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The Gravitational Pull v The Biological Solution

Brick by brick… college by college… From a reader: Thought you might like to know that Franciscan University just celebrated its first Solemn High Mass for the patronal feast of Christ the King (for Christ the King Chapel). I know … Read More

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A bishop on voting and putting your soul in jeopardy

From AP via a priest friend, about His Excellency Most Rev. David Ricken of Green Bay.  Bp. Ricken was once Bishop of Cheyenne in Wyoming, and he was a true friend of Wyoming Catholic College.  I suppose he is now … Read More

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What is your good news?

Do you have some good news in your lives which you can pass along? Let us know!


ACTION ITEM! PRIESTS AND BISHOPS! Use the old Roman Ritual, Litany, prayers against storms!

ACTION ITEM! Please use the sharing buttons! My thoughts and prayers today are with so many of you in the way of the hurricane. May God and His Holy Angels protect you. PRIESTS AND BISHOPS! Use the old Roman Ritual … Read More

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“Barack and Simone gazed at each other ….”

When the National catholic Fishwrap indulgences in its version of hagiography, the results aren’t pretty. Their latest liberal panegyric is an attempt to transmogrify Sr. Simone Campbell, Democrat party activist, bus rider, into a progressivist’s alternative to Bl. Theresa of … Read More

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A picture worth a thousand warnings

A tip of the biretta to the best Catholic weekly in the UK, for a link to a piece by a priest friend, Fr. George Rutler at New Advent. This must be the first photograph of two saints together… By … Read More

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“straight and narrow is the path” … of the New Evangelization

Check out this video from CNS (I am still surprised to write those words). Ralph Martin talks about our post-Counciliar context which the New Evangelization is supposed to address.

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Your Sunday Sermon Notes

Was there was good point in the sermon you heard during the Mass you went to as you fulfilled your Sunday precept? Share it here.


Bugatti by Bugatti

Remember that Veyron I was supposed to have won?  Never did get it. Still want it, though! [wp_youtube]RXqSedWSu2k[/wp_youtube]  

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Sunday B-Day Supper

小籠包 by 小籠包! Chinese tonight. Starting with Shanghai Juicy Buns! Pan-fried noodles. Beef and scallops on a sizzling plater. Duck! Shanghai style. And then… Well… up to this point …  

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Sort of Sunday Supper…. sort of… and a fun blog suggestion

You may remember that I have posted about cooking some ancient and medieval dishes. Today I discovered a blog dedicate to ancient cooking with a delightful name: Pass The Garum. Garum, of course, is the ancient equivalent of ketchup.  It … Read More

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Happy 1700th Anniversary Milvian Bridge!

Some years ago I was sitting with a famous lion-like retired Cardinal and the topic of our birthday dates came up.  When I told him mine, 28 October, he pondered for a while.  Then he mentioned that it was also … Read More

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Hurricane Sandy: prayers from readers, tips

I know that many of you are in the path of the big hurricane, and it is possible that some of you will experience problems. First, I ask all the readers here to say a prayer for an attenuation of … Read More

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From the Archive: Card. Burke on the obligation to VOTE properly

From the Archive. On this day in 2010, I posted this: Remember how soon-to-be Cardinal Raymond Burke was, as liberals crowed, promoted to a Roman office in order to remove his influence on the American scene? This is from CNA … Read More

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B by B

I was delighted to receive some good B-Day news: I just received a phone call yesterday asking my husband and I if we would be willing to pay for a biretta for our parish priest so he could go for … Read More

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The Synod on Liturgy

So much for the Synod. Well down the list of 58 Propositions, after inculturation, human development, social communication, urban scenarios, migrants, and other matters of vital importance, I’m sure. Proposition 35 : LITURGY The worthy celebration of the Sacred Liturgy, … Read More

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A reader sent me this:

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The newest vile Obama campaign ad an insult to women

Have you seen the slimy new video ad from the Obama campaign?  It is disgusting. Here is some analysis from CNA: Catholic analyst reacts to Obama campaign’s new ‘anti-woman’ ad By Hillary Senour Chicago, Ill., Oct 26, 2012 / 05:06 … Read More

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Changes in the Roman Curia: governance of seminaries transferred to Congregation for Clergy

At the end of the Synod of Bishops, which coincided with the beginning of the Year of Faith and focused on the promotion of the New Evangelization (of places where the Christian Faith and identity is dying or dead), the … Read More

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Declaration of the Pontifical Commission “Ecclesia Dei” about the SSPX and the discussions

From VIS: The Pontifical Commission “Ecclesia Dei” takes this occasion to announce that, in its most recent official communication (6 September 2012), the Priestly Fraternity of St. Pius X has indicated that additional time for reflection and study is needed … Read More

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