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  • Today is Friday, a 1st Friday, and most parishes have Stations of the Cross.
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Some links to posts as they scroll along.

I am grateful to readers who have sent things using the amazon wishlist and people who contributed using my donation button.  I hit my monthly goal in February.  Thanks.  I have a nice long list of people whom I shall pray for with a Mass for the intention of my benefactors.  Including:

JJ, LT x2, KW, NL, EM, EMcG,  LL, LL, GG, PB, CL, AR, KB, SS, GL, MK, DN, ED, VK, JP, WH, RD, MH, TE, JB, NMcD, RD, VS, FN, VW, KB, MK, SW, MC, CW, MR, AN, MC, JB, MC, MH, MF, CS, CHE, NL, LS, GMacN, MR, EMcG, BB, WH, GW, AR, DM, MMK, LT, KA, MP-P, LT, BB, JP, MH, CD, NMcD, FN, VS, MF, AS, VM, DF, FN, TR, VW, MK, AR, JS, ML, MT, BC, MS, BH, PH, SA, JB, MC, SS, T&DE, MF, WH, KS, TK, SC, DB, AN, GMcD, CR, MF, MH, SS, MR JV, HE, KT, AZ, LT and PJPM!


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