Starbucks promotes contrary-to-nature sex. Fr. Z suggests Mystic Monk Coffee as an alternative lifestyle choice.

As I posted before, Starbucks as a whole entity is backing contrary-to-nature sex and the perversion of marriage.

Decide whether or not you want to buy your coffee from Starbucks.

I suggest the alternative of buying Mystic Monk Coffee.

You help Carmelites to put food on the table and to build their monastery and I get a commission from the sales.  Win – win.

Also, if you are out and around and want some coffee, start frequenting independent coffee shops.




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Fr. Z is the guy who runs this blog. o{]:¬)
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  1. dep says:

    Had just read Maggie’s piece and, having come here to see if you had it already — and noting I am down to a couple pounds of coffee at home — I clicked your link and ordered three pounds espresso and three pounds of the dark roast. And I think it would be very cool if you could arrive at some kind of cross-marketing agreement with the Monks to offer your mugs through them.

    Just saying.

  2. Mary Jane says:

    Seriously…we should all band together and figure out how to open up some Mystic Monk coffee shops!

  3. lucy says:

    If you’re in Fresno, CA stop by a Dutch Bros. coffee drive-through. They are locally owned. I need to buy more Mystic Monk myself!

  4. disco says:

    Starbucks coffee tastes burnt anyway.

  5. JMody says:

    Fr. Z, I have never understood the attraction of Starbuck’s — the coffee is so burned that it reminds me of days when I smoked and accidentally dropped ashes in the cup. It’s priced absurdly. Their “baked” things are awful. It’s like all those maledictions have already been realized, and yet they prosper.

    With the prices of other coffees steadily growing, we’ll be sampling the brothers’ wares soon. And the local coffee shops here are … at least as wierd as Starbuck’s.

  6. Angie Mcs says:

    We have been drinking Mystic Monk coffee for a long time and like all of the variations we have tried, although we are partial to Hermit’s Bold. ( I agree that Starbucks has an awful burnt taste). Since I have joined Father’s blog, we are delighted to order for his benefit as well as our own! I highly recommend their coffee press and storage container, keeps the beans fresh until you are ready to grind them and set at a price range which makes it a lovely and practical gift.

    Can’t one always make the time on the way out the door in the morning to takes along a cup of Mystic Monk, rather than deal with the lines at Starbucks.? And the Monks’ values vs. Starbucks’ makes it especially satisfying, good to the last drop! ( for those of you old enough to remember that commercial!)


  8. Rick DeLano says:

    Very interesting idea, Mary Jane.

    I think it might be an idea whose time has come.

    With the Starbucks boycott off to a great start, and the efficacy of the coffeehouse as a modern-day “tavern”/ meeting house well established……somebody is going to put two and two together and why not make the Mystic Monks coffee the basis for it?

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