Pre-Post Thanksgiving, Pre-Post Christmas Shopping

I’ve already started on my Christmas shopping list.  I want to get everything settled so that I don’t have to think about it as Christmas draws near.

May I ask for you, dear readers, to consider using my Amazon search box or links to do your shopping?  It would be of great benefit for me.

I have a search box always on the right side bar.

If you go into Amazon through my link, I get a small percent of the sales.  This adds up.  I rely on this for expenses like health insurance, etc.

BTW… I have an membership, which gives me a “credit” each month to be applied as I wish.  This can save quite a lot of money in getting audiobooks and audio courses.  Right now I am working through a very good course, in the Great Courses series, Reason & Faith: Philosophy in the Middle Ages (US HERE – UK HERE).   Purchased by itself, it costs quite a lot, but you can apply a “credit” to buy it and save a lot of money, about half.

You might consider an Audible membership.  And you can give them as gifts.  You might give Audible a try.  US HERE – UK HERE.  I think the UK users can get a 30-day free trial.

And don’t forget your good ADVENT MUSIC!  The wonderful Benedictines of Gower, have music discs for Advent and for Christmas.  Good stocking stuffers.  US HERE – UK HERE   And Caroling at Ephesus US HERE – UK HERE

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