TOO CUTE WARNING! (Video of 3-yr old playing “Mass)

I have had posts in the past about children playing “Mass”.

Someone sent me a link to a video from an entry by Catholic blogger and classy guy Brandon Vogt, whom I met at the Catholicon meetup in Houston last August.

Mr. Vogt on his blog wrote: ” I hope nobody forwards this to Fr. Z.”  So, shhhhh… don’t tell him I posted this.

This really is too cute.  I especially like the conundrum little Isaiah works through when trying to decide whether this is ad orientem or versus populum.


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  1. Bryan Boyle says:

    How precious. And, how the Lord works…in striking a spark in a young boy of one who may remember this as he matures, right?

    Amazing how the example of priests does not go unnoticed. I’m wondering…how many of those currently in orders did this as young boys? I’m thinking more than not.

  2. lethargic says:

    Isaiah really has it down … clearly he has been paying attention in Mass. My son never had a child’s Mass kit, so he improvised with puzzle pieces and his sister’s playhouse dishes. God finds a way.

  3. digdigby says:

    Is it just me pushing 60 or do the new priests look like kids these days?

  4. ReginaMarie says:

    Precious, indeed! We have a similar video of our then 2-year old “chanting” the Divine Liturgy of St. John Chrysostom. He’s almost 4 now & repeatedly lets Father know after each Liturgy that he is old enough now to join his 3 older brothers in being an altar server. Soon…!

  5. That is the cutest thing I have ever seen!!!!!

  6. mamajen says:

    Adorable! I loved the confused little twirl he does, and the little girl looking in on the whole thing :) My little guy is about the same age. He hasn’t expressed much interest in playing mass, but does enjoy pretending to read the “Gopsel” and giving homilies. It’s such a fun age, and I feel blessed that my son, despite all his squirming, does take something away from mass.

  7. irishgirl says:

    What a cute little guy! And his little sister in the background was funny; she was probably asking herself in her own childish way, ‘What IS he doing?’

  8. MyBrokenFiat says:

    Help! My heart… it’s in a puddle at my feet!

    What an adorable little boy!!! GAH!

    May he and his family be blessed with a priestly vocation!

  9. This is too precious. I love the homemade vestments (Good job, Mom! Are there other liturgical colors?) and the nursing stool as book holder. Someone has been paying good attention in church.

    My family recently watched an interview of Cardinal Dolan’s brother, who told how the Archbishop of New York would round up his siblings for “Tim’s Mass” as a child. So perhaps little Isaiah has the seminary in his future?

  10. Mellie says:

    Sweeet!! We have a similar mass kit and vestments (green only) AND… we also have that same tilted nursing stool that he is using for his book. My kids stack boxes, put the stool on top, and use it as an ambo. I laughed so hard when I saw it in the video. I purchased the mass kit and sewing pattern for the vestments at Our Father’s House. You can see pics of how they turned out here:

    To be honest, our play masses have never been in Latin… but my firstborn (14 yrs. old) now insists that he would love to say his first mass (God willing) in Latin. Incidentally, he follows your blog and was the one who alerted me to this darling video!

  11. jkm210 says:

    The Mickey Mouse sacramentary is the best part! The kids across the street and we used to do this occasionally when we were kids. I remember taking pieces of white bread, peeling the crusts off, and smooshing them into host-resembling blobs. Most of us were girls, but I actually still pray for the priestly vocation of the son in that neighbor family.

  12. dnicoll says:

    A vocation in the making. “BEHOLD!” Wonderful.

  13. Marion Ancilla Mariae says:

    Priceless! As one of my aunts like to say, “You want to hug him, and kiss him, and squish him to death!”

    Even though this is a child at play, I was impressed with how serious the child is throughout these proceedings. He’s playing, but not fooling around, or cutting up. He is giving this play his very best effort, his all . . . just as the priests he has seen celebrating Holy Mass give what they’re doing their all.

    Just as the High Priest has given His all . . .

  14. Clinton R. says:

    Pray for this young boy and other young men that they may hear God’s call to His priesthood. Perhaps this lad has already heard the call. We should always encourage young men to be ready for the call to the priesthood.

  15. ckdexterhaven says:

    Think of how proud his guardian angel is. I love how he prays after he eats the potato chip. What a little sweetie.

  16. Charlotte Allen says:

    I love the way he breaks the “host” with such gusto–several times! And he drains that chalice! His little sister strolling in and out of the background is very cute, too.

  17. beez says:

    Thanks for posting this Father. My apologies to Brandon, but I needed this to get out to a wider distribution.

  18. Laura98 says:

    Oooh… how adorable. How many Blessings will this family have??

  19. Giuseppe says:

    What restraint — if I were 3, I’d just be ringing that bell non-stop.
    You can tell it’s a NO mass (Mickey Mouse was the dead giveaway.)
    It’s amazing how much kids observe.
    What will he do if his sister asks to be an altar server?

  20. APX says:

    Ha! He even has the chalice swirl in there so many priests do before they consume it.

  21. trad catholic mom says:

    Just precious.

  22. CatholicCaliGirl says:

    My Little brother did this! Now he’s a loyal Altar Boy! Huzzah!
    Thanks for that ray of light, Father!

  23. Centristian says:

    Cute…but I’m concerned about the disconcerted young female parishioner who mistakenly entered the sanctuary via the sacristy door (so embarrasing when that happens) and clearly noticed, among other abuses, cruets and a sanctus bell resting on the altar instead of the credence table, a single altar candle (which probably wasn’t even 51% beeswax), and a celebrant wearing no alb.

    I fear, therefore, that Father Toddler might find himself in hot water when she reports his antics to Bishop Teddy Bear, who I suspect will put him on administrative leave for refusing Communion to his mother. Given his willingness to distribute Communion to seated worshippers, however, he may have a future with the Neocatechumenal Way. Lex orandi, lex credendi.

  24. AGA says:

    The most reverent rendition of the Novus Ord Missae that I’ve seen in quite a while.

  25. Giuseppe says:

    I prefer to go to his 11 a.m. mass in pig Latin.

  26. Centristian says:

    “I prefer to go to his 11 a.m. mass in pig Latin.”

    The Society of Porky Pig warns, however, that attendance at even a Pig Latin Mass said by a Mickey Mouse priest poses a real danger, as it is impossible to tell if the potato chips are genuine Troyer Farms potato chips and not Pringles. Stuffed animals, they say, would do better, in that case, to stay home on Sunday morning and watch Thomas the Tank Engine, together as a family, instead.

  27. Elizabeth D says:

    That is Gold Star of the Day material Centristian!

  28. catholicmidwest says:

    I’m a convert and I’ve never seen a kid play mass before. He’s so innocent and he’s taking it so seriously! And when he folds his hands to pray, he’s sooo cute.

  29. Glen M says:

    It was good to see sister wasn’t in a pant suit.

  30. Sandra_in_Severn says:

    I love his “BEHOLD!”
    That gave me a great feeling to hear.

    May his parents and especially his mother be blest with a priestly vocation for this son of theirs.

  31. Ben Yanke says:

    My brothers used to play mass in the basement. And thanks to the magic of the USCCB’s pdf and three ring binders, they used the new translation before the rest of the world! Buhahaha!

  32. BobP says:

    I’m more impressed with the kid’s vestments. Who created them?

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  34. Joanne says:

    How funny. Brandon Vogt has been on the Journey Home program and I watched about 40 minutes of his conversion story yesterday on youtube. I was just headed back to watch the rest when I stopped here and saw this! Love this whole thing, but the best part is the crucifix on the altar, as it should be!

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