek Divine Liturgy this morning, and Father was wearing his usual red vestments with gold crosses and trim. The deacon, however, was wearing a light shade of purple for his vestments. Since I wasn’t raised in the Eastern Rite tradition, I don’t know whether they use different colors in their vestments during the liturgical year, or not.

  44. Deacon John M. Bresnahan says:

    My stole was pink AND rose. The decorations were pink roses. (I don’t have a pink or rose dalmatic–too expensive for so little use). My pastor wore a pink chasuble and talked about the liturgical significance of the pink in his homily (I suppose sermon really since it was not directly an explication of today’s Gospel or readings.)

  45. Ben Yanke says:

    We had several concelebrants, all wearing rose, though different shades. Two in Pepto Bismol type color, main celebrant in one with a slight red tinge, and another concelebrant win a dark rose that looked almost red. It was a very nice Mass.

    I feel your pain. A while back, my bishop had a solemn pontifical Mass. On Gaudete Sunday. I hear they had a little trouble finding all the vestments, although I think they might have cheated and used a dark red calling it “rose”… :)

  46. Deacon John M. Bresnahan says:

    Jay brought up some very good points, but there is no one “Eastern Rite” to look at–there are many rites used by the many Eastern churches in communion with Rome. Do they all follow the same pattern, colors, or design??? I doubt it.

  47. TKS says:

    Red fuzzy material with a big white cross on the front. I’m sorry to say he looked like either a crusader or a medic.

  48. cbcatholic says:

    At St. Charles & St. Denis in Western KY, Fr. Richard Cash wore his beautiful Rose vestments that included chalice veil, burse and cincture. Fr. Gerald Baker in Morganfield, KY wore his matching ones as well! I love when the rose vestments get worn, they are so beautiful and you really start feeling like it’s getting close to CHRISTmas!!

  49. MissOH says:

    They were violet at the EF mass at our otherwise very OF parish. I though father had a set of rose vestments, but I think the only fiddleback vestments are the ones father has purchased and perhaps the set last year was borrowed.

  50. kelleyb says:

    Father and the Deacon wore glorious, wonderful and beautiful Rose vestments.

  51. CaliCatholicGuy says:

    I chose other: Today was a concelebrated mass. The principal celebrant wore a violet chasuble with a pink stole underneath, the concelebrant wore a violet stole, and the deacon wore a pink stole alone (I reside in the Los Angeles Archdiocese and have never seen a deacon wear a dalmatic and did not even know what it was until I started reading Father Z’s blog).

  52. Rose. Didn’t look like Pepto-Bismol.

  53. MominTexas says:

    Between being in the loft (we were running late), and the girls being CRAZY, I actually have no idea what Father was wearing. We said “hi” to him after mass, even, and I don’t remember. rotfl. He always makes a big deal about how it’s rose-not-pink lol, so my guess is that it was the right one!

  54. Father wore rose today, although it was maybe just a little too pink for my tastes. Somewhere between bubble gum and salmon. Didn’t quite match some of the great stuff NLM usually posts on these days.
    Still, I think we’re lucky enough to have an FSSP priest who goes above and beyond for not only our community, but also two other communities hours away in different directions.

  55. AnAmericanMother says:

    Rose, set belongs to the parish, relatively plain compared to most of the parish’s vestments, but rose.

  56. letchitsa1 says:

    Ours were definitely rose, but everything else was a nice Protestantized blue…

  57. teomatteo says:

    OF mass here, and out of the blue, BLUE. Kinda like detroit lions blue….honolulu

  58. Jayna says:

    They were…magenta? Definitely not rose, but not the violet/purple ones they’ve been wearing. I’m not sure what he was going for.

  59. basis says:

    They were rose. The priest who celebrated is maybe three years out of seminary. The chasuble was ornate with a prominent “IHS” monogram. Ordinary Form. The purple Advent details around the altar area had touches of pink material added for today.

  60. Ed the Roman says:

    Two masses today. Same priest at both in purple, but the deacon at the second wore a rose stole.

  61. beez says:

    Sadly, I only had a rose stole, because the parish can’t justify a dalmtic since they never know when they will have a transitional deacon,

    I did use the stole as an opportunity to give some catchesis on liturgical color before talking about how advent has lost any real sense of penitence or anticipation.

  62. bootstrap says:

    Rose with a homily on being ready inside and out – a call to reconciliation.

  63. UncleBlobb says:

    Aye: worn by priest, deacon and subdeacon!!! Huzzay! Praise God!

  64. Rose today for our TLM. There is a very 50’s/60’s Pepto pink Gothic Low Mass set that belongs to the church where we have our TLM, but I was lucky enough to snag a nice fuscia fiddleback Low Mass set on ebay before Thanksgiving. Father seemed to like it.

  65. mibethda says:

    The chasuble, maniple and stole were rose (resembling somewhat a Holy Rood Guild design), and the parochial vicar, who assisted at Communion, also wore a rose stole. The burse and chalice veil as well as the antependium, however, were in purple.

  66. jilly4ski says:

    So after looking up pictures to find the difference between rose and pink, I choose rose. And they were rose, but a very ugly shade (with a violet stripe down the front) Of course I was not surprised they were ugly, the regular advent vestments are a hideous blue violet (they look blue until the priest stands next to something blue) with a violet stripe down the front.

    However, a few years ago at a different parish, the PV wore pink vestments (almost a carnation pink) and they were some of the most beautiful vestments I had seen. He was a missionary from Poland, and my favorite priest at that church until he left for Alaska. Then the bishop brought in a new priest, to be his MC, and he was really cool too. (Much better than the old fogies who did what they wanted with the liturgy).

  67. APX says:

    I had to choose other because out priest wore both. His cope and stole was purple, but then changed into rose vestments. Also, the other priest in our parish wore some glittery violet chasuble.

  68. APX says:

    @Ben Yanke

    We had […] Two in Pepto Bismol type color

    Lol! As I was staring at the altar and rose chalice veil and burse before Mass today, I kept getting a strong craving for a swig of Pepto Bismol.

  69. Centristian says:

    This morning I encountered a bona fide set of ROSE colored vestments, worn by the chancellor of our diocese who was the celebrant of the 10:30 choral Mass at the cathedral. Although Monsignor’s vestments were authentically rose and not pink, the chasuble was completely unadorned and therefore meant to be worn with…yes…an overlay stole. Which, it was. *Sigh* I thought that particular screwball had gone the way of the tambourine.

    Thankfully, at least, the overlay stole was a very elegant rose damask stole with tassels at the bottom and no other adornment. As much as I detest the liturgically illegitimate stole-over-chasuble arrangement, the chancellor’s ensemble, I have to say, proved more aesthetically pleasing than the traditional but bright “pink-Cadillac” pink vestments worn by my own pastor at the 4:00 vigil Mass yesterday.

    “Pretty in pink” was the comment I couldn’t resist making as he donned the old drape. Gaudete Sunday is one of two days of the year this priest will permit himself to wear old, pre-Conciliar vestments; better to simply endure them than invest in a new chasuble and stole set that are worn only twice a year, of course.

    Each Gaudete Sunday and each Laetare Sunday, Father muses that all the decorative embroidery is on the back of the chasuble with none on the front. “That’s how old this thing is!” He stands in front of the mirror with his back to it, looking over his shoulder to see how it looks, then giggles at how odd it seems to him. Despite its age, it looks nearly brand new due to its lack of wear.

  70. CarismaTeaCo says:

    We are rose-less as well.

    I did not have time to drive to the TLM today.
    Anyway, All the pews were full possibly being mañana the Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe. we were singing the Our Father, We clapped and hugged into the Agnus Dei etc. Only one deacon served, and the other one sat on his chair IN the sanctuary with NO vestments only to give another repeated announcement. And a nun brought the choir loft communion, the DRE brought us (not enough) precious blood. Then The left over communion was put on the altar until Father and Deacon finishe distributing to the non choir. We had our weekly announcements and Father John told us that as of the first of the year he no longer is ‘responsible’ for the parishes since he will be finishing his PhD; Father Ignacio will be offering all Masses at both.

    Pray for our community.

  71. gmarie says:

    Not only did our priest and deacon not wear rose today, they wore deep navy blue (or as told by the pastor, the very blue side of purple as to evoke the darkness of nature during winter). These are the same vestments they have worn every Sunday of Advent. What’s worse is that the deacon had the audacity to say to the children as he was “dismissing” them from the church for their separate celebration of “children’s word” that he was very glad he was wearing blue and didn’t have a pastor that makes him wear pink on Gaudete Sunday. Even the liturgical dancers neglected to wear rose (no, I’m not joking…liturgical dancers alright and they were wearing, you guessed it, white flowing dresses with accents of purple). The liturgical abuses just keep coming.

  72. Panterina says:

    White! I guess because, here in the U.S., it’s Our Lady of Guadalupe, patroness of the Americas. Pardon my ignorance, but which color takes precedence: The one for the Gaudete Sunday, or for the Solemnity?

    Also, Father said the Consecration in Spanish (this was an English Mass), which I thought was a very nice touch. But I noticed that at the pro multis he said por todos. Didn’t the Spanish version also get updated? I chalk it up to a lapsus linguae, almost inevitable in these first months while we all readjust to the new translations.

  73. Charivari Rob says:

    I was sick abed, so caught the TV Mass (and got on the EMHC’s list for home visits) – beautiful purple vestments.

    My wife was at our parish for Mass. Purple vestments. Father lamented not being able to find the Rosacea as he had intended. As we share our priests among three parishes, there was simply not a rosacea set at this particular church (at least, not in his size).

  74. jesusthroughmary says:

    Panterina –

    The Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe is of the second class, not the first class, and it is celebrated on December 12, not December 11. In any case, the Sundays of Advent are never outranked by any concurrent feast or solemnity. See the table of precedence in the link below:


  75. Supertradmum says:

    Purple on all eight priests at the altar, with the main celebrant with magnificent, but liturgically incorrect purple and gold vestments. Also, there is such a miss-match of different styles of lace, chasubles, surplices, it boggles the mind. It seems that no one at the Cathedral has a sense of Gothic and Roman vestments not to be mixed up on the same person, or even among the clergy at the same Mass…

  76. JonPatrick says:

    At the EF Mass we usually attend, all rose colored including the chalice veil and burse, except for the cope that Father uses for the asperges, which was purple.

  77. Precentrix says:

    Well, I ticked rose but they were actually the same stripy bathrobe as for Advent Sunday. The rose parts, however, are definitely rose rather than pink. And Father’s stole was rose, not violet. In fact, the only part of the homily I understood was the part about rose vestments – I attend the Polish Mass because it is at the most convenient time (and I can receive kneeling and on the tongue with noone batting an eye) but don’t understand a word of the language!

    The parish actually has decent violet vestments, but maybe they belong to one of the priests rather than the parish itself?

  78. John V says:

    Our pastor wore a rose chasuble and stole of recent vintage at Mass, and a rose cope and stole that is part of the patrimony of the parish at Vespers.

  79. Thomas in MD says:

    I had to attend an ultra liberal parish in my town out of necessity and the church was decked out in blue. They did, however, use the new translation, which I had a real fear would not be the case.

  80. Ellen says:

    Our assistant pastor said Mass, and he’s only been ordained for 2 years. He doesn’t own any rose vestments, but wore purple ones. He preached a good sermon on the necessity of rejoicing though, and had the congregation smiling when he recounted all the things that went wrong when he took a group to Spain at World Youth Day, and yet despite it all, they rejoiced.

  81. Mary Jane says:

    Rose here at our EF parish!

  82. Jenny says:

    White vestments and purple altar colors.

  83. Fr Bede Rowe says:

    I wore a brand new ‘rose’ here at Chavagnes! The boys were quite intrigued. Our rugby coach (a beast of a man) had been wearing a pink shirt the day before for a venomous tournament, so ‘pink’ was definitely in!

  84. Steven says:

    IHM Seminary in Winona used rose.

  85. Pink – light pink, but, pink nonetheless. The Deacon even exclaimed: Doesn’t Father look good in pink? Ouch.

  86. Incaelo says:

    I wasn’t at my own parish (or even diocese and country for that matter), and the priest and deacon at the Mass I attended did not wear rose. The deacon, as far as I could follow his German, even claimed that rose was a thing of the past…

    Not unsurprisingly, both clergymen also exhibited a bout of liturgical laziness, skipping the second reading, the Alleluiah, replacing the Sanctus and Agnus Dei with other songs…

  87. Deacon P says:

    We used Purple this weekend, and I have to admit it was my fault… I was ordained in June and ran out of money before I got to ordering the Rose vestments… I plan on fixing that before Lent! :-)

  88. Veronica says:

    Our priest wore rose vestments. It was funny that at the end of the homily he added “And let’s set the record straight. Father is wearing ‘R-O-S-E’ vestments, so get it right!”

    Everybody laughed! :D

  89. JohnE says:

    I’ve never seen a priest wear rose or black vestments, or blue for that matter. Just green, purple, red, and white.

  90. Mom2301 says:

    I chose “other”. Father said he “dug these out of the back of the closet” and they looked like it. His chasuable was peach color. Distinctly peach not rose.

  91. You know, if somebody was very good at dyeing, he or she could probably re-dye the Pepto-Bismol vestments into a more pleasing rose color. (Depending on the fabric, etc.)

  92. Miriam says:

    Definitely rose. The first year that Father was here he said, these are not pink. These are rose.


  93. mamosco says:

    Vestments purple; Even the purple candle was lit!!

    I see we have a ways to go yet.

  94. Mary Bruno says:

    It was great to see Father in rose! In the past he had made comments about not wearing pink and wore a vestment that was striped and had a little blue/purples in it. I’m so glad Father has changed his stance and is not worried about wearing rose. He wore it for the first time last year and made a comment about the pink/rose color, but this year he wore it without explanation and all was well.

  95. cl00bie says:

    We had rose vestments on the priest, and our deacon has a matching sash. :)

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