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VIDEO: See a “liturgical unicorn” – Chrism Mass in the Traditional Roman Rite

This is one of the rarest of liturgical rites in the Church right now: the Holy Thursday – yes, Holy Thursday – Chrism Mass in the Traditional Roman Rite, the Vetus Ordo, the Extraordinary Form. This was streamed from the US … Read More

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Francis’ Chrism Mass Sermon: priests are very small

Today His Holiness of our Lord preached a sermon on the occasion of the Chrism Mass of Holy Thursday.   He spoke with eloquence about the priest and priesthood.   He spoke especially about joy, departing from the “oil of … Read More

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One look at Pope Francis’s first Holy Week. Fr. Z responds with brief manifesto.

Many people don’t know that Pope Francis planned to write his thesis on Romano Guardini, the distinguished theologian and liturgist who had a profound influence on Joseph Ratzinger.  Ratzinger even named one of his most important books with the same title … Read More

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Benedict XVI’s Sermon for Chrism Mass: hits hard about priesthood, disobedience, zeal for souls

The Holy Father’s sermon for Holy Thursday Chrism Mass (in the morning, not the even “Last Supper” Mass). UPDATE: This sermon is starting to get some sizzle.  The New York Times is out and the head line is “Pope Assails … Read More

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Benedict XVI’s Chrism Mass sermon: “In the lamp of our lives, the oil of mercy should never run dry.”

"In the lamp of our lives, the oil of mercy should never run dry." The Holy Father celebrated the Chrism Mass today, with priests of Rome. My emphases and comments: Dear Brothers and Sisters, At the centre of the Church’s … Read More

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