My While For Awhile: Election Day Edition

I’m off to southern regions to visit my mother for a few days.   Florida is hotly contested.  I hope that my mere presence in the state will tip the election.

My flight is delayed.

Most Delta lounges these days have FNC on the screens.  Not this one in Chicago: CNN.  It’s like the bad end of the multiverse on the other side of the tracks.  Brrrrrr.


I tracked our delayed flight into ORD …

… and when I saw it was taxiing, I turned to look and there it was about to pull up to the gate.

Ah the things we do to amuse ourselves when on the road.


I slept through the first flight, long delayed. I normally build in extra time in my layovers now because of delays and such. This delay was long enough that I reached my next gate a couple minutes after boarding commenced. It’s a good thing that I didn’t check a bag.

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  1. Facta Non Verba says:

    Father Z – I hope you were able to vote before your travels today.

  2. Sportsfan says:

    If the flight tracker is accurate, you flew right over my house.

  3. JamesA says:

    Father, apparently your presence DID indeed tip the election. Good work !

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