I received voice mails through Skype and my Skype numbers (one in the USA and another in the UK).  Thanks!

NB: The numbers changed from the old numbers, which I allowed to lapse.

I have been able to fix a couple log in problems for people this way.  Also, I heard a report that my iTunes feed for my PODCAzTs is not delivering very well.  I know, and it is a matter of some puzzlement and frustration.  I think that one of these days I should turn these technical details over to someone reliable who knows what he is doing and whom I can trust.

I really look forward to non-technical voice mails.

Your donations helped pay for those US and UK phone numbers. Messages don’t have to be profound.  Friendly is find with me!   And if I get some good ones, I’ll include you in a PODCAzT.

NOTE: Those numbers and skype take you into voice mail.  I don’t answer.

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