Laudamus Te Magazine. Fr. Z makes a proposal.

Sometime ago I wrote about the a fairly new publication called Laudamus Te, HERE.  You can find readers’ comments about it under that entry. One year subscription is $32 per year. They have a volume rate, which will help parishes and chapels.  Their website shows that they are just getting started.  HERE.

Laudamus Te is to the Extraordinary Form what Magnificat is to the Ordinary Form.

Here is a shot of the last and the present issues.  The one on the right is the Pre-Lenten period issue.  The one on the left is the Lent issue.    You should recognize the familiar artistic styles of Daniel Mitsui and Matthew Alderman, respectively.


Each issue has the Ordinary for Mass, the Propers day by day, and spiritual readings, useful prayers, etc.


For example, in this issue…


The texts for Mass are laid out side by side and indications are included for when the congregation is to kneel or stand etc.  This could be pretty helpful for some whom you have invited to come to the older for of Mass for the first time: get a copy in advance and give it to him beforehand as his own to keep!




Useful essays to deepen your understanding.


This is a good project and it must take a lot of work to produce.

In see that the in the Readers Choice Awards (this blog is nominated in the blog category) Laudamus Te is doing pretty well among the finalists, which have some big names.    The results so far:

Again, it may be that you have your own hand missal, and therefore have less need for Laudamus Te.  Consider this. Every one of you who prefers to attend the Usus Antiquior should be going out of your way to invite and bring at least one new person every month to Holy Mass.  If you subscribe, you can give the issues to those whom you invite.


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  1. bostonirish says:

    These are great for nursing mothers. You aren’t fumbling with a big missal with ribbons and holy cards falling out and what not. You can easily “one-hand” this thing. Love it! Recommended.

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  3. Therese says:

    Thank you, Father. Feedback always helps.

    Laudamus Te is like an engraved invitation to the Traditional Latin Mass. If anyone needs encouragement to give used copies away, consider my own ‘testimonial’: I passed out ten copies to friends. I know of three that subscribed. Two are Vatican II-liberal types; the third is a young woman studying to become a Lutheran minister. None previously had attended the Usus Antiquior, but I figure these people didn’t buy a subscription just to look at the pretty pictures. Sooner or later. ;-)

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