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ASK FATHER: Confession on a train when going through another diocese

From a reader… A priest from Diocese X and a lay person travel by train to some place.  During the trip the latter feels the need to confess sacramentally. The train at that moment is in Diocese Y, where the priest has no … Read More

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ASK FATHER: Proper posture and use of biretta in choir.

From a priest… Our parish has recently begun celebrating the EF. Have assisted in choir before but concerned I may not be doing so correctly. My parochial vicar will be celebrating a sung Mass on the Solemnity of St. Joseph … Read More

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Modernists don’t believe what they believe

I saw something good at the site of The Remnant today. The Remnant is responding to another cleric out there, but this is the part I liked: I was thinking about mathematics this morning, and found it very, very interesting … Read More

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NOTRE SHAME strikes again! Honors a pro-abortion ‘c’atholic.

Notre Shame, not content with giving an honor to the pro-abortion Pres. Obama, is now giving one to pro-abortion catholic VPres. Biden. Along with Nancy Pelosi, VPres. Biden is a certain candidate for can. 915. From CNS: Bishop Rhoades Slams … Read More

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One of the ways you help everyday. Thanks!

One the readers here occasionally writes to let me know when he uses my Amazon search box to make big purchases of really cool equipment for his work: science stuff.  He’s a scientist!  He recently wrote to say that he had … Read More

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BELATED: 3rd Anniversary of Election of Pope Francis

One of you readers – only one – seemed perplexed that I mentioned the 3rd anniversary of Pope Benedict announcing his resignation and the 3rd anniversary of the actual abdication of the papacy, but I didn’t write about the 3rd … Read More

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Pi Day!

One of our priest readers wrote to remind me that today is π DAY! Happy ? Day, everyone. How will you celebrate this august occasion? BTW.. it isn’t as ?-y as last year, 2015.  This year we have to round … Read More

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Card. Napier, 75, submitted his resignation

From IOL in S. Africa we learn that the Archbishop of Durban, Wilfrid Fox Card. Napier, upon turning 75 years old, as per Canon Law submitted his formal resignation to the Roman Pontiff.  HERE As you will recall, Card. Napier … Read More

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Your Sunday Sermon Notes

Was there a good point, or two, in the sermon you heard when you fulfilled your Mass obligation for this Sunday? Let us know


ASK FATHER and OLDIE PRAYERCAzT: The Passion of St. Matthew sung in Latin

I had a panicked email from a seemingly desperate cleric who is to sing the St. Matthew Passion for Palm Sunday.  I am glad that he wrote today instead of next Saturday!   He wanted help with the tone. As … Read More

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My View For Awhile: Orange Juice Edition

I’m off! I have a couple speaking gigs and a mother to visit.  Hopefully weather will cooperate! Playlist for the first leg: 13 Hours in Benghazi. UPDATE Chic-Fil-A closed on Sunday, as usual.  But there is a good burger place … Read More

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POLL: Covering images for 1st Passion Sunday, 5th Sunday of Lent

We are really getting into it now. From this Sunday, traditionally called 1st Sunday of the Passion, it is customary to veil images in churches.  In the Gospel in traditional Form of the Roman Rite we hear: Tulérunt ergo lápides, ut … Read More

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ASK FATHER: Communion in the hand being forced for daughter’s 1st Communion

From a reader… Before it didn’t seem like it would be an issue but eldest daughter (9yo in 3rd grade at this school though most of the archdiocese does it in 2nd), is basically going to be forced to have communion … Read More

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ACTION ITEM! Petition Jesuits to abort big-business abortion leader Cecile Richards invitation!

From CNS comes this notice about a petition. Jesuit-run (who else) Georgetown University – which covered up the Holy Name when the pro-abortion, anti-freedom POTUS Obama visited – has invited big-business abortion tycoon Cecile Richards, CEO of abortion-industry leader Planned … Read More

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12-13 March USA: Spring Forward tonight! #dst change

Readers in these USA, remember to change your clocks tonight when you turn in.   Don’t be out of synch with Sunday Mass.

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Archd. Omaha: Custodian destroys Mary Poppins mannequin, Buddha on display in Cathedral

In a way what follows echoes the post about concerts in churches.  HERE  What is appropriate in a church and what is not? This remarkable bit of news is from Kelly: With a pair of bolt cutters and sense … Read More

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Obama: Worried more about climate change than ISIS – Admin may pursue “climate change deniers”

Of course he is. Robert Spencer at Jihad Watch comments on the essay at The Atlantic on the “Obama Doctrine” by Jeffrey Goldberg. Get this… “isis is not an existential threat to the United States,” he told me in one of … Read More

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Dogs in packs. Chillingly amusing. Amusingly chilling.

There is a primeval, visceral connection between canidae and hominid. This video is both amusing and also disturbing. Funny, no? Until the baying you hear is because the pack has picked up your scent. Just to continue this downer… if … Read More

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A story about the ’78 Conclaves that even Andrew Greeley failed to uncover!

As a follow up to what I wrote HERE about the dreadful piece attack piece on Church teaching through undermining infallibility by Hans Küng published by the even more dreadful National Schismatic Reporter (aka Fishwrap) I received the following from a … Read More

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Of Robert Card. Sarah

Everything that I know and am learning about Robert Card. Sarah suggests to me that he may be a Great Man. He is at least what Italians refer to as “un signore”. First, read his exceptional book. A priest friend … Read More

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