The Hunting of the Viganò

Church Militant has a fascinating story, the stuff of novels.


By Rev. Michael X., JCL

Vatican officials are on the hunt for Abp. Carlo Maria Viganò.

According to sources within the Vatican, the Secretariat of State of the Holy See — under the direction of Pietro Cardinal Parolin — has communicated an instruction to its internal and external security services to use its “intelligence resources” to locate the physical whereabouts of Abp. Viganò. This request has been communicated not only in order to prevent more unpredictable damage to the image of Pope Francis and the Holy See on the world stage, but also to “prepare the terrain” for the former apostolic nuncio-turned-whistleblower to be prosecuted for alleged multiple crimes against Vatican and Church law.

The urgency with which the location of Abp. Viganò is being sought is all the more palpable since, according to canon 1507 of the Code of Canon Law and other procedural and penal norms of the Holy See and Vatican City State, Abp. Viganò cannot be prosecuted or even punished unless he first be given the opportunity to be officially notified in writing of the specific canonical and Vatican crimes he is alleged to have committed and be given the opportunity to defend himself against them.


News of the Vatican deploying its vast international resources to track down and prosecute Abp. Viganò are consistent with his assertions made to Aldo Maria Valli on their final encounter: that Viganò had “purchased a plane ticket,” that he was “traveling abroad,” that he “could not tell [Valli] where,” that Valli “should not try to find him,” that “his old cellular number will no longer be functioning,” and that they “saluted each other one last time.”


There’s more over there.

It is truly the stuff of novels.

Tracer Bullet writhed himself awake in the wreckage of the diner. His head felt like the smashed blue plate special he pulled his face out of. With a pull on the edge of the round counter stool he got to his feet with a groan, grabbed napkins and swabbed at the red-stained potatoes.

He looked for his hat. Kicking plates, trays and a few inert bodies, he found it crown up in the corner.  Strange.  He strained against the pain in his punched in kidneys and throbbing head to fish it off the floor. Raising it, Tracer froze in mid lift.

On the floor under the hat was his emptied .357 and a mobile phone, the old flip kind that hadn’t been used since he used to see that one dame, the golf ball tee empire heiress.  Problem was, it wasn’t his phone.

Wind blew through the broken windows and threw shadows from the thrashing curtains and blinds.

Tracer opened the phone and hit the button to see the last number.


Shifting his eyes to the inside of his hat, there was a note tucked in the band. With the phone in his hand, he plucked it up and opened it with his blood-stained teeth.  The letters slashed across the order pad sheet.

Find him before they do. – Z

The sound of the sirens lanced through the fog in his skull.  A lunging stagger took him through the kitchen and into the alley and the night.

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  1. Fr. Kelly says:

    I just watched the end of this week’s Wednesday Audience. The first thing I noticed is that the official video is a full 5 minutes shorter than last week’s. This is accomplished by cutting it off pretty quickly after the final blessing. (The clearest Vigano chant last week came during the open mike time after the Pope left the dais.)
    Right at 49 minutes, among the shouting I hear “Vigano!” clearly once and then it is drowned out by chants of “Viva il Papa!” and then a song including those words and “Viva Maria.”
    These sound organized, as there is musical accompaniment to the song.

    It leaves me wondering what went down after the video cuts off abruptly.

  2. Felipe says:

    I hope they find him…….. during the next pontificat, and make him a Cardinal.

  3. MrsAnchor says:

    It is like a Novel or that of History, Scripture….

    Perhaps those Priest/Bishop holes will need to be provided in this century as a reimagined option? The faithful Priest is being persecuted mimicking a kind of “Terror” that took place in France, what kept the “Church” alive then?

    Maybe we need to have a Nomadic Priest? With funds going to him for his work. Not being wired all over the place for “Administrative” purposes.

    I’ve been hearing a lot about withholding Tithes, What are your thoughts Father?

  4. jerome623 says:

    But where is the Holy Father’s mercy?

  5. Atra Dicenda, Rubra Agenda says:

    Viganò has a place on any couch or bed in my house if he needs it. I’d take the floor for his Excellency if he ever finds himself hiding in the Midwest of the USA…

  6. Spinmamma says:

    @ jerome623 Ah. Where indeed? Can they not see how terrible the optics are for them to be going all cloak and dagger and DICTATOR? Perhaps someone should remind Pope Francis that when Jesus remained silent in the face of accusations of blasphemy and treason, he did not send out Peter behind the scenes with a sword to capture and punish his accusers.

  7. maternalView says:

    More prayers for Vigano tonight

  8. Malta says:

    Unreal. This pope is acting like a Mafia boss. Good luck trying to find him. As a former FBI Agent I can go off the face of the map, literally. I hope Vigano stays hidden from these draconion a holes.

  9. Malta says:

    A note to Vigano, if he reads this blog, to stay hidden: a) you get a rental property under an assumed name, b) cell phones have GPS, take out the battery, and still put the phone in a farady cage, c) only have at least two very trusted people who know where you are, and can check in on you, d) don’t ever use wifi where you live, e) have your car registered with one of your trusted friends. Even still use counter surveillance detection routes. Disappear.

    I think Malachi Martin was killed. There are sinister elements in the Church.

  10. Fr.JP says:

    Viganó is holed up in the Apostolic Palace. He’ll be safe for a long time. When the next pope comes to move in (after the emergency conclave), he’ll find Viganó watching tv in the lounge…

  11. Bellarmino Vianney says:

    Previous commentator, “Malta”, makes an important distinction in that apparently you have to remove the battery from the cell phone to disable the GPS. Merely turning it off apparently will not disable GPS. It is not going to matter, though, if you own/drive a newer car which has GPS. I have no idea how to disable GPS and the microphone/live wiretap in a newer car.

    I can speak to experience with likely being surveilled. I have written some details on here before, but I can add more. Take what I write or leave it; it is true to the best of my knowledge.

    So-called “VPN’s”, at least the one I used (Private Internet Access) may not work. I used the VPN to provide anonymity when commenting on Islam, the “deep state”/liberals, etc., in comment sections at online news entities.

    I started noticing irregularities after commenting on Islam while logged in to the VPN; within about 1 minute of nearly every time I criticized Islam in an online comment, I would receive a prank/fake/spam phone call on the home phone. At first I chalked it up to coincidence. Then it continued beyond the realm of mere coincidence, and I suspected a “deep state” unlawful surveillance, although I continued with my criticizing of Islam via the VPN.

    Somewhere along the lines all of my electronic devices, including this computer, were likely hacked. This apparently provides the surveillors the ability to remotely alter my internet search history or for them to remotely search the internet from my computer. Obviously that is a big problem. I removed two viruses with an extensive virus search, but it appears as though whatever entity is surveilling me still has ability to surveill all of my electronic devices in real time.

    I will repeat a past comment – the home/landline phone (through fiber optic service) appears to be a live microphone/wiretap for surveillors at all times that they are connected to the wall. Unplugging the power cord from the landline home phone apparently does not disable the wiretap; disabling apparently requires removal of the phone line (“telephone circuit”) from the wall – unless the wireless phone itself is connected to the modem via wireless internet. Then you likely have to remove the battery.

    Any time cell phones are on, one can suspect that they may be live microphones/wiretaps even when you are not making a phone call. The deep state is apparently very brazen (taking half-truths gained through likely unlawful surveillance and apparently spinning them into lies to support further surveillance and/or entrapment), and it is nearly impossible to prove their surveillance. Thus, they can wiretap/record without one every being aware of it, and that wiretapping can probably be converted to searchable text should they need half-truths to spin into a lies in the future.

    The reality for Archbishop Vigano is that what could be called the “Anti-American-but-headquarted-in-America Deep State” (“AHA Deep State” for short) probably knows his whereabouts. The AHA Deep State and P. Francis’ minions are allies in their evils, and P. Francis and his minions are essential to the AHA Deep State’s goals in America and internationally. Archbishop Vigano’s knowledge and courage to publicize that knowledge could cause major setbacks for the AHA Deep State.

    Because of the likelihood that they know where he is, Archbishop Vigano and other faithful servants should be on the lookout for potential traps which are intended to provoke him to either commit a violent crime or to provoke him to utter a threat. It seems as though one of the deep state’s tactics/intentions is to harass a person every time they go out in public so that they either utter a threat or commit a violent act. This harassment is done through various pre-planned skits and schemes; it appears to be done in part by plain-clothed actors/actresses (sadly, apparently they also get the volunteer efforts of “Catholic” priests and laity at various parishes to perform the pre-planned schemes/traps as well). These plain-clothed people can be observed at Mass, at Adoration Chapels, and anywhere one goes in public. They will sometimes literally taunt you and get in your face – for example, a man at a Catholic parish literally got within 5 feet of my face and yelled “eye-yi-yi-yi-yi!” as I was leaving an Adoration Chapel. The normal or unaware person would have been provoked to violence in that situation. I suspected he was told to do this in attempt to provoke/entrap me to anger/violence. I walked on by.

    Finally, as I have written on here before, one should be aware of the possibility of being forcefully and unlawfully drugged by chemicals which can be absorbed through the skin. I am 99% certain this was done to me in a Catholic Chapel (and likely later at the hospital – the chemical was likely on the oximeter and absorbed through a cut induced on that finger by a sharp object on the oximeter), and I am somewhat certain that at least 1 priest knows about part of this occurrence. Indeed, it was likely a chemical weapon attack likely disguised as “public safety” or something similar. Again, take it or leave it, and call me crazy all you want. There is a deep state, and they are gravely evil/dishonest people. They will unite with the pseudo-catholics “within” the Church to carry out schemes and attempts at entrapment.

    The Great Archbishop Vigano can be assured of my prayers/sufferings, little as they may be.

  12. Traductora says:

    This is truly terrifying, and reveals a lot about both the Vatican and Bergoglio. The fact that the Vatican never launched this kind of effort against any of the actual malefactors named in the Viganò statement certainly shows its priorities, which do not include truth and justice. It also shows the mentality of someone formed by a closed, arrogant, out of control state, such as the Argentina of Bergoglio’s background. The government of Argentina, no matter who is in charge, has always been a typical banana republic government, running on secrecy, theft, influence peddling and cruelty, so Bergoglio is in his element in the Vatican, which seems to be about the same.

    If anyone remembers the case of Msgr Vallejo Balda, early on in Francis’ tenure, they’ll get an idea of what would await Viganò should Francis get his hands on him. Vallejo Balda, assigned to a special committee to review Vatican financial and administrative procedures, apparently found out too much and was accused of spying and “leaking” information. He was seized from his apartment, taken to the Vatican jail where he was kept incomunicado, in solitary, with the light on 24 hours a day and under guard, and of course not even informed of the charges against him. It was only when the Spanish government got involved and sent a diplomatic note to the Vatican that he was given a trial, although on very vague charges obviously dreamed up after the fact. In accordance with Vatican legal procedures (which should be illegal) he was never permitted to see the evidence against him, have his own independent attorney, or prepare a defense.

    So this is what would await Viganò and we must pray that he manages to elude them, because the Vatican is not interested in the real crimes, but only in pursuing those who break the code of omertà that conceals the crimes and their authors.

  13. teomatteo says:

    He could pretend he’s an immigrant and walk freely thru Italy.

  14. Dismas says:

    @Malta – Good list. I am hoping that the past five years have been put to good use in preparation.

    @MrsAnchor – When considering withholding tithes, consider the repercussions and who gets hurt.

    Withholding from a parish with a good pastor hurts the parish and the pastor while a malignant bishop remains untroubled.

    Withholding from the diocese tithe will only cause the diocesan assessment to increase. This will put a great strain on parish finances. This may be a goal, but recognize that this may break smaller parishes.

    While withholding may be deemed necessary for bringing discipline to bad actors, remember to support the Church. Legaus has decided to place their annual tithe to Rome ($820,000) in escrow until the Crisis is resolved. Others may follow suit.

  15. Dismas says:

    Spelling – Legatus

  16. Thomistica says:

    Ralph McInerny, of ND, would be having a field day writing novels in this environ were he still alive.
    Btw, what happened to that Church Militant story about Wuerl? We just don’t need unsourced journalism these days. It’s like pouring gas on a fire. And plays right into the conspiracy theorists on the “Catholic” left, who think there is some sort of orchestrated, grand plot to take down a Pope.
    I assume you’ve seen the CNS article by now, which appears to vindicate part of Vigano’s story. This is what we need; concrete and tangible proof and documents. They’re out there for the finding. Let’s see whether someone can leverage the information in that article to make inroads.

  17. Mark Windsor says:

    “I think Malachi Martin was killed. There are sinister elements in the Church.”

    I’ve heard this many times, but do you have any evidence? I think it very possible, but Martin himself was a bit of an enigma as well.

  18. FN says:

    Dear Father Z, you may have a secondary vocation as a pulp novelist. Not even kidding. That snippet is really good.

  19. rcg says:

    They might check the Ecuadorian embassy in London. I hear they have rooms too let.

    Will it be a public trial and do the trials allow presentaion of evidence supporting the accused? Of course the charges are for revealing information and not the crimes contained in the released missives.

  20. cwillia1 says:

    Vigano may be afraid of physical assault, either from elements of the lavender mafia or gay activists. He may want to avoid dealing with journalists and news media. As far as canonical legal processes are concerned, handled the right way they could lead to the production of documentary evidence supporting Vigano. None of what he has done sounds remotely like a civil crime. Would a canonical process require him to appear at the Vatican personally? Could the Pope silence him? It seems that he has already said what he intends to say and prefers to remain silent. I would be surprised if Vigano hasn’t thought through all of this already.

  21. The Astronomer says:

    Malta said: “Unreal. This pope is acting like a Mafia boss. Good luck trying to find him. As a former FBI Agent I can go off the face of the map, literally. I hope Vigano stays hidden from these draconion a holes.”

    Agree 100%. As a former c/o for Christians-In-Action (what the SEALS called referred to the Agency as), I’m sure the Vatican’s Servizio Privato is no doubt working overtime to track down this brave man and they’re likely working with allied/friendly intel services as well.

    May Our Lady spread her mantle over this soldier of Christ.

  22. “It is truly the stuff of novels”
    As in a Malachi Martin novel!

  23. StBensGirl says:

    All this is chillingly similar to the story line in Father Elijah by Michael D. O’Brien. That book, published by Ignatius Press in 1996, portrays the sinister forces raging against the Church, just like we’re seeing now. The only difference is that, in the book, the Pope was a holy man. I wondered as I read it how much of it was fantasy to make a good story. Turns out, not much. If ever there was a call to arms, it is now. Don’t leave the Church because of the corruption. Beef up your faith, stay and fight. Think of the heroic courage it took for Vigano to release that statement.

  24. WmHesch says:

    Maybe they’ll hire Hilary to Luciani him

  25. Lurker 59 says:


    The solution is to withhold giving of liquid assets, even at the local parish level. Give time and physical goods instead. The parish has bills to pay? Pay on them directly. This leaves the local parish solvent while cutting off the transfering of monies around.

  26. WmHesch says:

    Is there a Canonical mechanism for service by publication of alleged delicts?

    Comparable in the civil arena to publishing a legal notice in the newspaper?

  27. Karteria says:

    Eerily reminds me of the hunt for the hidden last pope in Hugh Benson’s Lord of the World:

    “Lord of the World is a 1907 dystopian science fiction novel by Monsignor Robert Hugh Benson that centers upon the reign of the Anti-Christ and the End of the World. It has been called prophetic by Dale Ahlquist, Joseph Pearce, Pope Benedict XVI and Pope Francis….”

  28. Liz says:

    Praying for the dear Archbishop constantly. May his reward be great in heaven. Thanks be to God for his courage.

  29. byzantinesteve says:

    I think Osama’s compound is probably vacant and could be a great hideout :)

  30. AveMariaGratiaPlena says:

    Team Francis are really showing their true colors, aren’t they? This is yet another example of why we need to turn the temperature up, and keep it up. More fasting, more praying, more keeping the public pressure on the powers that be.

    I hope that Viganò has some well-funded, well-placed benefactors who know how to keep him safe from the Vatican mafia. If Team Francis do ever get their hands on him, however, I doubt they’ve thought through the consequences of prosecuting/ persecuting him.

  31. Verygrateful1 says:

    You have the wrong link for Church Militant. The one you have goes to a Vortex. The one you want is this:

  32. chantgirl says:

    Ahhh, so we’re dropping the humble, merciful mask and going full-on dictator. The more Francis shows his true face, the more Catholics who have been asleep will wake up. While we are talking about trials, is there a process to put a pope on trial for dereliction of duty, corruption of morals, and subverting doctrine?

    It looks like we have all of the elements mentioned at Akita except that fire from heaven.

    Hopefully the God of Surprises can handle the weeds without taking out too many of the wheat.

    Penance, people.

  33. Dismas says:

    @Lurker 59 – To begin with, we have to ascertain what is the goal, who are your allies and potential allies, who needs pressuring, what assets are available, how to deliver the message, and how the Lavender Mafia will respond.

    Scenario 1: Good parish in a good diocese. Honestly, give more if possible. You don’t know how blessed you are.

    Scenario 2: Bad parish, bad diocese. Good luck with your tactics, you’ll need it.

    Scenario 3: This is the one that I worry about, and fear that this will become much more prevalant over the next decade or more. There is lots of money in selling off a church. Regardless of how well the Canons are doing, the property value of St. John Cantius could fund many hairbrained schemes incolving solar panels and whatever Fr. Phleger is up to. Is there really anything that stops Cardinal Cupich if he’s backed into a corner?

  34. Fr_Sotelo says:

    After reading these comments, I went to the kitchen and made a tin foil hat. Just because I’m paranoid doesn’t mean they’re not watching. LOL.

  35. Semper Gumby says:

    Excellent scene and writing Fr. Z. The “in medias res” opening got my attention:

    “Tracer Bullet writhed himself awake in the wreckage of the diner. His head felt like the smashed blue plate special he pulled his face out of.”

    I second FN’s comment.

    Fr. Kelly: Interesting, thanks.

    jerome623: Good question. To say that this Pope needs our prayers is an understatement.

    Fr. JP: Good one. Hiding in plain sight can be effective. Here’s an example from WWII, from memory so this might be a little off the mark.

    About 1942 the British MI-9, the office in London responsible for Escape and Evasion, set up an E&E line for shot-down Allied pilots that stretched from central Europe out to the French coast. One of the way stations on that particular line was, er, a cathouse.

    Now, the Madam who ran that brothel was previously known to British intelligence, MI-6, as an ardent foe of Hitler and the National Socialists. It may have been because the Madam assisted MI-6 several years earlier with “honey traps” to acquire not intelligence, but personal information on Nazi officials and military officers that could later be used against them.

    So, in 1942 someone in MI-9 had a bright idea to hide the evading shot-down Allied pilots in plain sight in several rooms of this Madam’s brothel. The pilots would hide there for a couple of days while the pilots and the Resistance prepared for the next stage of the clandestine journey to the French coast.

    In London the MI-9 officer’s plan was approved precisely because that particular brothel, in a Nazi-occupied country, was visited nightly by the Nazi garrison, the local Gestapo, and even the Nazi commander. Therefore, the odds of that establishment ever being raided by the Nazis was close to zero. If I recall, that particular part of that particular E&E line had a perfect security record throughout the war.

    Per Atra Dicenda Rubra Agenda’s comment, the pilots were put two in a brothel room, one slept on the bed one on the floor, and they kept very quiet.

    teomatteo: Good one.

    The comments of Malta (“surveillance detection route”), Bellarmino Vianney, and The Astronomer bring to mind a few interesting articles:

    The first is from the Washington Post, a newspaper which occasionally is useful:

    This next one is the Wikipedia article on Covert Listening Devices:

    Here’s an article on cellphones and land-line phones. Though, the author does get a little carried away with seeing the US Government everywhere at all times. During the Cold War the Soviets, their Eastern European proxies, and the Chinese were training and equipping numerous countries with eavesdropping technology.

  36. un-ionized says:

    None of this surprises me at all. I spent 6 years being bullied, slandered, and told to shut up by Friars and parishioners at my former parish. There is a veneer of holiness (statuary, confession times, kneeling, all male sanctuary, preaching against abortion (but never homosexuality)) over a whole ton of corruption which is at every level. Miracles are needed here, prayer and lots of fasting.

  37. roma247 says:

    I see. So part of “silence and prayer” includes “silently” searching for the “rat,” but not “silently” investigating the claims. Mmm-hmm. No inconsistency there.

  38. Kathleen10 says:

    This is so bad it is surreal. So they are that powerful and sure of themselves, they don’t even have to care about optics or public relations. Can sleeping Catholics at least wake up now, and see this evil group for what it is? Start to see how huge this is, how vast, deep, and confident it is? They don’t even have to be concerned about how hunting down Abp. Vigano and charging him would be seen, and rightly so, it is the maneuver of an evil entity. It is probably not completely about Abp. Vigano himself, it is about warning the many others who also know where the bodies are buried. Stay quiet if you know what’s good for you. We notice they have stayed quiet. We’ve noticed they’ve stayed quiet all along. We asked, what do they fear! Now we have a better idea. And they are just beginning to show their true colors, and reduce all the fake “mercy, mercy” stuff. Ugh.

    This is why we cherish the idea of a federal RICO investigation. And that will lead them right to Rome! There is only so much we can do, but nobody can make you miserable like the full force of the US government investigating you. The feds will be combing through their underwear drawers.
    How bad are things that we hope for this earnestly. Bad.

  39. Eoin OBolguidhir says:

    Rent a property under an assumed name? In Europe? I tried to rent a place for six months in England, and they wanted bank statements, tax returns, and tissue samples. Good luck with that.

    Bellarmino V., I worry for you.


  41. Il Ratzingeriano says:

    I strongly support, and admire, Archbishop Vigano’. Might the best thing for him to do be to turn himself in and face the charges? I don’t know how fair the trial would be or if it would be public. Regardless, is he not morally bound to submit to the Church’s laws and processes?

  42. JMody says:

    Crimes against canon law? Too bad there’s not an Article 134-style catch-all, Conduct Prejudicial to Good Order and Discipline. But seriously, how many of our current crop of troublemakers were ordained when someone knew the individual had a canonical disqualifier, i.e., orientation? Is not a canon law broken by the newly ordained, the rector of the seminary, and maybe even the bishop who ordained?

  43. Charivari Rob says:

    “intelligence resources” and “vast international resources”?

    I don’t doubt that they ARE trying to track down Vigano and that there’s at least some close to the heart of things in the Vatican who are not kindly disposed to him (even assuming the best, Pope Francis doesn’t seem to respond well to polite, structured feedback sometimes and +Vigano is closer to “loose cannon” than “dubia”)

    That being said…

    I presume these vast international intelligence resources are well-positioned, well-equipped, experienced, etc… (probably funded by “all that gold in Rome which should be melted down and solve world poverty”). The earthly institution of the Church also has vast international resources – in-house & paid consultant experts in finance, law, liability, public relations, communications, & psychology – that not infrequently get things wrong or are ignored. Why would a Vatican intelligence apparatus be any different?

    Stuff of novels, indeed! I know it’s not common to cite Andrew Greeley in Father Z’s comment box, but to paraphrase Blackie Ryan, “If the Vatican had a spook agency, it would be even less competent than most nations’ spook agencies.”

  44. cwillia1 says:

    Looking at the Church Militant article, it seems to me that Vigano may actually be guilty of some church law violation. But it will do Pope Francis little good to pursue that through a legal process. People don’t care what Vigano did, they care what Pope Francis did. And, if Vigano wrongly revealed a secret by saying X, then X must be true.

  45. Susanna says:

    I third FN’s comments!

  46. MrsAnchor says:

    @Dismas, you were off isn’t like that and I don’t think you understand that a bit of fallout would be a cleansing fire….

    @Lurker59… yes you’ve got the general idea! Although I wouldn’t even go for paying the Church at the local level in most cases… why?

    I was trying to go for Nomadic Priest like days of old. Where he stopped in the village for mass & confessions, then went off the to the next town. And I mean this for the Catholic Faithful of Priests… the Kool Aid and their kind can die off as branch that is sickly & doesn’t bear fruit. The Good Will of people clothed & fed their Priest and provided for their Priests wellbeing … when the Church has been persecuted mind you. It was at a local level…
    just reading a bit of history to develop an idea of how the future may look. It’s going to get worse before it gets better. Just how far this time?

    Somehow the Corrupt Hierarchy needs to be pruned away.
    The Faithful have always gone through the worst of it. That’s how it go’s because it benefits Us the most to be scourged…. Who doesn’t want to imitate the best that have gone before us? I’d rather be the prepared Virgin awaiting the Bridegroom

    St Joan of Arc watch over Archbishop Viganò!

  47. MrsAnchor says:

    @Kathleen…if the Church has been comprised you can bet RICO & every other organization..

    This is meant more for the misfit parishes really and those who live near them, but want someone else… hopefully in the future. Although I guess that’s why the Benedict Option has been so popular.
    I wonder about that given stories that Nagasaki & Hiroshima weren’t quite “accidents” or “random choice” Which brings me to this; say your DAILY Rosary!

    In any case God is with Us. We’ll just need our ears tuned in to His frequency

  48. Malta says:

    @ByzantineSteve: “I think Osama’s compound is probably vacant and could be a great hideout :)” LOL!!

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  50. JesusFreak84 says:

    If it were me, I’d hide in Japan: there’s still plenty of open space, (and more all the time with their low birthrate >.<;;; ) and I suspect the Holy Father and the rest of the Vatican probably don't remember that part of the world exists unless they're explicitly reminded. Also, the language barriers would make gathering intelligence very difficult and even if the Pope had EVERY priest in Japan looking for Vigano…haha, good luck.

  51. JohnNYC says:

    I am visiting Rome for the week and just bumped in the journalist, Aldo Maria Valli, whom I was delighted to have the opportunity to thank for his efforts to shine the light on some of the afflictions crippling the Church. #Vigano

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