Will the allegedly recovered depontified, intiberized demon idol Pachamamas reappear at the END?

A lot of people… a LOT of people… are writing to me about how the Pachamama pagan demon idols were found and fished from the Tiber, are being held in a secure location and that Francis apologized for their theft and that they may be on display for the closing Mass of the Synod.

A lot of people… a LOT of people… are upset.

I say: GREAT!   Bring it on.  Please, display them.  Display them and many others.  Get even bigger ones.   Think Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade in Manhattan: enormous gas giant Pachamamas floating around.   GO FOR IT.

While they’re at it, include some other idols.  Go even farther.  Dance around them.   Offer incense to them.  Why not?

Either you are proud of them, because they mean something to you, or they mean nothing to you.  And if they mean nothing to you, and aren’t significant, then you a playing with dolls.  So, which is it?  What’s it gonna be?

Let’s get it all out into the open.

I want them to be displayed on screens around the whole world.   Let everyone see what you are doing.

C’mon.  Show us what this is all about!

¡Hagan lío!

(And are the statues we may see really the ones flipped into the Tiber, or are they simply some extras that were in their extra box.  Apparently, there were quite a few around.)

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  1. The Cobbler says:

    I also hear they’re denying there was any bowing and prostration to the statues.

    God is merciful: He sent us enemies who still don’t know about video recording!

  2. Gab says:

    On the Feast of Christ the King, the pope plans to display the pagan idols during Mass.

    Let that sink in.

  3. Clinton R. says:

    Everyday Pope Francis is showing us his true colors. I pray very much for him, but he is committing acts of scandal. We, the faithful, are sick of it.

  4. chantgirl says:

    The prelates of the early Church who offered incense to idols did so largely under duress. Likewise, Peter betrayed our Lord out of fear.

    I tremble that Francis and company betray our Lord in freedom.

    God have mercy!

  5. CasaSanBruno says:

    No doubt, the prayers and sacrifices of many are making these things come out so blatantly. That was probably not the enemy’s plan. Let’s keep praying, fasting, and offering Holy Hours in reparation to the Sacred Heart.

  6. LeeGilbert says:

    As children we were taught by the nuns that it is wicked to pray for anyone’s death, and in all seriousness I would never dream of it, nor have I ever done so. So praying even such an inspired prayer from the psalms such as, “May his days be few, may another take his office” seems completely ruled out, and risky even to consider. Why incur guilt? For that matter, why court death?

    And yet every five hundred years or so the Church harbors a scandal-causing prelate answerable to no one here on earth, so that only an appeal is to Heaven offers any real hope of relief. If any such thing were to occur in our time, what is wrong with limiting oneself to the phrase, “May another take his office”? To me, at least, this seems not only innocent, but charitable for all concerned, especially the prelate in question. If ever we were to find ourselves in this situation, how would, how should a confessor guide a penitent about offering such a prayer and encouraging others to do so? No doubt the ancient manuals of moral theology have a chapter on charitable imprecations.

  7. hilltop says:

    On the theme of Father Z’s remark about the ill fruits of the new tree in the Vatican garden, we might begin a list of the fruits of the Amazon Synod, for by its fruits we shall know it:
    The appearance of huge ugly, socialist statuary in Piazza San Pietro
    Trying to pass a Pagan Idol off as Mary Most Holy, the Mother of God (imagine Christ’s outrage!)
    The phallic male idol
    The new holm oak tree planted
    The offerings to the idols of fruits and nuts, etc.
    The Amazon idol-boat carried by bishops (which is certainly not the Barque of Peter)
    The woman who nurses weasels
    The feathered priestess pagans
    The priestesses’ profanation of the Sign of the Cross
    Their blessing by Pope Francis
    The prostration of the Franciscan before the idols
    A gravely-profaned Carmelite Church
    The revival of the Catecombs Priest-Cult and their extra-ecclesial mutual-commitments
    The effort to rescue the Pachamama idols from their watery grave
    Their announced recovery and intent to re-use them in Saint Peter’s Basilica

    And this is just the stuff we can SEE!

  8. Midwest St. Michael says:

    Next time (if the opportunity is there) I hope somebody smashes or burns the… darned things. >:^/

  9. Luminis says:

    Lord have mercy.

  10. monstrance says:

    No shortage of the little devils –
    But, like I said before, bricks should have anchored around their wooden necks.
    By the looks of them, not much artistic ability needed to reproduce.

  11. Marine Mom says:

    Isaiah 45; 19-20
    I have not spoken from hiding
    nor from some dark place of the earth
    And I have not said to the descendants of Jacob
    “Look for me in an empty waste.”
    I, the Lord, promise justice
    I foretell what is right.
    Come and assemble, gather together,
    you fugitives from among the gentiles!
    They are without knowledge who bear
    wooden idols
    and pray to gods that cannot save.

  12. John21 says:

    I appreciate the jokes. It’s a faithful response to the clown show that the Vatican has been performing.

    “Risus bellum est,” as they say.

  13. Gregg the Obscure says:

    I used “depontration” as a parallel to “defenestration” today. glad to see i wasn’t too terribly far off, at least by my not so high standards.

  14. MitisVis says:

    They could compromise and make Pachamama float tubes for the Tiber

  15. Felipe says:

    I really hope the laity show up next Sunday and “Hagan Lio” Priests, Bishops and even Cardinals are fearful to stand up for the ONE TRUE GOD and burn those idols, the laity will have to do it… Sorry but this is too far! I don’t understand how much further it’s supposed to go before tables are overturned?

  16. GregB says:

    To me there is a strong link between the First and Sixth Commandments. The Israel that permitted divorce and remarriage was the same Israel that that fell into idolatry with such frequency that the prophets called Israel a harlot. Idolatry is spiritual adultery committed against God in violation of the First Commandment. This Synod is proving to be the Antiochus IV Epiphanes Synod.

  17. Rob83 says:

    There is a sense of foreboding about this, it’s pretty daring to bring these right into St. Peter’s. Hopefully a lot of Romans make use of the confessional tomorrow.

  18. robtbrown says:

    Yes, new ones were ordered from, of course, Amazon.com

  19. Sue in soCal says:

    Dear Amazonian Synod Prelates,
    Pachamama ain’t yo mama! The Blessed Mother is. And what is your mother thinking about you right now? Don’t make her get la chancla! Beg her forgiveness now or pay the price:

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  21. Spinmamma says:

    Which is it indeed. The master of confusion will not clarify. I understand, to a degree, that the feelings of those who made and brought the idol dolls to the Synod were hurt when their creations were thrown into the Tiber. Alas. Pope Francis, who created this terrible mess in the first place, apologizes only to them and not to those whose souls were anguished by the very presence of such idols (not to mention the ceremony and reverence given them) and made sick with grief and fear before their God, who has forbidden such things from the beginning.

  22. Mariana2 says:

    The good thing is that everyone really c a n see, and read, what they are doing.

    I don’t think anyone has bothered to extiberise the things. Surely plenty more in the nasty carvings-shop. Which perhaps could be tracked down….

  23. DeGaulle says:

    The indigenous people who have been grievously offended are not the Amazonians, but the Romans. It is these Brazilian interlopers who are the colonial interferers here, attempting to impose their alien religion upon the rest of us.

    Our Lady of Victory, pray for us.

    Vive Cristo Rei.

  24. Kathleen10 says:

    He isn’t given enough credit. He has not stupidly fallen into the position he now enjoys. These are not the actions of a man who doesn’t know. He knows full well, and here is perhaps the most demonic part, he obviously enjoys his own malice. This man’s contempt for God and for faithful Catholics is palpable. When one outrage provokes a response, he increases it, and often adds another. Faithful Catholics had the audacity to revel in the Pachamama dunks, but only for the briefest moment. With the speed of light he announces an apology to the pagans who brought these K-Mart monstrosities to Rome, not the faithful Catholics who are offended. And he adds some whipped cream, we will be featuring these, not Christ, but Pachamama idols (yes the ones you HATE) at the closing Mass in your St. Peter’s basilica. And just for fun, here are lady deacons and married priests. See how you like chewing on that, faithful Catholics! You dare to choose Christ over ME? I’ll show you who is in power here.
    Catholics might ask themselves what preternatural protection this man is under, that he moves so bold, and so obviously counter to God and to Catholicism. And the speed of his destruction.
    Fr. Z I agree with you, let them bring Pachamama to St. Peter’s. Let them hoist her on a litter as the modern golden calf they hoisted, the young lady that represents fertility, which they worship, not babies, but women’s power as symbols of fertility. Let them dance and prance and shake maracas and throw bones and little phallic men on the floor, while turning their back on Christ, insulting Him to the face and in His house.
    Could there be any more blatant ceremony for separating sheep from goats.
    Choose ye this day whom ye will serve.

  25. rtjl says:

    “But when you see the desolating sacrilege set up where it ought not to be (let the reader understand), then let those who are in Judea flee to the mountains.”
    —?Mark 13:14 (RSV-CE)

    If this does get displayed during Mass in the Vatican on the feast of Christ the King…. just sayin’

    The enemy is getting bold indeed. But it will be his undoing. Our Lady of Guadalupe, pray for us.

  26. Atra Dicenda, Rubra Agenda says:

    I agree. I am suspicious the ones supposedly found are just more they had. It’s highly unlikely they would be found. Or that after 5 days in the water that they would be in perfect condition. That would be some sort of inverted demonic miracle.

  27. Ame E. says:

    The only good thing that’s come out of this is that it’s got me to go back and read the scriptures, and not surprisingly in the Extraordinary Form the 1962 (or earlier) Bible readings for this weeks are taken from 2 Macabees chapters 1-6. Although not exactly the same as now, it’s about corruption in high places, what happens when funds are misused, what happens when worship is profaned, and what ensues is extreme persecution. Yes, there are parallels. As the cliché goes, he who does not know history is bound to repeat it. If you get a chance, read the first 6 chapters of Machabees, and look at this week in light of this reading, and it will change your perspective on things and these were the readings for the fourth week in October.

  28. Ame E. says:

    Just a p s., the reading ends with the following reassurance. Now I beseech those who will read this book not to be shocked at all these calamities but to consider the things that happened as being for the correction of our nation, not for its destruction. (from 2 Macabees, chapter 6, v. 12).

  29. JustaSinner says:

    Jesus wept…

  30. Q7 says:

    The only game these synod chaps do NOT seem to be playing is “Baptize Your Amazonian Barbie — Complete with Exorcism Kit!” All they’re doing is collecting the whole set….
    [PS ~ I’m married to a Peruvian native — born and raised — who thinks this sham synod is just another excuse for folks of the “3rd World” to get used for someone else’s agenda. So, no, we’re not cynical at all]

  31. So what are all the trad folk on the ground in Rome going to do about it when these idols are put up in St. Peter’s? Is it really enough for them to be just holding their own gathering elsewhere while that is going on?

  32. donato2 says:

    I predict Pope Francis will back down on this and that Pachamama will be nowhere to be seen at the closing Mass. It would be too clarifying a moment if the Mass were to so conspicuously highlight devotion to Pachamama.

  33. Mike_in_Kenner says:

    Bishop Schneider has a serious open letter (published Oct. 26) on the subject of the Pachamama idols used in the Vatican ceremonies:

  34. Unwilling says:

    Muslims consider any representational image to be sacrilege. But I cannot help thinking that welcoming of (totally non-Abrahamic) religious statuary into the holy precinct must somewhat raise the risk of Islamic terror to not only the Vatican but also to all Christian places of worship. What answer can we give to violent iconoclasts when we do this?

  35. Johann says:

    What are the prospects of actually recovering wooden statues tossed in a river as large as the Tiber?
    Would the police actually be willing to incur the prohibitive cost of trawling the river for such statues?

  36. bobk says:

    Any prediction of how many minutes before episcopalians get one too?

  37. jflare29 says:

    For all that I’m disgusted with Pope Francis’–and/or his curia–with these idols, …I think the faithful could’ve handled this better. I see an open letter over at LifeSiteNews condemning these things; I could wish the letter had been written before the incident with theft. I can’t say that I’ve monitored this synod at all; I can say that these statues/idols reflect most of the sentiment of the actual Amazonian people that I’ve heard about. That is to say, at least these idols represented some form of belief in something. Something that wasn’t simply the usual politically-correct rubbish about women’s ordination or married priests. That they were pagan idols shouldn’t be a shock. Given how little of the Amazon region has actually witnessed sustained Christian influence, I would not expect statues of the Virgin Mary to come from there. Pope Francis and his bishops must surely have known that. I think we’ve missed that whole matter about evangelization in all the ruckus.

  38. KateD says:

    Burn the Pachamama. So now we understand why such things must be burned and dispersed in flowing waters. This isn’t our faith’s first rodeo.

  39. Grabski says:

    Take solace that Pope BXVI walks with us is this time of confusion

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