ASK FATHER: How do you say “gay lobby” in Latin?

Under another post I wrote, channeling my inner Cato, that the “gay lobby” must be destroyed.

The Viganò Testimony is part of its demolition.  They will fight back, as Madame Wile E. Lafarge is already doing.

Right now there is a lot of talk of this “gay lobby” in the Vatican and throughout the Church at many levels.   It is predatory, corrupt and fixedly set on self-perpetuation.  It is hardly to be questioned that demons are wholly involved, since sins like sodomy result in the fixation of demons in the sinners lives and in the places where the sin is committed.

It is, of course, the depredations by homosexuals who have infiltrated the hierarchy which have caused our problems.  Clericalism is not the main problem, it’s only a tool of the predator, a useful add on to their “lifestyle”.

One of the readers asked in the combox:

What is the latin for “Gay Lobby”? We need something to go with “delenda est!”

Good question!

First, we have to workout what “lobby” means.

In these USA “lobby” is a kind of political entity, a group that advocates with lawmakers for this or that.   However, in Italian, where the term using English words came up, “gay lobby”, “lobby” means something different.  Years back, in June 2013 – shortly after the abdication of Benedict XVI – I wrote about that HERE.

In 2013 I wrote:

There is a lot of chatter on the interwebs about the whole “homosexuals in the Vatican” thing.

This has been so obvious to me for so long that it isn’t news. It also makes me angry, and not in a good way. I hate reading or writing about it.

I detest this whole story because I suffered at the hands of these types for decades both in my home diocese and in Rome. And to be clear, they weren’t always liberals. Most were liberals and dissenters, but a few here and there were solidly on the traditionalist side which makes them even more loathsome.  But most of them were dissidents and liberals and were well networked. And they were vicious to anyone who was conservative.  These evil twisted men need prayers for the shameful way they treat the priesthood and the Church and because they risk the eternity of Hell. If I sometimes seem to have little sympathy for homosexuals – including and especially pedophiles – in the priesthood, that’s part of the reason.

Many homosexual priests and bishops strive to live holy lives, truly. While I still think they should have chosen a different vocation, because I think deeply-rooted same-sex attraction makes it too hard to relate properly to the Church as a priest (much less bishop), they have all the sympathy and admiration I can muster. Their cross must be very hard to bear. If they bear it and die a holy death in God’s friendship, I suspect their place in heaven will be very high indeed. However, when homosexual clerics act in the twisted and underhanded ways the whole “gay lobby” issue points to … they don’t get a pass from me just because our wretched society is blindly rushing like a hoard of lemmings towards a “new normal”.

So, that will color my Latin word choice.  I refuse to hear “gay” as anything other than what that quondam happy word is meant to cover up.

What about the Italian meaning of their borrow word from English “lobby”?

In Italian, the connotation of “lobby” is far more conspiratorial and negative. 

An American sense of lobby would be “gruppi di interesse” (interest groups).  In a more negative sense, “poteri forti” (“powerful forces”).

In Italian “gay lobby” is far darker and sinister than it sounds like to Anglophone ears.

So, I will render “gay lobby” for the sake of completing Cato’s thought as:

Praedatorius grex sodomiticus… delendus.

Censeo praedatorium gregem esse delendum.

I’m open to alternatives.

One that I can think of myself would be to substitute masculine grex with feminine manus, hence, Censeo praeditoriam manum delendam.  OR… heh… praedatrix manus sodomotica.

BTW… back to that 2013 piece I wrote, which I reread.  Another quote:


For decades our society has been slowly but surely and purposely shifted by those in control of the mainstream media and entertainment industry. At first, because of the rise of AIDS, active homosexuals were constantly portrayed as innocent, though perhaps quirky, victims. Once the notion of homosexuality was shifted from its moorings and a new status was created in the minds of the public, another shift took place in the media. Now, TV shows and movies are saturated with homosexuals who are far more sophisticated, with it, intelligent, good looking than their more dysfunctional heterosexual counterparts. Victim time is over. It is cool to be “gay”.

For years an artificial sub-culture was carefully crafted and now it is busting out into a “new normal”.  [Their next objective is the lowering of the age of consent. Fr. Z in 2018]

But – contrary to popular opinion – human nature and God’s revealed truths have not changed. Homosexuality is not normal. Christ’s priesthood and homosexuality converging is like pushing misaligned magnets together. It can be done, but it requires force. It is no wonder that some of these misaligned clerics do gawdawful things, especially to other clerics. They are out of sorts with themselves at their deepest core. How they must suffer! That suffering will sometimes come out sideways. Homosexual violent crime is often the most brutal and bloody that the police see. Homosexual clerics usually won’t be physically violent. Their conflicts manifest in other ways.

There is an old macaronic-Latin phrase in clerical circles in Rome: homo homini lupus… sacerdos sacerdoti lupissimus.

That phrase bears filling out.  It is from Plautus, if memory serves.

In Rome we would say:

Homo homini lupus.  
Mulieri mulieri lupior.
Sacerdos sacerdoti lupissimus.

Not real Latin, but it gets the point across.

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  1. voxborealis says:

    Maybe “factio” for a “lobby.” It has a nice classical ring to it.

  2. PatriciusOenus says:

    The verb ‘ambire’ often has the sense of ‘to lobby’ as in a campaign. The noun derived from this verb ‘ambitus’ has a negative connotation and is related to the English ‘ambition’. See what Lewis and Short have to say in a subsection of their article on this word:
    “An unlawful striving for posts of honor, or canvassing for office; esp. by bribery (cf. ambitio, I.), prohibited by the Lex Calpurnia, Caecilia, Fabia, Julia, Licinia, Tullia de ambitu, against bribery, corruption, etc. […]. In gen., the desire to make a display, ostentation, vanity, show, parade”
    This is the idea of a lobby and fits particularly well. So, one might say:

    Ceterum censeo ambitum Sodomitarum esse delendum.

  3. CCInglish says:

    To echo the conspiratorial and pernicious nature of the Italian meaning of “lobby” as you point out, Father, I’ll offer a my version: coniuratio pedicatorum – conspiracy of sodomites. Cicero uses coniuratio and coniurati to describe both Cataline’s plan to seize the state by arms and his group of co-conspirators. Coniuratio is also grammatically, and fittingly, feminine.

    Ceterum censeo coniurationem pedicatorum esse delendam.

  4. The original Mr. X says:

    I think factio would be the best equivalent to “lobby”: in Classical Latin it had a slightly sinister ring (the implication being that the members of the factio were acting for their own selfish interests rather than the common good), whilst it would also imply something longer-lasting than a conjuratio, which would be formed for a specific coup or rebellion and then disband afterwards. Grex, meanwhile, is probably too neutral a term, since it could refer to any group of people, good or bad.

    Praeterea censeo factionem homosexualium delendam esse.

  5. Andrew says:

    Chorus cinaedorum (Apuleius, Metam. liber 8)

    Comatulos, comptos, atque lascivos, domus tuae tecta non videant. Cantor pellatur, ut noxius. Fidicinas et psaltrias, et istiusmodi CHORUM diaboli, quasi mortifera sirenarum carmina proturba ex aedibus tuis. (Hieronymus: ep. 54)

    Censeo huiusmodi chorum cinaedorum ab Ecclesia proturbandum.

  6. Imrahil says:

    I was going to write what the dear voxborealis and the dear Original Mr. X have said: “lobby” does sound rather like the word factio.

    I am not quite certain that we have no better choice than homosexualis, -is, -e which does look so very much like a made-up Latin word that was retranslated. Sure, the thing is (in a sense) new too, but still…

    The Vulgate, in any case, has “molles vel masculorum concubitores”… factio mollitiosa? factio sodomitica? or simply factio perversa?

  7. Fr_Andrew says:

    Lobby is too light a word. They are a cabal, junta, confederation. Perhaps it could even be so militant to be a horde. It is not merely a “lobby group”.

    Taking a lead from Rev 3.9 perhaps an alliterative “synagoga sodomaica”.

    That suggests the secretive and deceptive nature of the cabal expressed by St. John in that passage. In a sense such men are really Satan’s agents (willingly or unwillingly); pretending to be men, but hardly virile; and pretending to be Catholics, while all the while acting to destroy both Faith and Morals and ultimately the Church.

    Deinde, suggero : Ceterum autem censeo synagogam sodmaicam delendam esse.

  8. acardnal says:

    There is one sentence in Pope Francis’ statement that confounds me. I wish Mr. @EdwardPentin of @NCRegister would ask the Holy See for an explanation:

    We have delayed in applying these actions and sanctions [against clerics] that are so necessary, yet I am confident that they will help to guarantee a greater culture of care in the present and future.”

    Why the delay?

  9. Nicholas says:

    The correct translation:

    Filii Satanae

  10. We are getting some good suggestions.

    ambitus Sodomiticarum
    Ceterum censeo ambitum Sodomitarum esse delendum.

    coniuratio pedicatorum
    Ceterum censeo coniurationem pedicatorum esse delendam.

    factio homosexualium
    Praeterea censeo factionem homosexualium delendam esse.

    chorus cinaedorum
    Censeo huiusmodi chorum cinaedorum ab Ecclesia proturbandum.

    I might take a couple more good suggestions before resolving this.

  11. Shonkin says:

    Here in Montana we have two dioceses, both of which have gone through bankruptcy in the process of paying compensation to molested children, most of them now grown up.
    An issue that has come up in the Diocese of Helena has been molestation by Ursuline nuns, mostly of Indian children, and I believe mostly of Indian girls at schools on the reservations. The Ursuline Order is trying to make the Diocese pay their damages too, although they weren’t directly under diocesan authority.
    Lest anyone think it was only MALE homosexuals…

  12. mburn16 says:

    How well does the Latin “cohors” fit?

  13. JabbaPapa says:

    I suggested “lobia cinaeda” in the other thread — and lobia is indeed Latin, and it has the sense of “lobby” albeit a little weakly, but it has the sense also of “cloister”, which I find appropriate.

  14. The version I always read was:

    Homo homini lupus.
    Mulieri mulieri lupior.
    Academicus academico lupissimus, sed clerus clerico omne gradum lupietatis excedit.

  15. mitdub says:

    I am no Latinist, but how about “clava casia?” As a lay OP, I dislike the proximity of the words praeditorius to praedicatur, though I know they are quite different! Or, however this would properly translate to Latin — sodomitic sodality. Yes, I like alliterations.

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