Takin’ Him To The Streets

15_06_04_corpuschristi_02‘Tis the season for processions.  We Catholics love to process with the Blessed Sacrament and in honor of the Most Sacred Heart of the Lord and also to venerate Our Lady and many patronal saints.  Some time ago I posted about standing outside the Paul VI audience hall during a meeting of the Italian bishops conference.  To some of the bishops’ secretaries and drivers and a few bored bishops I recounted that, the day before, we had had a Corpus Christi procession in the Vatican gardens with hundreds of people and many priests and the Swiss Guards had carried the canopy.  An old Italian bishop said: “Meno chiacchiere – più processioni. … Less jabbering – more processions.”

Today I received this email:

About four years ago one of our priests started the annual Corpus Christi Procession on the actual Feast of Corpus Christi. Not only do we, quite literally, “Take Jesus to the Streets” (as the Evangelical Christians are so big on talking about), but we also set up and decorate a number of altars throughout the neighbourhood that we stop at along the way, sing hymns and polyphony, have Benediction, etc.

Usually we have people who come out of their house to see what’s going on, once we even temporarily caused a baseball game to stop (we set up an altar in the park), but this year we even had someone race out of their house (didn’t even set down his towel  he had with him) and join our procession to our last altar. We need more processions. We need to take Jesus to the Streets to attract the people to him!

¡Hagan lío!

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  1. Father Bartoloma says:

    The Tait!

  2. ajf1984 says:

    My family and I are excited to take part in a Corpus Christi procession this Sunday with the holy friars up at Holy Hill (https://www.holyhill.com/index.php/events/calendar/icalrepeat.detail/2017/06/18/2250/-/corpus-christi). Our archdiocesan vocations director is the main celebrant at Mass prior to the procession; I’m trying to bring my boys (5!) to as many events with him as possible…planting seeds, I hope, to grow some priestly vocations in my own backyard, so to speak!

  3. Procession for Corpus Christi, St. William the Confessor, Greenville TX
    Last night was also day #1 of Year #5 of our nightly outdoor Rosary Processions in honor of Our Lady of Fatima.

  4. Robert_H says:

    This Sunday at 2:15pm at Sacred Heart in Grand Rapids, Mich, following our External Solemnity TLM.


    @ajf1984: I love that your vocations director will participate. I wonder if anyone from my parish invited our diocesan vocations director? (Would he come? That’s a whole ‘nother question.)

  5. In Gateshead (England) Fr. Michael Brown celebrated a sung EF Mass yesterday, followed by a procession out in the street around the church, and benediction.

  6. Animadversor says:

    Usually we have people who come out of their house to see what’s going on…

    One is reminded of Zacchæus climbing up into the sycamore fig to see “what [was] going on.”

  7. Packrraat says:

    This Sunday at 6PM from St. John the Baptist in Front Royal, VA, to the gazebo down Main Street. With an ice cream social afterwards.


  9. Greenfields says:

    In San Francisco the annual Solemn Novena in honor of Corpus Christi concludes Sunday at the Monastery of Perpetual Adoration, 771 Haight Street. At 2:00 pm a Procession with the Most Blessed Sacrament will light the Haight-Ashbury neighborhood. Benediction and Mass follows. http://www.adorejesus.org/INDEX.ASPX

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