ASK FATHER: TLM workshops for U.S. diocesan priests with no EF Mass experience and marginal Latin?

From a reader…


I spoke with our parish priest today and he is open to attending a Latin Mass Workshop. Will you please recommend a workshop(s) for a young, U.S. diocesan priest with no EF Mass experience and marginal latin background? Perhaps one of your readers (clergy or laity) has helped a priest attend a workshop and can share their story with outcomes or recommendations. I have got to get busy now to raise the funds!

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You are not just lying there, waiting to starve.   This is what we need!   Lay people who get out there and get to work.

The FSSP have workshops HERE. They have, on that page, some tips for funds.

The Canons of St. John Cantius have workshops. HERE.

I don’t think the SSPX has workshops like those.

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  1. HighMass says:

    Just a feeling in my heart, but until the restoration of the TLM is used on a wider basis, (as our Holy Father Pope Benedict XVI once said there should be at least one Latin Mass TLM in every Parish on Sunday.)

    I think we are SLOWLY moving in that direction in SOME parts of the world, (long way to go) but just look at 15yrs ago (High or Low Mass) compared to today. Of Course Christ as the Divine High Priest is edging us in that direction. I attended a High Mass and in fact was the organist on Sunday 10/28, Feast of Christ the King, and happy to say there were a lot of Young Families in attendance. As you say Fr. Z, Brick by Brick. Thank You Lord for the wider use of this beautiful Mass. Thank You Fr Z for all the hard work you do keeping this Blog going!

  2. Atra Dicenda, Rubra Agenda says:

    Its a summer program so wouldn’t be available till next summer, but I took a priest as a gift to the Sacred Liturgy Conference which was held at the end of June in Salem Oregon. Bishop Alexander Sample and Athanasius Schneider were 2 of the esteemed lecturers. Last year they had Cardinal Burke as a lecturer/celebrant. There were EF training seminars for priests and schola training for laity among other lecture options. It was an amazing few days.

    This priest is an old friend who had little to no Latin training at his Midwest seminary and little to no experience with the EF.

    But this priest is young and solid and interested. He enjoyed himself I think and learned a lot.

  3. fmsb78 says:

    I don’t know in US but where I live, the only diocesan priest that says the TLM received help in secret from the Fathers of the SSPX priory I attend Mass.

    He could have gotten in real trouble if his Bishop knew it so… be careful. One day we all be reunited.

  4. CasaSanBruno says:

    I can vouch for the St. John Cantius course. I did it for a week and have been offering the TLM ever since. I’ll be eternally grateful. I’m sure the FSSP does a great job, too. Actually, I brush up on my ars celebrandi by watching the FSSP instructive videos on youtube – all very well done.

  5. jst5000 says:

    Alex Begin of the show “Extraordinary Faith” will travel to the priest for a more condensed training session which is offered free of charge:

  6. HvonBlumenthal says:

    Could your correspondent provide bank details in case your readers want to chip in? If few of us spare a few dollars that will help lY this particular brick.

  7. idelsan says:

    What about workshops in Europe? I live in Spain

  8. HvonBlumenthal says:

    Which part of Spain Idelsan? We are partly based in San Sebastian where we have been trying to discover if there are any traditionalists apart from us.

  9. smmclaug says:

    Fr. Z, please put your emailer in touch with me for some help getting this young priest to the workshop:

  10. TKS says:

    If a priest cannot attend a workshop, the FSSP in Denton, NE has a training kit. I have purchased a couple (about $150) and one I put anonymously one a rectory doorstep where a priest lives alone and so he could honestly say he didn’t know who sent it in case it caused him difficulty. He indicated an interest and is an amazingly holy young priest.

  11. jflare29 says:

    I believe when this subject had arisen previously, someone had posted SSPX website links. I don’t believe SSPX necessarily has a training kit per se; I believe the posting stated the site had videos demonstrating how the traditional Mass was offered.

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