ACTION ITEM! Getting TLM things for a priest

From a priest…

I am a priest in good standing in the Archdiocese of ___. I have been trained in the offering of the Extraordinary Form of the Mass, but unfortunately I do not have the means to get all the items I need. I would like to offer the EF Mass more frequently and figured you might know some donors or might be able to help. I am looking for the 1962 Travel Size Missal and about 50 of the Red Booklet Missals for the faithful.

I would like to remain anonymous, except to the donor, who I would like to thank (unless they would like to remain unknown). Thank you for your help in this matter. I am grateful to you, especially for your priestly ministry.

Okay… how do we do this?

Perhaps someone interested could commit to obtaining the items requested and I can put the two of you in touch.

Would that work?  Drop me an email.  First come, first served, as it were.


A reader wrote, saying:

I read with interest the item about the priest who can’t afford all that he needs to offer the Venerable Form more frequently.  It gave me an idea:  perhaps the priest should contact the local Knights of Columbus council.  Given the state of the Knights these days, it may be a long shot, but asking them to live up to their duty of supporting priests and promoting vocations is only asking them to be who they are supposed to be anyway.

Right!  What are they doing, anyway?

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