Strange Signs, the End Times and YOU

What times we are seeing.

  • Benedict abdicated and lightning struck the dome of St. Peter’s.
  • A Jesuit is elected.  A Jesuit, who trashes the symbols of office and sows confusion.
  • Catholics vote for pro-abortion politicians.
  • Total eclipses draw an X over the the Madrid fault of these USA.
  • Conferences of bishops, on the basis of a footnote, openly advocate Communion for people the state of mortal sin.
  • Leading and visible prelates actively support and cover for sodomites.
  • Heavenly messages to Popes and Saints and also from the Mother of God point to the end of an era around our time now.
  • Flawless red heifers can now be bred in Israel, signaling the foundation of a Third Temple.
  • Demographic shifts suggest that a great Apostasy is taking place among the rank and file of those who hail from Christian backgrounds.
  • And… Holy Church remains Authoritative, Infallible, Indefectible and One, Holy Catholic and Apostolic.

At BeliefNet I read…

Fish in the Dead Sea and a Snake in the Wailing Wall: Signs of the End Times Appear in Jerusalem

Are the end times upon us? According to those keeping a close eye on the strange happenings in Israel, the answer might well be “yes.” Predictions about the end of the world seem to appear every time there is an unusual celestial phenomenon, such as a lunar eclipse or a comet’s arrival, but the eerie signs in Israel are both more common and more bizarre.

The first of the three strange occurrences was the birth of the first “red heifer in 2,000 years.” The calf in question was given an “extensive examination” to see if she was actually “blemish free” as is specified in the Bible. According to end times literature, the red calf “brings the promise of reinstating Biblical purity to the world” and will be sacrificed prior to the construction of the Third Temple in Jerusalem. Rabbinical experts have found that the calf is “without blemish” as defined by Scripture and thus is a “viable candidate for the Biblical red heifer.”

The birth of a calf seems commonplace, but the second oddity in Israel has baffled scientists across the world. The Dead Sea is known for its overwhelming salinity. The extraordinary abundance of salt in the water makes it both a popular tourist destination and an environment that is completely inhospitable to almost every form of life on the planet. The sinkholes around its edges, however, have inexplicably been filled with fish. Where the fish have come from is unknown, and they have been joined by the return of vegetation to the otherwise barren area. This fits the prophet Ezekiel’s claims that the Dead Sea and the area around it would flourish with life before the world came to an end. [Ezekiel 47:9 – Also, as levels of the Dead Sea drop, sink holes are being discovered with fish! However, it seems that there are underground fresh water aquafers which reduce the salinity in those sinkholes, creating microclimates.   Still: there are death defying fish in the Dead Sea: 37% salinity.]

The final eerie happening in Israel is enough to send shivers down the spine of even the most skeptical. A snake crawled out of the stones of the Wailing Wall, one of Israel’s holiest sites. Worshipers, understandably, “panic[ed].” The snake was identified as a coin-marked snake, or leaden-colored racer, and it was not a small specimen either. [Hemorrhosis nummifer! As opposed to other slitheries such as Sphaleros jesuiticus.] Rough estimates place it at over three feet long. The appearance of the snake was not the first frightening incident to take place at the Wailing Wall this year, as a falling stone nearly crushed a women praying below in July 2018. That said, there is something more ominous about the unexpected appearance of the animal so often associated with evil in the Bible in a place that is meant to be filled with worship.   [Yeah… I sure know how that feels.   Hey.  I just had a thought: Is the Bronx Zoo Cobra Jewish?  He gets out and around.]

What precisely these signs mean, if anything, is up for debate, but there is no doubt that end of the world bloggers have just received more than enough material to keep them busy through the end of the year. [Maybe to the end of the day.] There are also a lot of people undoubtedly grabbing for their Bibles in order to refresh themselves on the signs of the end times, just in case more of them appear. [As is only right to do!]

How much attention we give to these matters and what they mean is itself a matter for debate.

Every generation of Christian has known itself to be in The End Times, because it is.  Since the Lord Ascended, we are in the End Times.

However, one of these days, the Times with be “Endier” than others.

One way or another, you are going before the Lord, the Just Judge, the King of Fearful Majesty.   You will be JUDGED.   Nothing can be hidden from Him.  Nothing left unrevealed.  Everything will be brought into the open.

If you die before the End, you will experience your Particular Judgment.  Every thought, deed, omission – everything – HEY BISHOPS! YOU READING THIS? – will be examined and weighed.  You state when you die will be confirmed for ETERNITY.   When the Lord comes, if we are still alive or not, the General Judgement will take place.   Every thought, word and deed will be revealed and it will be shown how they all worked together in God’s great plan, the economy of salvation.  Then Christ will take everything and submit it to the Father so that God may be all and all.  Then the unending reign of glory shall begin… with you or without you.  Definitively.  No changes of state.  No “backs”.   No.


Examine your consciences every day.

Make peace with your neighbors.

Perform works of mercy.


Do penance.

The day will come and we don’t know when.

Pray God to spare you from a sudden and unprovided death, as we do in the Litany.


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  1. chantgirl says:

    Other interesting happenings:

    Last year the bones of St. Peter were found by chance in Rome.

    Also, the sign in the Heavens from Revelation 12 last year.

  2. bigtex says:

    My team finally won the World Series last year, after 55 years of failure. Surely we are in the end times.

  3. Charles E Flynn says:

    Prof. Janet E. Smith:

    To the US Bishops: A (Friendly) Call to Repentance and Reform

  4. Kathleen10 says:

    Sometimes people scoff at such signs, but didn’t Jesus tell us to watch for them? God used the rainbow as a sign of the covenant for example.
    I’m a believer. Fr. Z. you forgot the three “blood moons” of recent years. Those were incredible. I don’t think I’ll ever forget seeing a red moon.
    Thank you for discussing these. For us they are signs of hope. We need to stay as salty as the Red Sea and wait for what God will do next. Come, Lord Jesus!

  5. MWindsor says:

    The bishops don’t give a damn about us. So long as they can remain corpulent in general and warm in the winter, we’re left to find our own way to heaven or hell.

  6. Atra Dicenda, Rubra Agenda says:


    Examine your consciences every day.

    Make peace with your neighbors.

    Perform works of mercy.


    Do penance.

    The day will come and we don’t know when.

    Pray God to spare you from a sudden and unprovided death, as we do in the Litany.”

    I’ve been doing all of these things. The best I’ve ever done at them since July of this year.

    I’m just worn out by seeing the Church suffer, writhing, dying, the lost souls, the corrupted Faith, the destroyed vocations. I know it doesnt all need to be on our shoulders or minds, but I have 4 boys and a girl under 9yrs…and a 5th boy in utero. I want them to keep the Faith I’ve stuck to, but the evidence and argument is getting thinner and thinner for keeping the Faith, which is why so many have apostacized. I worry for them as much as myself.

  7. Blessed Anne Catherine gave a warning. Boy, was she dead on the mark!

    The Prophecies of Blessed Ann Catherine Emmerich: We Were Warned

  8. Dismas says:

    @Atra Dicenda, Rubra Agenda: Similar situation here, though much earlier in the progression.

    While I cannot judge hearts, I can perceive the fruits of others enough to protect my family. While there may be sound argument to the contrary, I will nonetheless accept that Pope Francis is the pope. That is, until such an event that were to prove absolutely and incontrovertibly otherwise. That said, while he may be pope, I have sound reason to distrust every word that comes from him as if he were an agent for the Enemy. My home will not be defiled with anything of his.

    What to do then? To begin with, we are not as our parents, ignorant of the corrosive culture about us. We know that we must do battle daily. Consecrate yourself and your family to the Immaculata, get your house blessed, avail yourself of the Sacraments in sight of your children, pray the St. Michael prayer daily with them, and remind them that their teachers in school or university will never hope to care about their welfare even a thousandth as much as you do, so who should they trust?

  9. Suburbanbanshee says:

    Um, guys… “Blood moons” are as regular an occurrence as the sun rising, albeit on a longer timescale.

    If it starts happening off schedule, then I might worry more.

  10. APX says:

    The only one that raises my concern is the red heifer. They need to rebuild the temple before they sacrifice the red heifer, right? That should buy us some time.

  11. John UK says:

    @Atra Dicenda, Rubra Agenda: 12 November 2018 at 7:10 PM

    Memento, tuum esse hodie:
    Deum glorificare,
    Iesum imitari,
    beatissimam Virginem et Sanctos venerari,
    Angelos invocare,
    animam salvare,
    corpus mortificare,
    virtutes a Deo exorare,
    peccata expiare,
    paradisum comparare,
    infernum evitare,
    aeternitatem considerare,
    tempus bene applicare,
    proximum aedificare,
    mundum formidare,
    daemones impugnare,
    passiones frenare,
    mortem semper exspectare,
    ad iudicium te praeparare.

  12. oakdiocesegirl2 says:

    I live in Oakland, CA. Today is the fifth day since Paradise (CA) was incinerated in a few hours and vanished from the face of the earth. A horrible haze has blanketed the Bay Area since last week when the Camp Fire broke out in Butte County. The sun has been blotted out for much of the day, and has glowed a bright orange during sunrise and sunset. The air is unhealthy to breathe [worse than Beijing and equivalent to smoking a pack of cigarettes a day] all the way to San Jose.
    It is the worst California fire by loss of life and property damage ever…since last years’ worst fires ever. Since at least 2010, California has had more and more intense fires every year. Is it any coincidence we have a supermajority of Democrats in the state legislature, and California is the most progressive state, especially regarding abortion and embrace of sexually deviant behavior?

    Southern CA is burning, too.

  13. iPadre says:

    I believe “end of the world,” no, “end of these times,” yes. At least I hope some of the many prophecies, apparitions, etc… are true. That would mean that the cesspool we are living in and the trials the Church is going through will come to an end and there will be a restoration. I don’t focus on these things, but I’m aware of them and until then I strive for greater fidelity, live in of hope, and pray for divine intervention.

  14. APX says:


    I feel for you. That was how I spent my summer with the forest fires in BC. Not to make light of your situation, but if you want to experience something really eerie, drive around in the haze listening to the Largo of Dvorak’s New World Symphony, which oddly enough causes me to meditate on the end of the world after the General Judgment and all the elect going to spend eternity with God.

  15. Semper Gumby says:

    I’m inclined to go with iPadre on this, with an end of an era but not end of the world. But Go to Confession indeed.

    Well, it’s Saturday morning across the fruited plains and, just a few days after the mid-term elections a “Democrat” Congressman has threatened to nuke pro-Constitution citizens. Rep. (hmm…representing who and what?) Eric Swalwell, of the House Judiciary and Intelligence Committees, told a staunch defender of the 2nd Amendment that if it came to civil war over the 2nd Amendment it would be “a short one as the government has all the nukes.” Swalwell then doubled-down on stupid, stating he was being “sarcastic” and, going on the offensive, told his critics to “stop being dramatic.”

    This is another example of why “Democrats,” the Party of Death and the Occult, should not be given power. “Democrats” excel at bullying U.S. citizens, and almost always fold like a cheap suit when a hostile foreign regime acts up.

    bigtex: I know what you mean. After the blessed Cubs won the World Series I thought that maybe the skies would part and God would tell humanity to hit the showers. Instead, He threw us a curveball the next week and She Who Must Not Be Named was defeated.

    “Light shall shine out of darkness.”

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