Screaming Man Charges Priest During Live EWTN Mass

From Gateway Pundit:

BREAKING: Deranged Man Charges Priest on Altar Screaming Profanities During Live EWTN Broadcast (VIDEO)

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  1. seattle_cdn says:

    Scary….probably unnecessary to repeat the consecration though. It seems like he completed it before the outburst.

    Just thankful there was nothing worse that happened!

  2. ServusChristi says:

    Whilst I support the revival and return of the Tridentine mass to all parishes celebrating the Roman Rite, we are to do this graciously and charitably. This man showed neither of those qualities.

  3. ServusChristi says:

    Whilst I support the revival and return of the Tridentine mass to all parishes celebrating the Roman Rite, we are to do this graciously and charitably. This man showed neither of those qualities.

  4. Bellarmino Vianney says:

    Folks, don’t be too quick to believe that that was authentic.

    As this commentator has mentioned before, there is apparently a Deep State/Secret Police/Gestapo in America.

    They are apparently mostly plain-clothed persons. And they apparently stage/fake crimes and other bizarre events for various reasons. They are likely in your Churches and Chapels.

    This apparent Deep State/Secret Police/Gestapo may regularly be committing felonies, though, by staging/faking crimes and other bizarre occurrences. They may be on the verge of having the whistle blown against them, and this may be making them panic due to the large number of them that may have committed several unconstitutional searches and other unconstitutional acts.

    One apparent reason they would stage something on *live national t.v. on Sunday morning* is for their own “job security” and to justify their (possibly large) presence in your Churches and Chapels. (Again, this was on live national t.v. on Sunday, and thus, it was sure to make national news…on a Sunday…) One can surmise that they may stage a “mad man” on live national t.v. so as to say, “look, we (Gestapo) are needed in large presence because of crazy people like that guy who yelled and cussed!”

    Or, they could have staged such an event to attempt to provoke someone present at that Mass to draw a weapon. There are clergy and laity that support the 2nd Amendment, and there are non-clergy that don’t like those people; the above event happened 2 days before a major election in which the 2nd Amendment is somewhat on the ballot. Might be good to be leery.

    Call me a conspiracy theorist all you want. But one would do well to believe this commentator that there is a Gestapo in America, and their operations are apparently getting quite out of hand – at least according to what this commentator has witnessed (among the several types of staged occurrences, I should add that they also apparently may even stage/fake automobile accidents; this is very, very dangerous due to the traffic problems it causes). Their operations need to be brought to the attention of both Congress and the American people.

    Maybe the above situation was real. There surely are some drugged/crazed people out there that act out. But, there is also apparently a large Secret Police/Gestapo in America, too. And it seems to me that their actions are unconstitutional at minimum.

    Notably, one news source reached out to the local police, and the local police did not have anything to say about the matter.

  5. Maximilian75 says:

    Discourse about Vatican II needs to be characterized by mutual charity and respect on both sides. Charging the altar during Consecration is neither of those things.

  6. Ellen says:

    Poor Father Wade. I know him and have been at many Masses he has celebrated in Kentucky.

  7. WmHesch says:

    All the more reason to restore the minor order of Porter, equipped, of course, with tactical holsters accessible thru their surplices.

    Also, this is a good opportunity for your sacerdotal readers to review “De Defectibus” #32:

    “If, while the priest is celebrating Mass, the church is violated before he has reached the Canon, the Mass is to be discontinued; if after the Canon, it is not to be discontinued. If there is fear of an attack by enemies, or of a flood or of the collapse of the building where the Mass is being celebrated, the Mass is to be discontinued if it is before the Consecration; if this fear arises after the Consecration, however, the priest may omit everything else and go on at once to the reception of the Sacrament.“

  8. MjMcC says:

    I had the opportunity to attend Mass at EWTN while filming a show there a few years back. One thing that struck me was that the ushers were armed! Now I know why!

    On the other hand, when a gentleman with a 9mm on his hip points you to a seat, you GO to that seat!

    I think Mother knew the dangers of setting up shop where she did and took the reasonable precautions.

  9. Suburbanbanshee says:

    Arghhh. Is that what the guy was saying? I still can’t make it all out.

    Yeah, deranged. Why else the heck would somebody traditional try to run up during the Consecration and interrupt things? Why would he not give his attentions to a televised Mass manifesting more obvious problems? And why would he not just look up the restrictions under which EWTN operates, and find out why they do not say the EF every day, anymore?

  10. Joy65 says:

    It was extremely sad and upsetting. You could tell Father Wade was shaken but he continued and did his duty as well as always. May God help that man and any like him who dare to violate Our Lord’s Church and especially during Holy Mass to ask forgiveness and turn to God and away from satan’s influence.

    Father Son Holy Spirit, Mother Mary, all Holy Saints and Angels please surround and protect from satan and all his evil ways ALL Priests, Religious Brothers and Sisters, Deacons, Seminarians, our Pope, Bishops, Cardinals and all discerning vocations to and preparing for the Priesthood or Religious Life.

  11. Roy Hobbs says:

    I’ve tried finding articles that state what the man was saying, or what he was upset about. None seem to provide much of those details. From the linked video, best I can tell is this: “That’s it! That’s it! No more! My father and I have had enough! No one can see you’re a [expletive] Mason for stealing the traditional mass. Why the [expletive] way (inaudible) for my father….”

    Anyone else got anything bette?

  12. mrjaype says:

    “That’s it! That’s it! No more! My father and I have had enough!” I am wondering if this man was not possessed. These seem like words a demon of Satan would cry at the moment of consecration.

  13. Semper Gumby says:

    Deo volente, this misguided soul will see the error of his ways.

  14. (X)MCCLXIII says:

    What he said was pretty clear to me, at least until the end as he was being bundled out:

    “That’s it! That’s it! No more! My father and I have had enough! My father and I have had enough! No more conciliar abomination! Just go to the traditional Mass! Find a [ ] way! [Or with?] me and my father.”

    Nothing about masons. Nothing to indicate derangement, let alone anything worse. Just poor judgement and profanity.

  15. Roy Hobbs says:


    Yes, I think you have it right: “No more conciliar abomination. Just go to the traditional mass.”

  16. mrjaype says:

    You may be right. It’s just that this outburst is uncharacteristic of even the most raddest of trads that I know. And that it comes right at the moment of the completion of consecration, I find very interesting.

  17. Joy65 says:

    I would think any true traditional Catholic would NOT do any of this at Holy Mass!

  18. Roy Hobbs says:


    From his comments, and the manner in which he did them, it was rather obvious that the guy who did the outburst didn’t think there was anything “holy” about this “Holy Mass.”

  19. Joy65 says:

    Supposedly this is what he said on his twitter page:

    The madmans Twitter page has been tracked down and he seems to be a severe schizophrenic as well as a radical traditionalist… Not a very good combination. And both certainly exacerbated by demonic influence. He believes he is the second coming of christ and it’s his mission from his “father” to destroy the “conciliar church.”
    His name is G. d. B. Here is what he said he said at the end “restore the traditional Mass immediate-f—ingly, or my heavenly father and I will destroy every f—ing thing! Listen to what I am telling all of you! This is the second coming of jesus christ!”
    He then says he was planning on toppling the candles, the Missal, and “the chalice and bread to the f—ng floor” then complains he was “rudely attacked.”

    St. Dymphna please intercede on this guy’s behalf.

  20. richiedel says:

    Talk about active participation…

  21. JesusFreak84 says:

    So I already wanted to see Exorcist make a comeback; now I’m voting for Porter, too. Porters in the US have CCW training and some basic hand-to-hand combat as part of their training. Because of nuts like this. At least, if I was in charge…

  22. MrsMacD says:

    I have a close family member who is schizophrenic and he has gotten pretty crazy, and he has his good days where you’d never know he had bad days. We have to care for these poor sick people. We have to love them. If liberals could find the schizo gene they would abort the living daylights out of all of them. Think about it. The devil is clearly taking advantage of a man that is very sick. The devil kicks us when we’re down. That’s when he gets us. This guy is probably more victim than abuser. Holy Angels in heaven calm him down and help him to stay safe.

  23. KateD says:

    Bellarmino Vianny **cough* cough** conspiracy theorist **cough*cough**

    For some reason I’m having visions of Robin Ventura charging Nolan Ryan…

  24. Southern Catholic says:

    This is really sad. I will pray for this man.

    He pretty clearly states “Restore the traditional mass” and something like “do it Fr. expletive Wade.”

    Roy Hobbs, are you suggesting that this behavior is okay because he didn’t think the mass is holy?

  25. Roy Hobbs says:

    @Southern Catholic

    I never suggested anything. What I find interesting about stories like these, is that the reporting is rather lackluster. There is no context provided, not even a transcript of what was said, no interviews of those in attendance, what happened to the man, who he was, etc. We’re simply given a few seconds video clip upon which to judge the situation, and then off to the races.

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