ACTION ITEM! Pray for Fr. Morris, victim of the homosexualist agenda

It is the duty of every Catholic to make reparation for sins, for one’s own and for the sins of others. We were clearly asked by Our Lady of Fatima to make reparation for offenses against her Immaculate Heart. She said, by the way, that if we don’t we face cataclysms.

Do you suppose that men sticking their sexual organs into each other and acting in publicly scandalous ways might be the sort of offense and sin for which we ought to make reparation? So you suppose that women lasciviously groping each other and flaunting their lust in public might be offensive to Mary’s Immaculate Heart? To Our Lord’s Sacred Heart?

In Scotland, a Catholic university chaplain, Fr. Mark Morris, at Glasgow’s Caledonian University, dared to trust our Lord and His Mother.

BBC says Fr. Morris held a service in “reparation for the gross offence to God which is Pride Glasgow”.

Even though the Catechism of the Catholic Church teaches authoritatively that homosexual acts are sins that cry to heaven, the Archbishop of Glasgow, Philip Tartaglia, removed Fr. Morris from his post.

Moreover, Fr. Morris supports the TLM. Joseph Shaw of the Latin Mass Society tweeted that Morris has attended their events. HERE

Keep in mind that, for the homosexualists, parading around in the streets is only the beginning.  Ultimately, they aim at the lowering of the age of consent and forcing you to parade around in the streets at the end of one of their rhinestone studded leashes under the gaze of the tricoteuses.

I wouldn’t be in the least surprised to learn that the Glaswegian Archbishop forced Morris into psychological evaluation. That’s, I hear, what more and more bishops are doing these days… pour encourager les autres.

You can send a supportive message to Fr. Morris


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  1. APX says:

    First off, eww. I didn’t want that mental image in my mind. Eww. A warning would have been helpful.

    Second, we really do need to organize and schedule Holy Hours and Processions of public reparation for these grave sins. I know on New Years Eve we have Adoration and Benediction at Midnight in reparation for the sins committed on New Year’s Eve, but we don’t advertise it as such.

  2. Joy65 says:

    Our Father
    Hail Mary
    Glory Be

    for Father Morris and for our world. He did the exact right thing no matter what the world thinks.

  3. majuscule says:

    In this case I’m sure “psychological evaluation” = communist re-education camp.

  4. Kevin says:

    This comment is a copy/paste of a comment I made earlier this week.

    ‘I am currently reading “The Sayings of the Desert Fathers: The Alphabetical Collection”. This is a quote from St. Anthony the Great from the 4th Century.

    “A time is coming when men will go mad, and when they see someone who is not mad, they will attack him, saying, ‘You are mad; you are not like us.”

    Seems like a prophesy for our times.’

    We are now “mad” according to the homosexual and secularist agenda. I am becoming very fearful of our future.

  5. Sawyer says:

    Father, I pray and I try to persevere, but it is hard to avoid discouragement. Without writing a lengthy post, I and others I know struggle with deteriorating conditions in the world and in the Church herself to which the answer often just seems to be, “pray more, be faithful and trust God.” But things get worse despite the prayers of devout people. The temptation is to abandon prayer as not efficacious.

  6. JamesA says:

    I will also point out that according to Wikipedia, Archbishop Tartaglia has also been a target of our friends the homosexualists ( who have no lobby in the Vatican, as we are assured by the head honcho, right ?). He is perhaps afraid of what may be coming at him from the public as well as from that nonexistent gay lobby. I’m writing him an encouraging email as well.

  7. Sanguszka says:

    Please see the UK Catholic Herald
    It was the University not the Archbishop that sacked Fr Morris as chaplain.
    The Catholic students at the University have responded, “It is frankly abhorrent that a Catholic Priest would be dismissed from his post as a Catholic chaplain for merely reaffirming the teachings of the Catholic faith,”

  8. Chris Garton-Zavesky says:


    “It is frankly abhorrent” [but no longer surprising]” that a Catholic priest would be dismissed from his post as a Catholic chaplain for merely reaffirming the” [unchangeable, unchanging] teachings of the Catholic faith”.

    Father Zuhlsdorf,

    What do you suggest we do to achieve greater enforcement of Ex Corde Ecclesiae?

  9. Kerry says:

    If one pokes around at the GCU website, don’t miss the photo of the new, first female (!), chancellor/President.
    Also on the staff, is an “Equality Expeert”. (I am not making this up!)
    What madness.

  10. Credoh says:

    It wasn’t Archbishop Tartaglia who sacked Fr Morris; it was GCU. Here’s an article for Crux by the Archbishop. I now expect a robust response to GCU…

  11. Arthur McGowan says:

    Why should anyone be shocked that bishops are punishing priests for speaking against sodomy? Bishops have long been punishing priests for refusing to commit an act that is a more grave sin than sodomy: giving Communion to people who are obstinately persisting in manifest grave sin.

    The majority of U.S. bishops have voted repeatedly to give themselves permission to commit this mortal sin. That permission is contained in “Catholics in Political Life.” This is proof that the majority of American bishops are not capable of identifying a mortal sin when they see one. This is why Cardinal McCarrick got away with lying about a letter from Cardinal Ratzinger concerning this mortal sin.

    The McCarrick-Wuerl position on this sin was highlighted in recent news coverage of the “scandal” of the Four Priests in Montana and of the nomination of Brett Kavanaugh. Msgr. Kevin O’Neill, administrator of the Diocese of Helena, and Msgr. John Enzler, of the Archdiocese of Washington, were both written up in the press as giving Communion to pro-abortion members of their parishes, thereby teaching publicly that abortion is not an injustice, not a sin.

    No pope in the past half-century has lifted a finger to put an end to this public sin. There is no reason to think that the current pope will do so, either.

    A top priority of the next Catholic who becomes pope must be stamping out the mortal sin that is approved by McCarrick-Wuerlism. This sin cannot coexist with Catholicism.

  12. Gabriel Syme says:

    Thanks so much for this post, Father Z.

    I live very close to Fr Morris’ parish, where I often visit. He is a fantastic priest and a thoroughly good man. He is quiet and mild mannered, with a big heart. He works tirelessly for the poor and the homeless, in addition to his role as parish priest and (until recently) university chaplain.

    His parish attracts many “high calibre” converts – people who are very serious Christians, highly educated, professional, very talented (in terms of chant/music). Yet the parish also has a great diversity of people from different backgrounds, showing that it is truly part of the “Universal Church”.

    Fr is a great supporter of the authentic faith and the traditional mass. He is a great friend of Una Voce Scotland; in recent months both Cardinal Burke and Bishop Schneider have visited his parish.

    His reparation event was at his own parish, where he was acting as parish priest. It was nothing to do with the University and so, in sacking him over this, the University has appointed itself the judge of what can and can not occur in parish Churches. It is a transparent attack on religious freedom.

    Of course, the University rep responsible for this – Pamela Gillies – did not consider this in her headlong rush to virtue-signal and kow-tow to the establishment view. The logic that one Catholic Priest replacing another as chaplain does not represent a change wrt homosexuality seems to have escaped her. She claims to be protecting inclusivity, by attacking religious freedom. She claims to be protecting diversity, by banning different views.

    I would implore your readers to contact her in support of Fr Morris:

    Sadly the Archdiocese, as meek and lukewarm as you could find, has at present not made any statement to support Fr Morris or criticise the University’s attack on religious freedom.

    Sadly a priest from the neighbouring diocese of Motherwell, Fr Paul Morton – has openly attacked Fr Morris for his reparation prayers. He posted an open letter on his parish facebook page, calling such prayers “ill thought out and ill advised”. Fr Morton went on to describe “gay pride” parades as “culturally liberating and joyous moments”. His letter received great support from his parishioners, indicating how ignorant and poorly instructed they are.

    Fr Morton himself is a renowned homosexual. He was previously suspended and investigated over claims of historic homosexual advances towards young males. He was exonerated. He is openly a gay activist. Here is a picture of him, in rainbow colours, helping to lobby for LGBT-causes at the Scottish Parliament:

    Morton is a disgrace, as is his Ordinary (Bishop Toal), for continually tolerating his antics.

    The incompetent Bishops of Scotland need to take stock and consider the quality of their leadership when we have a situation where:

    (i) Morality various starkly from Parish to Parish. Fr Morris’ parish preaches the catechism and scripture. Fr Morton’s preaches “gay activism”.

    (ii) Priests publicly attack their brothers, for the crime of fidelity to the Catholic faith.

    (iii) Bishops just sit back in silence during this, and watch on as secular institutions pass judgement on what happens on Catholic places of worship.

    Little wonder the Church in Scotland is such a moribund and rudderless institution.

  13. HvonBlumenthal says:

    They will deal with him as firmly as they dealt with Fr Matthew Despard, whose terrifying book on the homosexual cabal running the Church in Scotland has been obliterated from the internet.

    If anyone gets his hands on a copy of it (Priesthood in Crisis) please let me know.

  14. Marion Ancilla Mariae II says:

    “What is wrong with the world?” “I am.”
    – G.K. Chesterton

    We have the means to combat these evils. I mean, really combat them, and decisively. But to put them into practice every day is necessary, and they are difficult. (Which is why I and so many other Catholics so rarely do them!)

    To frequent the Sacraments often, especially the Eucharist – daily, if possible.

    Prayers to the good God begging him to heal and restore the world, and to end the madness. A special weapon against the demons terrorizing all of us is the most Holy Rosary of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

    Begging the good God, to reveal to me my chief vice, and for the grace to do the work necessary to correct it.

    For the love of God, to practice faithfully the duties of my state in life.

    For the love of God, in reparation for the sins of the world which offend Him, to fast and abstain one day a week by avoiding meat, and by eating no more than one normal-sized meal plus two smaller meals, if necessary, if our age, health, and conditions of life permit. (i.e. fasting of any kind may be inadvisable for persons who provide for their families by doing heavy labor; for pregnant or nursing mothers, etc.)

    For the love of God, to spend at least 15 minutes a day doing spiritual reading. The Holy Bible is a good place to start, and within that, the readings for next Sunday’s Holy Mass may be a good place to start.

    For the love of God, to give alms – either to give of your wealth, your time, or your talent to those in need. Especially to those facing the gravest danger, and without the means to defend themselves – the unborn at-risk for being destroyed; the children of the destitute; the frail or ill elderly, and the homeless mentally ill.

    For the love of God to pray for priests, bishops, deacons, and seminarians around the world – that God may enlighten, strengthen, comfort, console, guide, direct, and convert each of them, each according to his need.

    God bless America!

  15. Kathleen10 says:

    Their bootheels are on our throats. There is nothing earthly to stop them. We better look up.

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