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INCOMING CME: As Earth’s magnetic field reverberates from the impact of one CME on March 8th, a second CME is on the way. Big sunspot AR1429 unleashed an M6-class solar flare today, and the eruption hurled a cloud of plasma almost directly toward Earth. Forecasters say the CME could reach our planet during the late hours of March 10th or early hours of March 11th. Strong geomagnetic storms are possible when the cloud arrives. Check for more information and updates.

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  1. Dr. Edward Peters says:

    Of course this recent spat of extreme solar weather is proof that Apollo is growing ever more angry at the neglect his cult has received since that Judean Pretender came along.

  2. Dr. Peters: Which, as the Achaeans learned, is not a good thing.

  3. brjeromeleo says:

    I would call Him a Pretender, even in jest, but I do know it was jesting.

  4. brjeromeleo says:

    I meant to type “I wouldn’t call Him a Pretender.” Sorry.

  5. Glen M says:

    I wonder how the Mayans dealt with such disruptions to the electrical grid.

  6. Kerry says:

    Apollo…? Wait til Zeus finds out!!! Eeeeek!

  7. rodin says:

    If it has to happen I hope it is when I am attending Mass in the Extraordinary Form and singing with the choir the Missa Cantata.

  8. acardnal says:

    Aaahh, the eleven year solar cycle of sun spot activity . . . always makes it interesting for us Amateur Radio Operators. I assume Fr. Z is one based upon the fact that he has a Yaesu quad band handheld transceiver on his Amazon wish list. Have you been DX’ing lately Father? [Dx’ing… as a medical term is “diagnosing”. Rx’ing too! But if I understand correctly. DX has to do with reception from a distance. I’d like to. I have always been fascinated by it, since I was a little kid, as a matter of fact.]

  9. acardnal says:

    Today’s solar data: viewable on this desktop gadget for Windows 7 and Vista:

  10. Run! Hide! – that and Flares! Rogue planets! We’re doooooooomed! It is Lugh of the Long Arm, the old gods are returning!
    Why didn’t I order that Monkish coffee when I had the chance? Oh yes, I only drink tea – coffee keeps me awake. All the things I won’t be able to do now. What a waste. Ah well, there’s nothing I can do about it except go to bed with a cup of tea and hope that none of it hits here – opposite side of the Earth instead, around New Zealand, would suit me fine.

    [Calm down and order some tea. Lemme make it easy for you…]

  11. kelleyb says:

    Br. Tom,
    Monkish tea is available from the good Monks. Look HERE.
    I think you have time before we are hurled into space to indulge in a spot or a pot.

  12. All I need now is a credit card or do they use paypal?

  13. Alternatively, since my Guardian would have a fit if I bought tea from America when I can get good tea in the shops, I will support the Cistercians in Belgium: – at the moment I can get their beer locally and I’ll take Belgian beer over coffee, or even tea, any day. [It is hard to argue with that. Beer is so much more than just a great breakfast drink.]

  14. Dr. Edward Peters says:

    Bro. Tom, don’t let Fr. Z, much as we love him, tempt you away from the ur-goodness of tea and toward the dark dangers of coffeeism. Stand firm, Brother, and have some Orange Pekoe. I’ll be brewing for you. edp.

  15. Dr. Peters: You, great Canonical Defender that you are, should stick to your day job and not drift over into these higher matters.

    When it comes to the infusions which the Wyoming Carmelites can facilitate, we are both/and (as Catholics are) rather than either/or (as… everyone else).

    I suggest that you buy both tea and coffee.

    If that seems a challenge, then practice practice practice until it is habitual (virtuous).

    And please use my link when you do.

  16. chonak says:

    Coronal mass ejection
    Reachin’ out with a flame of hot plasma:
    Don’t make a close inspection;
    It’ll melt you into the miasma
    — above you!

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