VIDEO: A few good men and The Present Crisis

A few…

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  1. maternalView says:

    Yes. We need to remember there are good men. Maybe it’s only a few. But the Lord doesn’t need much! Bless them! I don’t believe these men will give up.

  2. Gab says:

    God bless the Most Rev, Strickland. What simple yet almighty powerful words of truth. Now HE’S a great priest and a great man.

  3. Fr_Sotelo says:

    My own bishop was been vilified in the traditional blogosphere as being a man who is weak on doctrine and vindictive with orthodox priests. However, while he has been in the diocese, not one priest has been persecuted for being orthodox.

    One priest who is traditional was moved, because he would yell at anyone who questioned his financial decisions and cussed at parishioners, showing certain anger or mental issues. Another priest who is “orthodox” had to be removed for embezzlement, not being orthodox.

    One priest who had naked photos of a teen on his computer was immediately removed and reported to the police. He is now in prison. Three other priests were accused of sinful misconduct with adults and were placed on leave while their cases are being investigated. Not every good guy necessarily gets up and speaks nice words we like to hear.

    Some of the bishops act decisively to protect the flock from corrupt clergy, and get no credit for it, because they are not presented in the Catholic media as “good guys.” But I think in these times, we are learning that just because a certain bishop is popular with us, does not necessarily mean he is decisive and quick to deal with his problem clergy.

  4. Legisperitus says:

    So few bishops seem to “get it” the way Strickland gets it. His manner of thinking and speaking is so earnest and unaffected, not “clericalist” in the least. May God grant us a hundred more like him.

  5. Gripen says:

    For a second I was incredibly excited (and proud) that both +Lopes and +Strickland were in the video. Then I realized that +Lopes and +Cozzens look eerily similar.

  6. Dan says:

    I am sure there are many Bishops that “get it” sadly as a whole they don’t seem much willing to do anything about it. From a lay perspective this meeting of Bishops was profoundly disappointing. At a time when we need shepherds more than ever they all seem to be sleeping while the wolves are left to run freely. It would have taken so little for them to release a simple statement saying they hope the Vatican to release all the information on the McCarrick investigation. Or ANYTHING.
    It is another example of how our Bishops can no longer be trusted to shepherd their flock. Most have abandoned us to the wolves. February will come and go as well with I am sure still nothing being done except for more cover up, more secrets more covering of their own a$$es. Our priests and bishops had better star growing a pair and standing up. We as lay people need to hold our priests accountable, who need to hold our bishops accountable, so they they can hold us accountable.

  7. bobbird says:

    I am waiting for a bishop who will grab a whip made of cords and start to work, overturning tables and scolding the “Brood of vipers, whitened sepulchers, all clean without but inside filled with dead men’s bones and corruption … how can any of you escape damnation … you do not go in yourselves [to Heaven], and do not allow others.” These bishops were talking to men in that very room who were themselves practicing homosexuals or covering for those who are, the very reason for this crisis. As we watch the Church disintegrate before our eyes, if this really a time for courtesy? Christ was NOT courteous when the time called for something more drastic. I know that it took courage for them to do what little they did, but we need a St. Peter Damien in the USCCB.

  8. LeeGilbert says:

    “I know that it took courage for them to do what little they did, but we need a St. Peter Damien in the USCCB.”

    Yet, what would St. Peter Damien have done? One can dream . . .”Brothers, let us present a petition to the Holy Father that Archbishop McCarrick be reduced to the lay state, that Cardinals Tobin and Wuerl be stripped of cardinalatial rank. Let us also protest as a body that the Holy Father has surrounded himself with such questionable advisors such as Cardinal Francesco Coccopalmerio, Cardinal Oscar Rodriguez Maradiaga, Cardinal Lorenzo Baldisseri and thereby scandalized the entire Church, that he has promoted to archbishop of a major see and made cardinal an unworthy successor to Cardinal George. Let us also ask that Fr. James Martin, S.J. be laicized, that all bishops who have permitted him to speak in their dioceses, namely bishops x, y and z, be censured and/or removed. And furthermore . . .”

    Well, it is easy to dream, of course, when one does not have such responsibilities . . .

  9. rdowhower says:

    It’s nice to make speeches at a conference, but I’d be more impressed if I heard anything – anything – in my diocese, which just happens to be the Archdiocese of Minneapolis and St. Paul. Especially when our archbishop held key positions under Wuerl and in Newark, and when Vigano personally called on Bishop Cozzens to vindicate him in light of false accusations. And no, a statement posted on the diocesan website doesn’t count, nor does something in the cheesy diocesan newspaper. How about a letter ordered to be read in every single parish? Please tell me if I’ve missed something.

  10. bobbird says:

    Here is what I would have HOPED had been said: “Brother Bishops, in this very room are practicing homosexuals, or those who cover for them, or those who excuse them, or those who want them promoted within this hierarchy. In this very room are those who dare speak about a “new paradigm”, as if the article of Faith “Jesus Christ the same, yesterday, today and forever” can be changed. In this room are the men who not only created this crisis, but orchestrate our tepid response to it. In this room are the disciples of Judas, who have lost their faith, their fear of God and fear of their own eternal destiny. As a body we need to rise up and identify these men. I seek to indeed ‘Make a Mess of Things’. Cupich, Dolan, Wuerl, Tobin, McElroy, Gregory [please feel free to add to this list]: Retreat, Repent and Resign.”

  11. MotherTeresa says:

    DEEDS NOT WORDS. Sorry, I wish I was impressed with fine words and thoughtful statements of concern, but I’m not. Until we see heads actually starting to roll, and specific credible (Vigano style) accusations against known perpetrators, we should not be satisfied with the statements of supposedly “good” bishops. Bishop Daly has done good work helping to restore an extremely ‘broken’ (a charitable word choice) diocese, and we are all grateful. But he cannot possibly NOT KNOW about some of the ‘shenanigans’ (in charity) that went on here under Cupich and his predecessors. Heck, even we lowly parishioners know some of them. The impulse to sweep all this under the rug is almost irresistible. Talk is cheap. Fine words are just delay tactics. HEADS MUST ROLL within the USCCB. No satisfaction or let up is possible until this hideously corrupt leadership is gone, gone, gone. ALL of it.

  12. TonyO says:

    Listen, it doesn’t take a meeting, or a speech in front of 250 bishops. ANY bishop can come forward and report – to his priests, to the local media, to his flock, to whomever is appropriate – things like “I heard reports of Bishop X, when he was a priest (or seminarian) that he was a practicing homosexual. But I did not have direct evidence, and I could not investigate because it was not my diocese. But since that point many years ago, I have heard these following 7 things that could be corroborative pieces of evidence if someone were to investigate: (1)…(7). I call on the Bishop of N diocese, and the Archbishop of K archdiocese, and the nuncio, to investigate these stories, and report back to us whether they are true or not. I do not know whether the claims can be substantiated, but because of the multiplication of them over years, I consider the possibility credible. I call on all of the faithful to withhold judgment about Bishop X until such investigation is complete, because rash judgment is a sin and a grave injustice to both the person and to others who hear your words.”

    Is this sort of publication of accusations not yet substantiated a sin or a crime against justice or a person’s good name? No. That’s my belief. When you hear one completely unsubstantiated story about someone, and it is out of character, then it could be a sin to repeat the accusation to others. But when you hear multiple such claims, and they seem to fit other details such as the priest’s own flaccid teachings on sexuality, then it is no longer mere detraction to report them to the proper officials. But if the proper officials are themselves corrupt and cannot be trusted, THEN YOU REPORT THEM TO THE PEOPLE who are at risk from such (possible) predators, or affected by the corruption, and let natural consequences follow.

  13. Atra Dicenda, Rubra Agenda says:

    Father, I watched the entire “Bishops at the Mic” part of the USCCB meeting. I wanted to hear what they all had to say. I have find myself entering into charity-less abysses toward these men and I needed to re-humanize them, despite their failures of leadership. It was good to hear some decent thoughts from the moderates of the group and some great thoughts from the few great men in the group. I feel less angry toward them as a whole, although my expectations and decision to not financially support the USCCB until there are concrete steps toward orthodoxy is maintained. Watching it all was cathartic.

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