Knox Bible translation to be online

17 February will be the 125th Birthday of Fr. Ronald Knox, who did that amazing translation of the Bible.

I got a note from the nice people at Baronius Press, who reprinted the Knox Bible recently, that they will be making available the translation to


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  1. Magash says:

    Wonderful. Just got the Knox Bible for Christmas this year. I’m using it in my Revelation study, and expect to be reading it a lot over the next 40 days.

  2. VetusMores says:

    JohnE beat me to it.

    The Bible Gateway has been one of my favorite go-to sites since its inception in 1997, or whenever it was. The sheer number of translations and languages available in that one place is astounding. (And there’s a nifty Firefox addon called Bible Toolbar that indexes it!)

  3. RobertK says:

    Father, I wonder if there will be a new “New Advent CD or DVD ROM” in the future, with this translation included along with the Douay Rheims. The New Advent CD ROM has been at $19.00 for quite a while.

  4. CatholicMustardSeed says:

    I bought this bible with great anticipation, based on all the reviews. Unfortunately, I struggled mightily with the language and vocabulary. I found myself having to reread sections 2 or 3 times to understand them. I’m guessing if you don’t have a lot of practice or ear training with this type of vocabulary that it will be harder to get through than what you are use to.

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