8 November: Election Day, Solar Plasma Cloud To Strike Earth

At SpaceWeather:

SUN HURLS PLASMA CLOUD TOWARD EARTH:  Yesterday, Nov. 5th, a magnetic filament on the sun became unstable and erupted. The blast opened a fiery canyon in the sun’s atmosphere and hurled a CME toward Earth.  According to NOAA models, the plasma cloud could strike Earth’s magnetic field on Nov. 8th, [ELECTION DAY] triggering G1-class geomagnetic storms and auroras around the poles. Visit http://spaceweather.com for updates and more information.

What could go wrong?

Can you spell “Carrington Event”?

Okay, I’m not saying that this is the civilization annihilating event that the Carrington Event was, but I am saying that it looks like a CME is headed toward your planet and that it is timed to arrive on an important day.

Scenario: A massive CME strikes precisely on Election Day causing an EMP great enough to fry many electronic components… many, not all.  Because of the disruption, we can’t know what the will of the American People would be about the election of the next President according to the US Constitution.  The present megalomaniac regime declares martial law, suspends habeas corpus and posse comitatus.  He has he political enemies rounded up. Many are shot “trying to escape”. Then, after a 18 holes of golf, globalist and anti-American exceptionalist that he is, he invites to our shores troops from other countries to pacify regions which have a high percentage of people who support the 2nd Amendment and against also US military units which won’t accept his suspension of the Constitution.  The newly minted, self-declared sociopath dictator – whose middle name is coincidentally common among Shias and who, as POTUS, had an Iranian, chief adviser – invites for military support a huge number of Iranian troops. He deploys them to pacify Christians in particular and to convert churches to mosques.  To lend medical and health care support to the population surviving in his interment camps he has Planned Parenthood employees coordinate with Dutch doctors brought over for their expertise in euthanasia.

But, in the nick of time… the elite SVVAS arrives to save the day!

Over at SpaceWeather, there is a video of the sun’s canyon… solar cannon… that won’t make you smile very much.

The glowing walls of the canyon trace the original channel where the filament was suspended by magnetic forces above the sun’s surface. From end to end, the structure stretches more than 200,000 km–a real Grand Canyon.

Fragments of the exploding filament formed the core of a CME that raced away from the sun faster than a million mph: movie. NOAA analysts have modeled the trajectory of the CME and concluded that it will probably strike Earth’s magnetic field on Nov. 8th. The impact could spark G1-class geomagnetic storms and auroras at high latitudes. Free:Aurora Alerts

Frankly, this will probably produce some great auroras, if you live with caribou.  So, if you live with caribou, go out and watch for auroras.

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  1. Absit invidia says:

    Wasnt there a recent reading saying something like “following the day of mercy is the day of judgment?” Nov 13 being the end of the Year of Mercy – and at the cusp of a new election year in the US – one has to wonder what kind of year we are going to have next. A year of judgment?

  2. Rosary Rose says:

    Scenario: All the Catholics in the United States start a day (24 hours) of fast and abstinence at 7:00 pm November 7 for God’s blessing of this extremely important election and it’s aftermath. They pray a rosary invoking the Blessed Mother’s help. Those who can attend Mass, have Eucharistic Adoration and go to confession. Fellow Catholics around the World pray, too, as they know this election will impact them eventually.

    That’s my plan.

  3. KateD says:

    Absit invidia,

    In the first part of Mary Agreda’s City of God, she address why she took on the endeavor. She says God compelled her to, expressing that He wanted to open a door of mercy before the chastisement to those who would use it.

    Doors that are opened tend to eventually shut.

    I find it interesting that a Spanish speaking Pope from the Americas should then declare a year of mercy, compete with lots of mercy doors and a directive to not just receive mercy for ourselves but to actively participate by showing mercy towards others. I have wondered if it wasn’t in hopes of triggering the principal that God will not be out done, but will amplify and return our good deeds exponentially.

    Regarding the solar flare: 200,000 km?!?

  4. tzard says:

    Brings to mind the joke meme going around. “Vote for Giant Meteor 2016”

  5. Semper Gumby says:

    Fr. Z wrote: “But, in the nick of time… the elite SVVAS arrives to save the day!”

    Ready to leap into action in support of the elite SVVAS is the semi-elite Amphibious MessKit Repair Platoon. (Their sporks are really sharp).

    [That’s the spirit! Improvise, adapt, and OVERCOME!]

    Fr. Z's Gold Star Award

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