The future fruits of Obamacare

One Child PolicyAt Life Site I read a story about how some Chinese women fled China to the USA in order to save their babies from the One Child Policy.

In the future, if Pres. Obama has his way, this won’t be possible.  Let’s not forget that he promoted infanticide in Illinois.

I think this is where we are headed in the USA if  Obamacare is permitted to take root.

Call me crazy.  Go ahead.  Do it.

Here is an excerpt of what I read on Life Site:

Take, for example, the compelling story of Mrs. Liu who has already had a previous abortion due to China’s policy:

The day before she left China, the officials came to her mother’s home to check on her. To look thinner and not pregnant, she tied a belt around her waist before meeting with them, Mrs. Liu said.

“They asked me to sign a guarantee statement saying that I was not pregnant, and that I would take responsibility for any consequences if I were [pregnant].”

Mr. and Mrs. Liu thought that the worst thing that could happen to them was paying the fines or losing their jobs. But later they found that the water supply, electricity, and heating of their apartment were cut off. Mrs. Liu’s parking space was also taken away, and they realized that they might even lose their apartment.

In order to save the husband’s job, the couple even considered divorce as a last resort, because if their apartment were confiscated, they would not be able to afford another one, even if they spent their life savings, Mrs. Liu said.

Mrs. Liu was eventually able to leave China and come to the United States, using the opportunity of accompanying her son to study abroad. But officials didn’t stop harassing them even after she left China.

“They even planned on sending someone over to ‘settle the score’ with me, but gave it up after learning that it wouldn’t work in the United States.”

On Dec. 2, Mrs. Liu gave birth to a healthy baby in Los Angeles.

“After seeing my baby, I felt that I could give up anything,” she said.

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  1. wmeyer says:

    Remembering the school kids singing songs about Obama, I have little doubt that brown shirts lie in our future. Also licenses to have children. This is, after all, not such a large step beyond a government which already takes children from their parents when a civil servant decides the parents are not fit.

    Looking at those behind O in that video, applauding his statements, I am reminded of the verse attributed to Rev. Niemoller. Those who do not choose to defend the current attack on the Church will find soon enough that we are not the only targets.

  2. NoTambourines says:

    Sebelius spilled the beans in yesterday’s posting about expecting to limit costs by limiting births.

    Culturally, the “right” to contracept is already becoming the duty to contracept: check out, for example, where preening population experts called David and Victoria Beckham irresponsible for daring to have four children:

  3. Matt R says:

    The rhetorical device used in the construction of the Obama photo is striking. The picture makes him look like there’s a halo behind his head and he’s some kind of saint. (To the pro-aborts he might be…) The circular logo of his campaign led to this happening on Lord-knows-how many occasions. I mean, it happens to whomever might be the POTUS when the seal of office is behind them too, but it’s not as striking.

  4. ContraMundum says:

    Put not your trust in princes: In the children of men, in whom there is no salvation. His spirit shall go forth, and he shall return into his earth: in that day all their thoughts shall perish.

    That is true both for the “princes” we like and for the “princes” we despise. In either case, all their thoughts shall perish. In the case of US presidents, they’re way ahead of the game if their thoughts haven’t perished long before their terms expire.

    Obama is a symptom of the real disease, which is the spiritual rot in this country. He’ll be gone soon, with most of his campaign promises unfulfilled, just like his predecessors. Let’s not make him more important than he really is; he is not the Antichrist. Let’s not indulge in Schadenfreude or give in to despair. Dang it, the future of this country is NOT kismet!

  5. digdigby says:

    That is incredibly selfish of Mrs. Liu. Millions of other Chinese women have to get abortions but she feels the rules ‘just don’t apply to her’. What if every woman who was pregnant thought that HER baby was somehow ‘special’.

  6. wmeyer says:

    ContraMundum: This too shall pass? Yes, of course, but at what cost to our country, and to our Church? I’m not giving in to despair, neither am I deluding myself that the country will survive his reign without scars. And most of all, I am not prepared to remain silent in the face of tyranny. It matters not whether he is the Antichrist; he is a tyrant, he is continuing to violate his oath and the Constitution, and the checks and balances have failed because Congress and the courts are equally guilty of the desire to override the constitution.

    Edmund Burke was right: all that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing.

    No, the future of the country is not Kismet, but if we fail to remove the evildoers, the fate of the country is as much our fault as theirs.

  7. thefeds says:

    The picture of Barack on the top is an example of what I like to refer to as “Pagan Iconography”.

  8. ContraMundum says:


    Just don’t fall into the trap of thinking, “It’s all about Obama. If we can just get someone else in the Oval Office, someone who will appoint Republican judges, then the Constitution will be spared, the Church will be respected, and our country will return to its former glory, power, and prosperity!”

    That’s simply not true. We’ve been too sinful and too stupid for too long. The glory is departed from Old Glory.

    If we work very hard and pray very hard, the Republic might recover, the way it eventually did after the Civil War and the way it did after the Great Depression. The only guarantees that we have are that rough times are ahead and that the Church will endure somewhere. Most likely we will see something intermediate between the collapse of the British Empire and the collapse of the Soviet Union: neither as comfortable as the status quo or as dramatic as a Tom Clancy novel.

    Yes, we should get rid of Obama, but that’s not even 1% of what needs to be done. Defeating Obama is to the culture war what beating Mussolini was to WWII: a nice accomplishment, but not one that makes the outcome of the war much more certain.

  9. wmeyer says:

    ContraMundum: I am laboring under no such delusion. Were it so, then he would already have been reined in by congress or the Supremes. Instead, they all seem quite fine with ignoring the Constitution. The problem is that we have reached that time which the founders fully expected: There is neither reverence for, nor compliance with, limitations on power.

    I’m afraid the wounds to the Republic are far greater now than they have ever been. The Civil War did not spring from nor produce a tyrant, much less an apparent total failure of checks and balances. Nor was Congress peopled by the sort of folk who can proudly say that “we have to pass the bill so you can see what is in it.”

    Removal of Obama is a precondition to making repairs, but so is the removal of as many as we can of the professional politicians: those whose scruples are for sale or determined by the latest polls. They are minor devils, regardless of party label.

    The founders knew that the blood of revolution is necessary; I fear we are no more prepared to take that step than are the tax-oppressed of Europe.

  10. Geoffrey says:

    In my letters and emails to my ‘representatives’, I wrote:

    “Many citizens of the United States are here because they or their ancestors fled religious persecution. It is frightening to think that the time may soon be coming where it will be time to flee again.”

  11. ContraMundum says:

    One of my favorite characters from the movies is Burt Gummer, but in the real world, fantasies about “the blood of revolution” linked somehow to “tax oppression” are not helpful. For one thing, the love of $$$ is not itself worth killing for. For another, your “revolution” would get no further than that of David Koresh; nor should it.

  12. geegee says:

    So you’re rolling out the old “civilian national security force” conspiracy theory again? I thought that died 3 years ago. Obama’s speech was about AmeriCorps. the Peace Corps and the USA Freedom Corps. How that equates to a totalitarian future as disturbing as China’s One-Child Policy baffles my mind.

    Here is his speech just before the lines you cherry-picked in your YouTube link:

  13. rodin says:

    Thefeds–It may look like pagan iconography to you and I don’t argue, but to me it encapsulates the epithet I now use for him–The Big Zero.

  14. The only good news in all this, if we can call it that, is that societies that practice birth control will eventually be overrun by others that don’t. People who believe in birth control, like the Shakers, tend to become extinct. That is why I am frightened– because if they can’t prevail at the voting booth or the courts, they will resort to force in the short run to sustain their power. Then more force will be needed to oust them from power once and for all, but that force may not be friendly force either. What we are seeing now is nothing less than the breakup of our country from within. We can only hope that sensible people will be put in charge before it is too late.

    We also need to stop doing “business as usual” with China until these reprehensible policies are eliminated, but the mere possibility of having a choice about buying certain things not made in China is a huge battle in itself when so many things are made nowhere else. I have actually done without in many cases because there was no other alternative but to support forced abortions and sterilizations.

  15. chantgirl says:

    This Civilian National Security Force thing sure makes me feel warm and fuzzy and safe. [Readers should know that, in the top entry I had a link to the video of Obama saying that we need a “Domestic Security Force” equal to the military. I was a telling video, but the wrong video. I intended to post the video of Sec. Sebelius saying that to cut costs we need to eliminate babies. I suppose the “Security Force” video would be logical too, since the administration will have to enforce it’s Fewer Children Policy.] It sounds like I may have to hurry up and have a few more kids before they start rationing pregnancies forcefully. For those who think we may be able to flee persecution, I have a feeling that the persecution that’s in the works will be more global than regional. The mentality that is sweeping our country is also sweeping through other parts of the globe through the UN, the EU and other such entities. The world is much more interconnected than it was before WWII when Jews could have saved themselves by fleeing Europe. The financial system is more interconnected. We use primarily an electronic form of money now between direct deposit and debit cards. Satellites and drones have increased our ability to keep tabs on people. Our online activity can be accessed by governments if individuals or companies can be pressured or bribed. Not to be a doomer, but I think that from now on, it is going to be very hard to flee to somewhere better. That’s why I think it is so important that we dig our heels in now and fight for the right to live according to our religion and our conscience. The world is only going to get more connected and our privacy will be only more invaded. Moral relativism and secular atheism is only going to get stronger as my grandparents’ generation dies out. They are really the last generation that clings to traditional values as a majority. Once they are gone, watch homosexual marriage be legalized like wildfire, watch death with dignity become acceptable and so on. The only area that gives me a little hope is that of abortion because the percentage of people who identify themselves as pro-life has increased. However, Obamacare will see to it that the pro-abortion agenda wins the day no matter how many of the citizens disagree with it.The Catholic Church is not as ready as it should be for this fight, but we don’t get to pick the time, and we’d better prepare for the persecution that is coming down the pike.

  16. wmeyer says:

    Andrew, the Europeans, who with fertility rates at 1.3 and dropping, are being overrun by the Muslims, with fertility rates ranging from 3.5 to 7. Pardon me if I do not cheer.

    chantgirl, those kids will be pressed into service as brown shirts. As you say, we may not be ready for the fight, but we cannot choose the time. And we’d sure better get ready, and quickly.

  17. SKAY says:

    Obama recently (within the past two weeks) met with Democrat governors to find a way to go around Congress to get what he wants. I can guarantee you he did NOT mean Harry Reid and the majority Democrat Senate are the problem. It is the Republican House that is giving him big problems. When Pelosi was Speaker he had no problems at all. The Repub. House has sent many bills over to the Senate — only to have Harry sit on them or only bring them to a vote if he knows a particular bill will be defeated. Since he has a majority–that is usually no problem. Then -Obama can still veto anything that he does not like.
    Hopefully Obama will be defeated–but it will take a while for a Republican President to find all of the
    problems this “most transparent President ever” has hidden. He has been very busy appointing Federal judges who think like him to lower courts. Those behind Obama right now–will not sit still if defeated at the polls–they are determined.
    Obamacare must be overturned– we are certainly finding out what is in it and it is horrifying, The Democrats controlled the House -the Senate and the Presidency in order to pass it and they certainly did not care about the Constitution when they did that. I think they will use single payer insurance to achieve their goal of complete control — telling you how many births they will pay for.
    We will see where the Supreme Court goes. It will probably come down to one Judge as usual.

  18. nsummy says:

    This is a joke. For all of the complaining on here I see no solutions offered. What is the alternative? Vote for a guy who is obscenely wealthy and whose church baptizes people after they are dead? A guy who has cheated on numerous wives? A guy who thinks going to college is for snobs and who says he doesn’t care about black people? A guy who says no one in America has ever died from lack of insurance. A guy who says if someone doesnt have insurance they should die? Please humor and tell me which candidate fully abides with all rules of Christianity. These guys are in a race to the bottom.

    If you are without health insurance in the US you are screwed. Obamacare will actually save lives.

    [What flavor was that koolaid?]

  19. chantgirl says:

    nsummy, Obamacare will save only the lives of those deemed to be worthy of saving. There were plenty of options that Congress had to make insurance more affordable- opening up competition across state lines, tort reform, letting the healthy purchase minimum coverage, etc. but congress ignored all of those things. Obamacare will increase the cost of insurance as competition will be squelched.
    wmeyer, yes I almost feel guilty at times for bringing children into this world knowing the kind of culture they will face, but I try to remember JPII’s “Be not afraid.” line and remember that they will hopefully have an eternity with God even if they might have a difficult life on earth. Also, if the culture is going to be so difficult, I would rather they have siblings as a support system.

  20. wmeyer says:

    chantgirl, I did not mean to suggest that not having kids is a serious choice, only that the future we are leaving them is not pretty. I hope that the biological solution will apply not only to liberals in our parishes, but to those in the secular world, as well.

  21. wmeyer says:

    nsummy, the best hope I see right now is Santorum. The one thing I know is that there is no rationale possible which would justify a Catholic voting for a pro-abortion candidate, whether new or incumbent.

  22. chantgirl says:

    wmeyer, no offense is taken. The temptation has crossed my mind at various points that it might be cruel to bring children into such an unfriendly world, but that is my own cowardice to overcome. I am sure that my six (so far) are happy that I didn’t listen to that fear.

  23. nsummy says:

    wmeyer, you act like abortion is the end-all. How many anti-abortion presidents have we had? How many have abolished abortion? None. Sanatorum has zero chance. If you truly want Obama out you should hope for Santorum to lose. He didn’t even get the Catholic vote in Michigan. You will find that a majority of Americans do not agree with a president who says college is for snobs and that JFK makes him want to throw up.

    While we are on the subject though, why is it ok for a pro death-penalty candidate? One who is for war? How is one killing ok but another not?

  24. nsummy says:

    chantgirl, I think its pretty obvious you have little to no understanding about health care. How will it only save those deemed worthy? I have a friend who is 29 and cannot be insured because of a pre-existing condition. Obamacare will allow her and everyone else to be insured. As for squelching competition, I don’t possibly see how that can be. Either way, insurance rates are going up every year without Obamacare. Rates going up because of this is yet to be seen but personally even if I had to pay more it would be worth it to make sure my fellow human has access to the same care as I do.

  25. Kerry says:

    Father Z, said Boromir, you “have a cave troll”. [We shall see.]

  26. NoTambourines says:

    Remember that a president gets 4 years, 8 if lucky, but a Supreme Court judge is for life.

    I don’t like any of my options for president. I have never been more dissatisfied with the field of candidates. But there is also the matter of judges, and getting judges selected for that period of time by someone who is not Obama.

  27. AnAmericanMother says:


    The problem with covering pre-existing conditions is that it completely destroys the whole concept of an insurance contract. It’s like waiting until you have a wreck to get automobile insurance. People will just wait until they get sick to pay for coverage — and then there will be no premiums to cover the costs. And then, of course, Sebelius will get her wish and private insurance coverage will wither away . . . and we’ll all be stuck with the National Health and be dying in hallways and unable to get chemotherapy (or any treatment at all if we’re over 70).
    The last time I checked, it was possible to get coverage for a pre-existing condition after a waiting period where symptoms are quiescent or medical expenses are minimal. Premiums are higher to balance the increased risk, but it’s worth it. But that sort of policy will be no more under Obamacare.
    As for competition — if every insurer is required to cover all sorts of things (like contraception) that are not normally considered illness or injury, and other things that many people don’t need (like pregnancy coverage for single males), the prices skyrocket. Competition is also squelched when everybody has to offer the same coverage and charge the same premium. Why should chaste single people or elderly folks have to pay for contraceptives, abortions, and pregnancy/pediatric coverage? Used to be, you could shop around for the policy you wanted — a young single person in good health could buy a catastrophic or hospitalization policy and pay minimal premiums. Now everybody’s going to have to buy the same thing, with expensive coverages demanded by special interest groups.
    That will hurt everybody in the long run.
    Insurance premiums are going up right now because of Obamacare. The insurers have to plan their reserves and budget several years in advance, and they see the writing on the wall. Most of the really horrendous parts of it haven’t even gone into effect yet.

  28. AnAmericanMother says:

    Abortion IS the end-all for each and every baby it kills.
    People’s minds are changing about abortion (which is where it has to start).
    Re-instating the Mexico City policy, reducing abortion funding, and rolling back the Obama pro-abortion executive orders and regulations will be a good start. A conservative president will get that ball rolling.

  29. PA mom says:

    @nsummy: I worry that you have little or no understanding about money.
    Just several reasons rates will go up 1) it has to do with the government. At the moment, government’s primary objective is to grow itself. This is at all levels of government and is going to cost all of us a fortune. 2) Health insurance is NOT health care. Every time you add another layer to something (in this case government workers on top of insurers) the cost of that thing increases. 3) Every time something is “free” to someone, then they no longer care what it costs. As far as someone taking time to shop around for a doctor or procedure at a “reasonable” cost, forget it. What is the incentive? 4) Increased government involvement also increases the likelihood of fraud. Just look at the recent cases of massive Medicare fraud, not to mention the ignored cases of PP fraud. Private companies have more incentive to locate these sort of things. Government workers see it as an opportunity to add more employees. 5) Your friend and others like her. While I think that it is wrong that she would not receive medical care, the raw fact is that forcibly adding people with pre-existing conditions will cause costs to increase. If her care was free, the insurance company would already be happy to provide it.
    Lots of us want our fellow humans to receive genuine care when they need it. And lots of us find the current system to be horribly flawed. But Europe makes it pretty obvious that this is not the right way to fix it.

  30. chantgirl says:

    nsummy, just because everyone will be insured does not mean everyone will be treated for every condition with every available drug for that condition. Care will be rationed to cut expenses; hence Obamacare will only save those deemed worthy.

  31. nsummy says:

    PA mom I have a strong grasp of money.

    1. I would not say that goevernment’s primary goal is to grow itself. Has it gotten bigger? Yes. Is that a bad thing? Depends on who you ask.

    2. Yes regulation adds costs. Would you rather forgo those costs and not have an FDA or EPA? TSA? The lists go on. Certain industries have shown they cannot regulate themselves and therefore need government intervention. I believe this is the case with health insurance.

    3. I don’t know anyone who shops around for doctors based on cost, sorry. Actually the only people who would probably would do that would be the uninsured! If I had insurance, which I do, I would go to the doctor who I feel is the most qualified.

    4. I agree with your thoughts on medicare fraud. That is a risk with everything though. Funny though the state of Florida which has the most medicare fraud has a republican governor that ran a company who had the largest medicare fraud case in US history.

    5. You say its wrong to not help those with pre-existing conditions but then you say it increases cost. So which are you for? Cheaper costs or helping others? What would Jesus do? Tell a leper, sorry you had the disease before I met you, can’t help. Either way this will not increase the costs substantially since everyone is required to be insured, those in their teens and 2os will put money into the system which not using much care. A larger pool balances everything out.

  32. poohbear says:

    Chantgirl, and all the other readers with children– God bless you for having children. They are the hope of our Church and country. May they live in a better world than we do now, and may they be free to have their own children.

  33. poohbear says:

    3. I don’t know anyone who shops around for doctors based on cost, sorry. Actually the only people who would probably would do that would be the uninsured! If I had insurance, which I do, I would go to the doctor who I feel is the most qualified.

    I have employer sponsored health care and I DO shop around when I need a new doctor or need to have a procedure done, since my insurance covers different doctors differently. I live in a different county than where I work, and most of the doctors in my area don’t participate in my hospital, so if I go to a local doc, my insurance coverage is less and my co-pay more. Do I only use cost as the deciding factor, no, I still want the best care I can get, but cost is surely a factor for me, and I know it is for many of my coworkers in the same situation.

    On another point, I work in a Catholic hospital in a poor inner city area. We treat those without health insurance for free. No one is turned away. Our charity budget is quite high. I also believe, but don’t have the documentation handy, that it is illegal for any emergency room to turn away a patient without insurance.

  34. SKAY says:


    Many of the President’s friends–unions etc. have received waivers from this healthcare bill. If Obamacare is so wonderful–why do they need and want waivers? The Democrat Senators and Congressmen/women voted against a Republican ammendment to the bill to put Congress also under Obamacare. Could it be that they knew exactly what was in the bill and wanted no part of it for themselves and their families?
    This mandate has pointed out exactly where this President and his administration intend to go and they and the Democrats(majority House and Senate) put language in the bill to allow them to do it. Then they only allowed a very short time for people to read it before ramming it through. They did not want there to be time for people to read and understand everything in the bill-and with good reason. They knew there were things in it that are not Constitutional.

  35. wmeyer says:


    1. Yes, government has gotten larger. I’d characterize it as a stage 4 cancer. The national debt is the clear indicator that we can’t afford the spending.

    2. The TSA (48,000 employees, if I recall correctly) has found zero terrorists. The FDA was given the power to prevent drugs from getting to market as a theatrical response to the thalidomide scandal — it’s anhanced powers would not have prevented thalidomide, but they sure increased the costs. EPA is simply a disaster which needs to be eliminated; much of what it does incurs costs without benefits.

    3. I don’t shop doctors on price, but I do take note of those who disregard responsible spending, and I find others.

    I don’t mean to offend, but your positions suggest it would be a great benefit to you to read Thhomas Sowell’s Bacic Economics: A Citizen’s Guide to the Economy. Dr. Sowell presents things very clearly, in a non-technical way. It should be required reading for any voter, in my view.

  36. Johnno says:

    @ nsummy

    All of those options for President are still better than voting for someone who is anti-Catholic, anti-Christian, a mass murderer of young children and who is moving the country into an era where the state will control who gets to live and die, who gets medicine or not based on how they define your ‘quality of life’ aka your productivity for the state’s socialist interests. You are making a big mistake by advancing the forces of evil. We’ve seen all this happen before. Go and learn about some men named Lenin and Stalin and Hitler and other eugenicists. The difference is that those Commmunist and Fascist regimes took control through violent revolution, whereas America has slowly been electing its way there. Not that I would put much hope in the Republicans being some savior… As times goes on, the liberal values of today slowly become the conservative values of tomorrow. Society rots slowly. And you will have to answer to God for how you’ve personally contributed to it.

    Abortion is non negotiable. When you justify murder you can justify anything. That is why the same people you seem to support, like Obama who supports infanticide are now arguing for the right to kill children who are already born, even up to 5 years of age, and who will argue that in order to fix the social security issue, the elderly need to be killed, a process they will start by letting your precious insurance companies simply deprive the elderly of medicine because government insurance deems them as ‘unproductives’ who are a drain on the State’s resources and a physical and psychological burden on those ‘productives’ around them. Human beings are being reduced and defined like cogs in a machine who can be exchanged and replaced when found faulty. The unborn at least have potential, but their numbers will be limited. If physical and mental problems are determined pre-birth, they will be killed. If you get into an accident and the damage is unfixable, you will be killed. If you grow too old to work and be of value, you will be killed.

    I beg you not to be so foolish as to continue to support this inevitable world that is slowly arriving. Turn back to God. Do not be evil anymore.

    @ wmeyer

    One would hope the biological solution would work out overtime. Problem is these devils realize that too. This is why not only will they refuse to have their own children. They are determined to see that religious people aka Christians who do have children have limits placed on raising their children up with their religious values. This is what is behind the attempts to force homosexual indoctrination and sex education into elementary schools and in outlawing homeschooling, and in their zeal to label religiously educating kids to believe in God and Christian morality as ‘child abuse.’ They will even go so far as to shut down adoption agencies and foster homes to control how Christians raise their kids. Already in Europe we are seeing Christians being denied the right to adopt, and in some cases even having their children taken away from them.

    For these reasons I too am questioning whether it’s worth it to bring children into this world if I ever marry. Not that I would contracept either. I’ve practiced abstinence my entire life and I’m alright continuing that until the day I die. I suppose that I may indeed be weak. But I fear that the future shall be one where it is not weakness of will that would keep me from raising children. It’s the power of a fascist state who will make my children suffer on Earth and then suffer in Hell.

  37. Johnno says:

    @ nsummy
    “5. You say its wrong to not help those with pre-existing conditions but then you say it increases cost. So which are you for? Cheaper costs or helping others? What would Jesus do? Tell a leper, sorry you had the disease before I met you, can’t help. Either way this will not increase the costs substantially since everyone is required to be insured, those in their teens and 2os will put money into the system which not using much care. A larger pool balances everything out.”

    – The problem with Obamacare is that it also allows for immoralities such as contraception and abortion. What would Jesus do? He certainly never compromised. Jesus would rather the leper continue on in his condition than for him to continue on sinning. That’s the condition Jesus placed on everyone He healed. That was the real healing He brought forth, “Your sins are forgiven, go and sin no more.” The physical healing was only symbolic of the spiritual healing. Even then, God allows us suffrage in order to expiate sins we’ve committed on Earth rather than go to Hell or spend a longer time in Purgatory. There is no point in living a good and healthy life on our temporary time on Earth, and then suffer excruciatingly in Hell for eternity. There is no cure from death that we all must face. If Obamacare wanted to be acceptable, then it should remove all non-healthcare items such as contraceptives and abortificents that are not there for health, but there to encourage more immoral sex, and this too Obama intends to force Catholics to violate their consciences on. Not to mention Obamacare still sets a precedent of giving more power to the government to control medicine and who gets it, and it is an immoral government with a eugenics and population reduction agenda. One that targets the poor and third world nations for the sake of the privileged elite of America. Do not continue to support such evil!

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