HEY LATIN STUDENTS! Conventiculum Viomingense (very cool)

The other day I shared a photo of the Wyoming Catholic College display at the Legatus Summit.  This was one of the t-shirts.

Is that cool, or what?   And now comes this!



 We are happy to announce a new summer Latin immersion opportunity at Wyoming Catholic College!

The 2013 Conventiculum Viomingense will run from August 5th – August 13th.

Some of the many highlights of the Conventiculum Viomingense are:

? You will learn to speak Latin or improve your spoken Latin with several highly experienced Latin speakers

? It is designed for beginners as well as more advanced participants; for students and teachers

? We will be housed at a welcoming and friendly Catholic community

? There will be outdoor excursions and a three day camping trip, backpacking through the beautiful mountains of Wyoming (with all gear provided!)

? Small groups will attend break-out sessions separated by levels

? Interested participants will enjoy sports activities (e.g., Frisbee, soccer, touch football, yard games)

? There is an EXCEPTIONALLY low-cost

Find-out more at:



The Conventiculum Viomingense is a full-immersion residential experience, designed both to introduce aspiring Latinists to the beauty and power of the ancient language of the Church and to provide more advanced Latinists with an exciting opportunity to improve their abilities. Classes will be conducted primarily in Latin and will include an exciting outdoor component: We will take advantage of our location to discuss trees and plants, mountains and glaciers, rivers, animals, birds, insects, weather, and many other aspects of nature. The week will culminate in a camping trip.

Is that cool or what?

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  1. Dr. Edward Peters says:

    Necesse est excursionem facere? Senior sum, et volo ad intra adesse, cum libris amicisque, loquens latine.

  2. Therese says:

    Nimis frigida! (Is there a Latin word for “cool”? ;-)

  3. iPadre says:

    This is great, but there is a need for Latin intensives geared for priests.

  4. PatriciusOenus says:

    @ Edward Peters

    Non puto necesse fore iter suscipere, sed hoc de participium numero pendebit. Scribas mihi privatum ut de hac re fusius disseramus.

  5. PatriciusOenus says:

    @ iPadre

    I have wanted to do a seminar for priests for many years. There are opportunities out there, like the Family of St. Jerome, but there isn’t really an intensive / immersion summer program for priests or seminarian run by scholars who speak Latin well. My hope is to start one next year. If you have any suggestions or a mailing list of interested priests, please contact me privately.
    PatriciusOenus A T gmail d0t com

  6. eulogos says:

    Did you see that the reporter who got the scoop on Benedict’s resignation, did so because she understood Latin?

    Italian journalist gets pope scoop because she knew Latin | The Raw Story


    Susan Peterson

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  8. The Masked Chicken says:

    Did you know that, in addition to human Latin, there is also pig Latin, dog Latin, and Hiberno-Latin (think Irish)?

    Dog Latin is especially cute. There is no chicken Latin, but I might try my hand at it.

    The Chicken

  9. The Masked Chicken says:

    I want a secret Latin decoder ring.

  10. MacBride says:

    Too bad there is not something geared toward the “past college” crowd…This looks like it would be fun.

  11. VLL says:

    It appears that the “past college” crowd doesn’t *do* Latin in sufficient numbers (or concentrations outside of large cities) for it to be remunerative. The closest I’ve seen outside of collegiate environment involves the free and generous gifts from Latin obsessed monks– and other fans of the language. Despite being rather rare, Latin is one of the few languages spoken that isn’t dead.

    If I were really clever, I would have written my last line in Latin. I know so little, someone here probably already has, and I couldn’t tell. ;)

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