WDTPRS POLL: Gaudete Sunday vestment color

rose vestmentsIt’s Gaudete Sunday and therefore time for rose vestments.

Most long-time readers here know that we are not talking about pink but rather rosacea (which has a salmon tinge to it).  That said, there are various dignified shades which will be suitable for rose vestments.

To the question: Did you have rose vestments today (or yesterday evening) where you went to Mass?

I am aware also that today is the Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe, but the Sunday color usually prevails unless there is some compelling reason.  I’ll include an option for white.

Here is a WDTPRS POLL.

Choose the best answer and leave a comment in the combox.

It would be interesting to know

  • if the Mass was a TLM or Novus Ordo,
  • the age of the priest,
  • whether this is a new development,
  • were the vestments old or relatively new,
  • etc.

What color were the vestments for your Mass of obligation for the 3rd Sunday of Advent?

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Forget about blue.

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  1. Here we had light pink.

  2. sawdustmick says:

    Roseacea – always for Gaudete and Laetare Sundays. Novus Ordo Mass, Priest is 65 (ish !) – Mass is always celebrated Versus Populum, VERY reverently. Father Says the Black and does the Red ! Incidentally, we have black vestments when appropriate (Funerals, All Souls etc.)

  3. Philangelus says:

    Purple vestments, worn by a priest of retirement age. Novus Ordo Mass. In the past I’ve always seen rose/pink, so I was surprised to see violet today.

  4. Legisperitus says:

    Old rosacea vestments on a 43-year-old FSSP priest (TLM of course).

  5. biberin says:

    Salmon-y pink, with yokes (?) of dark purple velvet with gold emroidery. The priest is in his forties, but these vestments were also used by the previous, much older priest, who was much less of a black&red celebrant. Reverent ordinary form on a Saturday evening.

  6. stilicho says:

    Our associate pastor, who is from Mexico, said Mass this morning. He looks to be 30-something. He wore rose vestments trimmed in violet. The transitional deacon wore pink. I can’t hold that against him though, as I’m sure he would wear a proper rose dalmatic if it were available. I look forward to him being ordained. We have a whole crop of orthodox seminarians, so the future is starting to look a little less grim, at least around here anyways…

  7. hawkeye says:

    We had pink/rose. Not the prettiest, but a very poor parish. The priest is in late 30’s early 40’s and very faithful to rubrics. We travel nearly 30 miles to go to his Masses. He just took over as pastor in June. What I read today about celebrating the Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe is that the feast cannot be celebrated on Sundays of Advent. The celebration is transferred to Saturday or Monday. (Missalette quoted some paragraph from the GIRM)

  8. stilicho says:

    Oh and it was a reverent NO Mass.

  9. maynardus says:

    Rose, but definitely pink-ish in hue. Relatively new TLM, not much support from the parish, gotta take what you can get (or afford). I’m sure God wasn’t displeased…

  10. Hieronymus says:

    Pretty much flat out pink at my traditional mass that is offered at a conservative N.O. parish.

    It was funny because the old priest who offers the TLM didn’t seem to like the bright pink color and made mention of it in his homily — “Though these are not particularly rose, rose vestments are worn on this Sunday . . . ”

    Other than the color, the style of the vestments was very classical and beautiful.

  11. VetusMores says:

    Rose vestments today. Understanding that it’s only an option, I really do appreciate seeing that color twice a year.

    By the way, Father, synonyms for “rose” include rosette and rouge. You might get away with rosaceous, but “rosacea” is a skin condition.

  12. VetusMores: We expect some intellectual flexibility from readers when deal with words here. Orange is both a fruit and a color. Card means a piece of paper you play a game with and to pull wool fibers apart.

    The color for the Roman “rose” is rosacea, and I put it in italics to underscore that this is the Latin word.

    Finally, given that this is entry talking about the color of vestments, I believe people will not leap to the conclusion that we are talking about a skin condition. o{]:¬)

  13. My parish has Rose vestments, on the pink side, they’ll be used tonight when I go to Mass.

  14. It’s always correct to use a technical Latin term in English, and “rosacea” is the term for the color we’re talking about. “Rosacea” is also a medical term for a skin condition, only because it means your skin takes on the appearance of bunches of roses.

    Pale pink with a sort of pattern woven into it, trimmed with gold, in some sort of old-fashioned non-fiddleback shape. Thus on one of the skinny young priests. The pastor wore purple at his Mass, eschewing as always the Pepto-Bismol polyester vestments in the parish closet. (And honestly, I can’t blame him there.) The altar was purple with two pink bands.

    (We get young priests, but only for a year or so. Our parish is in a handy place for giving them a year of training before going out to be a pastor, or for taking additional theology classes, or for giving them a place to live in the big old rectory while having multiple assignments during the week at some farflung high school in the diocese.)

  15. JaneC says:

    Pinkish-rose, and not very nice fabric. (Actually, it was the same shade of dusty pink as the bath, sink and tile in my 1960s-era bathroom…!) The deacon wore only a matching stole. I think they did the best they could with what they had. It was an NO Mass, and the pastor is about 60; our 30-year-old parochial vicar will be wearing the same vestments at the other Masses. This is my first year in the parish, but the vestments have probably been worn before–our pastor dresses and vests properly, if not always elegantly.

    Unfortunately, although the priest read a translation of the introit (which was not referred to in any of the actual music sung) during his homily, he also said, “This used to be called Gaudete Sunday, for those old enough to remember…” *sigh* It still is, Monsignor, it still is.

  16. Gulielmus says:

    Dusky rose in a handsome set of vestments (for priest and deacon) that was given to St Matthew’s cathedral in DC several years ago. The ambo was also hung with rose brocade, although slightly pinker than the vestments.

  17. Jaybirdnbham says:

    Our pastor wore purple vestments instead of rose, and that is puzzling because he has in the past worn the rose vestments on Gaudete Sunday. Perhaps because it was the Sat. evening vigil Mass instead of Sunday… I’ve no clue why he chose to wear purple, when the rose vestments were certainly hanging there in the sacristy.

  18. Varda says:

    We had pinky rose. Our pastor is late 40s and we always have Mass in English not Latin in our parish.

  19. NDPhys says:

    We had very nice rose vestments at my parish. I am surprised you did not include blue as an option, because I know this is what my mother had to experience, even today.

  20. benedetta says:

    Headed out, got just a little ways away, skidded on black ice. Turned around and drove back. Waiting it out to see if the weather changes and will evaluate our options then. Spiritual communion in the meantime.

  21. tzard says:

    Oh, how to describe colors…? It strikes me that it’s difficult to convey.

    For our parish, the color was – to my eye – light Gray.

    Yes, I’m colorblind. =)

    My family described it variously as pink, light pink, dusty pink, dusty rose (yes, that’s my family). Definitely not as much red as in your photo above or I would have detected it, but that’s Ok.

  22. prairie says:

    Carnation pink with a darker pink stripe I would call rose. Definitely not a salmon-y color. Worn by a new 30-something priest. In past years the rose vestments have been darker but every bit as rosey in color.

  23. Dr. Eric says:

    Novus Ordo Mass
    EP III
    Pink Chasuble with tacky white stole over the chasuble
    2 traditional songs
    2 lame modern songs

  24. kat says:

    Rose colored.
    40 y.o. priest

  25. julie f says:

    NO, retirement age. At the homily: “Today is also Gaudete Sunday, when the priest has the option of wearing pink. I said, ‘Not a chance!'” Cue laughter. Sigh.

  26. Grabski says:

    We are thinking about donating rose chasuhle to our parish; any recommendation for around $600 or so? Can a nice set be purchased closer to $300?

  27. Athelstan says:

    Rosacea fiddleback chasuble; matching colors on altar cloths.

    Missa cantata TLM, Old St. John’s, Silver Spring, MD. And yes, even the homily was structured around the theme of Gaudete Sunday.

  28. Mike says:

    DL of John Chrysostom.

  29. Andrew Mason says:

    NO Mass with a priest who is in his late 40s or early 50s but hasn’t been a priest for that long (he was married, but his wife died of cancer and he decided to become a priest). The vestments were light pink and possibly a little faded, they’ve been in use since I was a child which was some time ago. I know that the Franciscans always wore those vestments when they were around (the parish became diocesan when I was in college), but whether they were used or not later depended on the pastor and I can remember at least a couple of years when the clergy wore purple. Father made a joke at the beginning of Mass: “This is what happens when priests do their own laundry.” Most of the congregation laughed, but then the average age of the parishioners is pretty high and the vibe is often of the “Spirit of Vatican II” type so there tends to be a lot of silliness. The permanent deacon gave the homily (which I had heard before) on the subject of Our Lady of Guadalupe and his experience of going on a pilgrimage to the Basilica in Mexico City.

  30. pelerin says:

    Rose – Novus Ordo – early fifties

  31. Animadversor says:

    And shouldn’t that be VeteresMores rather than VetusMores?

  32. AM says:

    Canada. Celebrant: retired priest, 73, purple chasuble. Preacher: parish priest, 48, purple stole. Altar vestments also purple. These are the usual Advent and Lenten vestments in our parish.

  33. Geoffrey says:

    I voted “Rosacea/Rose/Pink”. It was Mass in the Ordinary Form of the Roman Rite, and the celebrant was in his 50-60’s.

    In my whole life I’ve only ever seen one priest wear violet on Gaudete Sunday. His explanation was “I don’t wear pink”, which brought a chuckle from the congregation. Granted, the vestments used in that parish were a very bright (almost neon) pink, and so I didn’t blame him!

  34. momtomany says:

    Very bright, almost hot pink. :( Novus Ordo Mass with our pastor in his 60’s. He stated that his vestments were rose, not pink, but pink was okay since it was the color supporting breast cancer research. Which is fine, except that my mind went to the Susan J Komen association. I hope he wasn’t promoting that.

  35. Maggie says:

    @Mike Blue? Oh goodness. Maybe this is my limited anecdotal experience talking, but the few people I’ve met who stubbornly insist Advent is “blue” are overgrown hippies always sprouting off about the spirit of VII. In particular, a former colleague of mine insisted that the color was better than purple because purple “is too penitential”

    But our priest wore purple, not rose. I don’t believe he owns rose/pink vestments; he’s been at the parish for over 20 years ( in his late 60s) so I think it’s a matter of personal taste more than lack of funds. Oh well, at least it wasn’t blue.

  36. Jim of Bowie says:

    Athelstan, I would call those vestments Pink if Rosacea is the color in Fr. Z’s pic.

  37. Grace says:

    Purple. Very Purple. Novus Ordo. In Cyprus with a priest about 40-45 years old.
    He’s new. I think we had rose last year with the old priest but I’m not 100 percent sure.

  38. Jayna says:

    Purple in the OF. The priest is retired, but he’s come on a pretty regular basis since our pastor went on leave for medical reasons. They wore violet last year and during Lent. However, I suspect it isn’t by choice as the parish is rather theologically/liturgically sound on the whole; not overly so, but for the South it’s pretty decent. I think it’s simply because they don’t have a set of rose and don’t have the money to buy any (they do have a gorgeous set of white vestments for bigger holidays, though). This specific parish is relatively new, so it’s not like they’ve been backstocking vestments for the past twenty years or anything.

  39. Emilio III says:

    Violet and purple. N.O. Young Filipino priest. The parish had rose vestments when the Jesuits ran it, but don’t know if it still does.

  40. Marlon says:

    We saw rose vestments today at our TLM. Priest is in his early 40’s, and this is what we expect to see on Gaudete Sunday. The vestments at our parish are gorgeous. Solid preaching, too, by the way.

  41. hugonis says:

    We had purple vestments. Ours was a Novus Ordo mass said by a priest in his late 40s. The priest did explain why he was not wearing rosacea (as he called it, “pink”) vestments. Our church is in rural Arkansas and too poor to afford buying a complete rosacea set given the few occasions on which it would be used. Our priest is very good about doing the red and saying the black, so I think he was acting in good faith.

  42. kradcliffe says:

    This morning, Anna Arco tweeted something about it being Gaudete Sunday and I said to myself, “Oh, yes… it’s that time a year, again, when Fr. Z has his little rant about rose rather than pink. ;)

    My husband and I attend different Masses with different priests… they both wore green, I think. Now that I think about it, maybe my priest wore purple.

  43. jesuitschooled says:

    We had purple/violet at the seminary today, which is odd because last year they used Rose vestments. Part of the homily was saying how we should not judge and complain, etc. If ya got ’em, wear ’em.

  44. M. K. says:

    Gold. Divine Liturgy of St. John Chrysostom in a Byzantine Catholic (Ruthenian) parish. Sunday of the Holy Ancestors, i.e. Second Sunday before Christmas, w/ added commemoration of the Theotokos of Guadalupe (double commemorations like this are permitted in the East, so the day’s feast can and often is celebrated together with the Sunday). Rules about vestment color are much less fixed for us, though certain colors are traditionally used at certain times.

  45. SuzyQ says:

    Novus Ordo Mass with dark rose vestmests. The priest was our mid-30’s associate. I suspect the pastor, who is in his late 40’s, will use the same vestments. This is the first time I’ve seen rose vestments in this parish. Since both the pastor and associate are say the black and do the red kinda priests, I think the vestments are new.

  46. Tim says:

    TLM celebrated by a priest in his 60’s. He wore a gold chasuble embroidered with rose-coloured roses (very beautiful) and a cope of the same fabric for the Asperges.

  47. Will D. says:

    30-ish priest, beautiful rose chasuble, all together satisfactory until the recessional hymn: “Soon and Very Soon.” Oh well.

  48. Charles E Flynn says:

    Rose vestments with very precisely matched roses in front of the statue of St. Therese of Lisieux.

  49. NO, more pink than rose, correct, but maybe not exactly reverent. It’s our pastors way.

  50. Cazienza Puellae says:

    Rose-coloured vestments at St. Agnes’, the FSSP church in Amsterdam :)

    At least I’m pretty sure they were rose, I was a bit late and stood right at the back.

  51. teaguytom says:

    Father didn’t have Rose chasuble in either Roman or Gothic style, so he put on lighter violet Gothic style Chasuble to make up for wearing something different. We did have a rose veil to cover the tabernacle.

  52. QMJ says:

    The priest wore rosacea. The vestment was an older style. This style of vestment began being used at the parish this summer when the priest first came to the parish. He is in his 40’s and has been a priest for about a year. Brick by brick.

  53. Ben Yanke says:

    This Sunday, we had violet vestments, but this was an exception to the rule. Our priest had to walk from the other church in our parish, and it was very cold, snowing, and slippery, so he didn’t want to take our only dignified rose vestment that the parish owns. All years past, we’ve had rose though… Hopefully, we’ll have rose for Latare Sunday in lent.

    Also, on a random note, almost no one showed up for Mass (like 50 people, we usually have about 200) due to the 3ft snowfall last night!

    — if the Mass was a TLM or Novus Ordo,
    Novus Ordo

    –the age of the priest,
    I think 50-something, and a very good, solid, holy priest.

    –were the vestments old or relatively new,
    We had a pretty new violet chasuble, although most years, Bishop makes a point of celebrating Sunday Masses during advent at the Cathedral, and when he’s there, he usually uses much older vestments. He wasn’t feeling well today, so he didn’t celebrate Mass for us. Hopefully next week.

  54. Grabski, I might be able to help with your vestment-donation issue. I’m a professional tailor who has made vestments for both Roman and Byzantine parishes. You may find my page on Facebook: Seams Heavenly. There are a few photos of my work there.

    As to the poll, our 60yo priest wore blue vestments today. I’m Byzantine Ruthenian Catholic and the Ambon Prayer at the end of the Divine Liturgy mentioned OL of Guadalupe. Altar servers were in white.

  55. Paulo says:

    As to the poll… Father Art was wearing pink/rose and did take a moment to point that out to the faithful. He did make a point to remind us all that today is Gaudet Sunday (as he put it during the homily, “we are peeking around the corner to see Who is coming”). The mass is NO and Father Art is in the very young side of his early 70’s. It is not a new development.

  56. chatto says:

    Violet at my parish, but pink at the Cathedral (where I met friends in the afternoon). Both NO Masses.

  57. My parish is right in the middle of my college campus, but the pastor is refresingly orthodox. That said, we often have many different priests who say Mass for us on Sunday. This time around, it was the principal of the feeder high school for my college. A Jesuit, not sure what his age is, and has a tendency to ab lib the prayers and be more entertaining than anything else. He wore purple. I tried not to think that he was deliberatly not wearing rose, but maybe that the parish did not have any rose. Which got me thinking about offering my (limited) sewing talents to make vestments….. Any idea how a seamstress gets started on such a task? Aside from praying and talking with the pastor, of course :)

  58. kkroll says:

    Our priest is from the Fraternity Society of St. Peter. We are EF. Garment was purple.

  59. pharmgirl says:

    Novus Ordo Mass (very reverent with some Latin during the Liturgy of the Eucharist), priest was in his seventies, and wore new-looking violet vestments. I have seen one of our priests in pink vestments before, but that priest is roughly a foot shorter than the priest who said Mass today; this may explain why they don’t seem to share vestments. :)

  60. gloriainexcelsis says:

    TLM at our FSSP Mission. Rosacea vestments. Our Lady of Guadalupe was honored with a special side altar and huge image in a gorgeous gold frame. Roses and candles on the altar and surrounding the image. Father (probably late 30s) explained the symbolism in the image and her importance to the Americas before his sermon relating to the Advent gospel. I never knew that the crescent moon, (black ) stood for her crushing the serpent’s head, the pagan god, Quetzalcoatl – black for Satan.

  61. MicheleQ says:

    A nice rose for us. Here’s an image: http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?pid=5934673&l=6d4ba79b9e&id=642328666 Fr. tore the trim on his chasuble during mass so he sent it home with me so I could repair it. No hurry since it’s only used twice a year. Lovely isn’t it!

  62. bookworm says:

    Medium pink with gold trim, worn by a visiting priest (from his accent, I’m guessing he was from India) and the assisting deacon. NO Mass, the priest was probably thirtysomething.

  63. Paula says:

    Violet, Novus Ordo, priest in his 60’s, old vestments

  64. capchoirgirl says:

    We have a beautiful set of vestments at my parish–today’s color was rosacea, it was lovely. The vestment set includes green, white, gold, violet, rosacea, and even black! The priests are all Dominican friars, about 30-40ish (we have three pastors and two friars in residence).

  65. mark1970 says:

    Violet Roman-style vestments, a TLM celebrated by a priest of the Institute of Christ the King.

  66. rtmp723 says:

    Dusty Rose vestments ( kinda modern, old liberal pastor bought them but then still look nice)
    My pastor is about 55 and very traditional.
    Chanted Sanctus, Mysterium, Per Ipsum, Agnus Dei
    I’m the MC so I turn the pages in the missal during the Cannon and he lets me lift his chasuble too :).

  67. Supertradmum says:

    EF, low Mass, gorgeous rose vestments with gold trim in fiddleback style.

  68. Antioch_2013 says:

    If the parish had rose set of vestments, they’d have been worn. :) Anyway, our priest wore a beautiful set of “royal purple” damask vestments with gold thread embroidery. I’m also the sacristan so I made sure there were “rosacea” roses in vases on the gradines today in a nod to the color of the day.

  69. dominic says:

    Rose, Novus Ordo ad orientam,50s, looked like a new set of vestments, but certainly not the only or first rose set in the parish.

  70. MaryW says:

    Father wore a violet chasuable with an outer stole striped with light to dark shades of pink/rose. I personally thought it was very tasteful – my parish community is very diverse, many Hispanics and Filipinos (our Advent Penance service will be held next week – 19 priests will be available to hear confessions in 6 languages). Before Father began Mass, he explained that this Sunday in Advent took precedence over the feast of Guadalupe and then proceeded to give the account of what happened to St Juan Diego and the apparition of Our Blessed Mother. The shrine to Our Lady of Guadalupe in the back of the church was surrounded by Roses of every color. Just Beautiful.

  71. DIgoe says:

    I was lucky enough to go the the 12.30 High Mass at St John Cantius today. So obviously TLM and rose vestments. The preist was mid 50s I think.

  72. Dean says:

    NO in Spanish, purple vestments, including a chalice veil. Priest under 30. Sure beats the Da-Glo pink topped with a tie-dyed stole formerly used. A choir I had not heard before, but could have done without the applause for said choir.
    Parish also had a Guadalupe Mass at sunrise with white vestments.
    Can anyone explain the wooden cross draped with a long orange cloth?

  73. AnAmericanMother says:

    Father wore a very elegant and antique-looking rose chasuble with old-gold trim. The deacon had a more modern vestment that was . . . ahem . . . a relatively shocking shade of pink.

    Novus Ordo, young priest (late 20s – our Thai priest-in-residence), celebrated versus populum but very reverently (and chanted – he has a beautiful voice). Music for offertory: “Rejoice in the Lord Alway” – the anonymous setting formerly attributed to John Redford, a capella. Music for communion: Gibbons’s “This is the Record of John”. We have a lovely alto who absolutely nailed the solo parts, and the rest of us did okay . . . ;-D

  74. Mindyleigh says:

    Beautiful, reverent Novus Ordo Mass with Dominican priest in mid-30s, rose vestments (with green trim, very tasteful), organ (as always) and choir, Latin hymns (are they still called hymns?) and lots of incense. Four altar servers. Very holy!

  75. ByzCath08 says:

    Our Priest wore beautiful blue vestments during todays Liturgy.

    The Divine Liturgy of St. John Chrysostom.

    [Soooo… it was Gaudete Sunday for you too? o{];¬) ]

  76. Mary Bruno says:

    For the first time in many years our Pastor wore rose! He never wore it as an Associate or as our Pastor.

    There was only one Priest(Associate) I saw wearing rose in the 13 yrs I’ve been at this parish.

    Our Pastor has always worn this blue ish/purple ish vestment with stripes vertically in the front of colors in the blue/purple range. It always reminded me of denim even though it’s not.

  77. Yep – rose vestments at St Michael’s in Annandale, Virginia USA – the Extraordinary Form is at 0615 every Sunday morning.

  78. Discipula says:

    Rose vestments today, as usual. We had two priests, I don’t know the age of the main celebrant but I would guess no older than early 30’s, the second priest was in his 50’s. I attended the NO today, but our parish does have a regular Extraordinary Mass every Sunday (which I’ve noticed makes a difference).

  79. Luke says:

    My priests were in white/blue/gold and white/blue/orange-ish respectively.

    In all fairness, the vestments were mostly white.

    …..we did have liturgical dancers and barrel drummers on a side note.

  80. RichardT says:

    Purple, but in his homily the priest mentioned that it was Gaudete Sunday, translated it for those who didn’t do Latin at school, said that many parishes “with more vestments than we have” wear rose today, talked about the reasons why and wove it into his homily.
    He also told us to go to confession during Advent, gave times of regular confessions, and said that he was “always available” at other times for confessions, including before or after Mass.
    Novus Ordo Mass (that’s all we get around here), priest only came earlier this year, ‘retired’ from the African missions; I would guess late 60s. I think he’s going to be a good one.

  81. cblanch says:

    In my best Eeyore voice, “We had blue.”

    Although I did hear our Deacon mention during the homily that when he was a kid they wore the rose vestments on this Sunday. Then he added, “That was when the priests used to have their backs to us.” I involuntarily made a verbal comment…good thing I was in the cry room with the kids today.

  82. K. Marie says:

    I went to a TLM and the priest had purple vestments that had a really intricate embroidery entirely in rose on it. He was is his early 30’s and I know he entered the priesthood a little over a year ago because by a chance of fate he baptized my younger nephew on the 6 month anniversary of his ordination(my nephew being 6 months old and having been baptized 6 days after birth).

  83. K. Marie says:

    Oh, I meant to mention that style wise the vestments looked older, but they could be new and made to look such considering this was a TLM.

  84. JimGB says:

    Rose, but a new set that the pastor purchased two years ago. The only other rose set in the parish is an old, very ornate set but in good condition. Our pastor, however, seems not to like things that pre-date his tenure, especially if they are old and ornate and harken back to an earlier time, so he purchased the new set, which is very ugly and made of a burlap-type material, and without any religious symbol or other adornment: plain rose, front and back.

  85. ByzCath08 says:

    @Fr. Z:

    Not really Gaudete Sunday for us Byzantines! This was the 5 Sunday of our Pre-Nativity fast(or Byzantine Advent as my priest likes to say!)

    I just like throwing a little Eastern Catholic chaos into the mix!

    Glory to Jesus Christ!

  86. jmgazzoli says:

    The principal celebrant wore rose vestments; the concelebrant and deacon wore violet. The principal celebrant is about 57, and the vestments he wore were once owned by St. John Neumann. It was a Novus Ordo Mass. This is only the second Gaudete Sunday I’ve been to here, but both times this has happened.

  87. Mary G says:

    Our priest would have worn rose colored vestments, but there were none in the cupboard.

  88. mrsmontoya says:

    Our pastor wore purple with a lighter color accent. He is new this year, and didn’t like any of the rose (pink or magenta) vestments we have. He told me he has vestments on order but they won’t arrive for 2 more weeks. To which I replied, “We are looking forward to Lent, then!”

  89. Rose for the celebrant – purple for the concelebrants, presumably because we don’t have 5 rose stoles/chausables. The vestment was pretty new…not the greatest design, but decent. The priest is younger (late 30’s, early 40’s, maybe?). Reverent OF at the seminary.

  90. PghCath says:

    Quite an odd mix at the 2 PM “Mass of Thanksgiving” concelebrated by Cardinal Wuerl and Bishop Zubik at St. Paul Cathedral in Pittsburgh today. (Yes, I know that Cardinal Wuerl isn’t this blog’s favorite member of Consistory Class ’10. . .) It was one of those affairs where every priest in attendance wore a chasuble and participated in the consecration. The priests who started in the pews and subsequently filed into the sanctuary for the consecration wore white chasubles with rose trim. The primary concelebrants (His Eminence, Bishop Zubik, Bishop Brandt of Greensburg, and the Archabbot of St. Vincent’s Archabbey) wore violet, however. A good homily from Cardinal Wuerl, but very disappointing as far as vestment color.

  91. Adam Welp says:

    Mass in the OF, vestments were old rose in color. Our new Pastor is a little more out there than our previous Pastor, but he has rose vestments. EP for Masses with Children was used, like always. I’m so glad these EP’s are going away next Advent! Immaculate Conception, sadly, was in blue vestments.

  92. NCIrish says:

    Our pastor made it quite clear in his homily that ‘they’ call it rose, but he will call it pink. He then went on to say that he refuses to wear the ‘pink’ vestments…stating that once when he did wear it a child told him he looked like a strawberry. He also mentioned that Jesus thought John the Baptist was crazy (at this point my son with autism gasped)….business as usually in WB, Diocese of Raleigh.

  93. Will Elliott says:

    Rose vestments for our assistant pastor and the two deacons. Unfortunately Father opened his homily by cracking jokes about wearing pink, how he exercised his option to wear violet at an earlier Mass and how he was only wearing pink at that Mass because the deacons were already vested in pink stoles before he arrived at the sacristy.

  94. Cam says:

    Our priest wore purple vestments. He’s in his thirties and our county only has NO masses. I don’t think I’ve ever seen rose colored vestments at our parish. My husband thought he remembered them, but I don’t.

  95. andycoan says:

    We don’t have rose vestments at St. Thomas More, so purple. Only NO Masses here; our pastor is an Irish transplant, and just turned 70. But my Mass today was with Father Brian, our excellent young priest–and a visiting priest from The Congo, a brother of someone in the parish.

    Our Lady of Guadalupe was, incindentally, transferred to Saturday in Atlanta.

  96. trespinos says:

    Reverent NO Mass–Father appears to be about 37ish–vestments don’t appear to be new.
    Now, as to color, I have a problem. To the naked eye, the chasuble appeared to be one of the rose colors; to my phone camera, in a shot taken outside afterwards, it appears hot pink.

  97. Paul says:

    Our priest wore a rose Fiddleback for the Extraordinary Form today. It was simply, dignified, and non-distracting. I’m not sure how old he is, but I would guess he’s in his 30’s-40’s, and is a great blessing to the diocese.
    Because we are a new community within the diocese (canonically a community), you could say that it is a new development, but that wouldn’t be the whole story. Knowing the priest, I’m guessing prior to his appointment to our community he wore a rose chasuble in the NO parish he was previously at. The beautiful vestments looked brand new: they were nice and crisp, vibrant colors, and simply awe inspiring. I am so grateful to God that He gave us such a holy priest. God has truly blessed His people with means to draw closer to Him. Deo Gratias!

  98. mibethda says:

    “Forget about blue” – does that mean that the rooster chasuble currently featured on BadVestments would not qualify for inclusion?

  99. Rich says:

    Byzantine liturgy – magnificent blue vestments for our Lady of Guadalupe.

  100. Scout says:

    Novus Ordo
    65+ (with a noticeable Irish accent)
    I don’t know whether this is a new development or not since I was visiting this parish while on business travel.
    The vestments appeared old.
    Deacon was wearing a blue stole.

  101. cyejbv says:

    Vestments looked very new, very shiny and very pink. (Bubblegum bright, and I made a point to really look, now that I know that there should be a salmonish tint! Thanks Fr Z.) Father is young 36-37 ish, and he is brand new -to parish and to ordination- only NO Mass here. There are 2 Sunday Masses; 9am (which I attended today b/c my son was scheduled to altar serve) and 11 am (which we usually attend b/c CCD is from 9-11.)
    9am Mass: choir, organ. This arrangement makes lip syncing much easier for me. They sound pretty good :)
    11am Mass: flute, acoustic guitar, and maybe a tambourine. I don’t need to lip sync. Amidst the racket, who’s gonna know I can’t sing?

  102. Robert_H says:

    Pink vestments. Rose burse. TLM, all-male schola.

  103. TLM last night, NO this morning — same priest (late 30s). Rose vestments, rose veil on the tabernacle, and rose chalice vestments! Not sure the age on the vestments; they were more old-fashioned but simple. This priest says the black and does the red, so no surprise.

  104. matt1618 says:

    I am a “transitional” deacon and was assigned to preach today, to my great joy. Unfortunately, in the homily I prepared I referred to the rose vestments I thought we would be wearing but when I showed up for Mass the celebrant gruffed that he “had not worn them in 31 years and wasn’t going to start now.” I guess he thought it unmanly to wear rose – even though we tried to convince him that they weren’t pink at all but more rose-colored. Alas, we wore violet and I altered my homily at the last minute to refer to the rose candle in the Advent wreath.

  105. kittenchan says:

    My church: Rose. Priest ordained a few months ago; former Anglican; married, five or so little kids, youngish (still has lots of non-grey hair). Mentioned that they were rose in the context of a larger, excellent homily on the relationship – temporal, metaphorical, and theological – between Jesus and John the Baptist. The lining looked purple, so it may have been a reversible chasuble. Good idea for the penny-pinching excuse. In fact a priest might be able to get away with three sets of vestments if they were all reversible – green/red, white/black, purple/rose.

    My parents’ church: Pink. Oh yes, like bubblegum. Pastor complains about it every year (having to wear any shade of “light red” at all, not just the fact that he is swathed in yards of Bazooka). This year he referred to himself and the deacon as looking like a couple of cupcakes. Yes, at Mass. Sigh. Dad wonders why I don’t go there with them for the holidays anymore.

  106. Sieber says:

    I attended Mass in the original chapel of a now much larger parish near St. John’s Seminary. I was quite curious to see the choice of vestment here. Not to worry there was none. That is, the celebrant and deacon wore alb and purple stole only. This was the main Mass of the day at noon. Prior to the recessional the celebrant stopped to announce that in the future those who wished to receive on the tongue should stick their tongues out farther so he wouldn’t have to touch them. Oh, the tabernacle veil alone was, indeed, vested in rosacea.

  107. Gaz says:

    OF Purple. But I might add that it was rosiest lightest purple of the 3… and the most beautiful. I didn’t ask Father’s age.

  108. Kate says:

    Before Mass, my daughter excitedly told me, “It’s the pink candle day today.” .

    We went to Mass. Vestments were violet.

    Also, after the woman who led the procession up to the altar had placed the cross in its holder, the pastor gave her the lighter and asked her to light the candles on the advent wreath. It was clear that she was a little confused, but after a moment of pointing and whispering, she took the lighter and went to light the candles. Alas! She did light the pink candle, but then also the violet candles on either side of the pink.

    My daughter turned to me and said, “She lit the wrong one?!” She was crestfallen.

    Obviously, NO Mass and a very kind, amiable priest nearing retirement age.

  109. jaykay says:

    Purple/violet vestments and NO Mass, celebrated (reverently & by the book) by a relatively new priest who I would say is in his mid-to-late 30s. The vestments are from a set acquired over the last couple of years and in quite good taste, although modern in style.

    Our parish church currently does not possess a rose set. In fact, I’ve seen the cupboard where the older/”decommissioned” vestments (including the really old Roman-style ones) are stored and there is no rose, so perhaps it never did?

  110. teomatteo says:


  111. Wendy says:

    Novus Ordo.
    Father is in his early fifties.
    The same color was worn last year as well (before that, I don’t know, but probably. This parish doesn’t like innovation, and anything which smacks of ‘High Church’ is eyed askance.)
    Can’t say how old it was. Very plain cut, no real embellishments, had a ‘floaty’ quality like polyester. I’ve seen Father wear some really gorgeous, bullion-encrusted vestments, though, so it may be that something worn only twice in a year doesn’t yet rate the monetary outlay of vestments that will see duty throughout ordinary time.

  112. zippityzach says:

    We had violet vestments at our Novus Ordo Mass. The priest is in his mid forties, and had to wear his violet vestments because he recently disposed of our pink vestments. He claims they were too loud and will be getting new ones in time for Laudate Sunday. Thinking about coping this post into an email to send him… :-D

  113. Thomas in MD says:

    The chasibule was rosacea, but the chalice cover was Pepto Bismol pink. The Mass was a N.O. The priest is about 50 and ordained 10 years ago. This is new at this parish, which is generally an orthodox N.O. community, so I don’t have the 4-1-1 on his liturgical leanings yet.

  114. Thomas in MD says:

    The chasuble was rosacea, but the chalice cover was Pepto Bismol pink. The Mass was a N.O. The priest is about 50 and ordained 10 years ago. This priest is new at this parish, which is generally an orthodox N.O. community, so I don’t have the 4-1-1 on his liturgical leanings yet. And as for rosacea the skin condition: mine was fairly prominent as my family had been over the evening before and we are of Irish extract…

  115. Thomas in MD says:

    Sorry for the incomplete, unspellchecked double post: up a lot last night with a feverish little girl.

  116. Titus says:

    We had rose vestments (concelebrants: our “everyday” middle-aged priest and a somewhat younger one in for an Advent mission), but we only seem to have a purple chalice veil. Mass was NO, but it’s the most traditional one in town.

  117. Titus says:

    We had rose vestments (concelebrants: our “everyday” middle-aged priest and a somewhat younger one in for an Advent mission), but we only seem to have a purple chalice veil. Mass was NO, but it’s the most traditional one in town (this blog is frequent reading material among many parishioners).

  118. Steve T. says:

    I went to Holy Innocents on 37th for the 10:00AM, so you know the vestments Fr. Barone changed into were rose (after coming out in volet/purple).

    However, as I drove up 10th past Guardian Angel, Monsignor was outside chatting with parishioners, wearing light pink vestments. And a black biretta.

  119. Ellen says:

    Novus Ordo Mass. New (very young) priest who wore purple (and very beautiful) vestments. He doesn’t have any rose ones. Yet.

  120. irishgirl says:

    Vestments: purple
    Mass: TLM
    Age of priest: late 20s, early 30s. Hasn’t been ordained for very long.
    New development: hard to say. But everything is done ‘by the book’, so no nonsense liturgical-wise.
    Age of vestments: looked ‘old’. Always in ‘Roman style’, no matter what the color is.

  121. lucy says:

    We have an EF Mass at our parish every week. Our visiting Rogationist priest wore purple. I’m not sure why he wore purple, but it might be because the rose that they have there is very ugly. It was a low Mass. I do know that there is a blue Gothic hanging in the closet there, but it’s not worn to my knowledge at any Mass. Leftover from times gone by.

  122. Centristian says:

    My parish has two sets of rose-colored vestments: one more traditional in appearance, the other more 60s-contemporary (if the 60s can be considered contemporary any more…which they cannot…so I’m not sure how you’d classify them: “dated” I guess). Astonishingly, the “60s dated” set has a matching cope! A rose cope! Can you imagine? I know of this curiosity, because I happen to be the sacristan. In one of the many closets it hangs, year after year, unused, in pristine condition. I wonder if it has ever been used, in fact.

  123. devthakur says:

    White. (Am I the only commentar who saw white)?

    TLM in Bogota, Colombia. Priest appeared to be in his 40s … of the Institute of the Good Shepherd.

    Excellent homilist. White was for Our Lady of Guadalupe, which has precedence in South America, as the priest mentioned in his homily. New but very simple vestments for a very small community in a poor country. Chapel is small but was packed, with families and plenty of young kids.

    I will not comment on the music much, but I pray that somehow they recover a knowledge of Gregorian Chant … it must be hard after 40 yrs in the desert and when no one in the parish is a musician.

    Pray for this community!

  124. jackj says:

    Novus ordo mass; rose (in reality, pink) vestments for both the priest (in his 50’s) and deacon. The vestments were of the newer variety. Although this is strictly a NO parish, the priests have always worn rose/pink on Gaudete Sunday. Oddly, the altar server wore a black cassock with white surplice, something I haven’t seen in this church in years. The altar servers routinely wear the white alb.

  125. YoungCatholic says:

    We had three priests celebrate the Mass yesterday. All of them were wearing white in honor of Our Lady of Guadalupe. The main celebrant , 9 who is in his 30’s, wore a chasubel with some beautiful embroidery , here is a link to a picture of cahsubel.
    One of the associate pastors , who is from Mexico and his 30’s , wore a chasubel with the Virgin on it. The other priest is a Monsignor from the Philippines and he wore a chasubel with a simple cross on it. The church was packed since we were celebrating the feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe. There was like 3000 people in a church that only 2000 can fit in.

  126. Polycarp says:

    Due to the blizzard we attended a different parish.
    NO, young Priest.
    The vestments were white/blue with a stylized crown. Perhaps Marian?
    The weird part was at the start of Mass he mentioned that this is the week the Priest wears ‘rose’ vestments!?!

  127. jimsantafe says:

    Newish, pepto bismol pink baroque-cut vestments at the TLM, with a fifty-something celebrant (who mentioned that they were the only ones available at the church.)

  128. Missa Cantata for Gaudete, schola+parish choir
    Vestments pale rose pink, Gothic chasuble (as far as I know, we have no fiddleback in pale rose, nor a cope; if we had them, Father would have worn them)
    Father is 40-something (and the Bishop’s Delegate for Sacred Liturgy in the Extraordinary Form), and always celebrates very reverently and “black/red” in both Forms (OF is also offered ad orientam)
    Small, out-of-the-way parish

    @under_the_veil: Vestments and paraments are not difficult sewing (especially if you are not doing traditional embroidery, which is a whole area of expertise in itself; my late mother trained as a liturgical embroiderer in the 1970s and I tagged along and was allowed to learn it as well, and it is a beautiful and time-consuming art.) I am working on altar paraments and vestments for my parish and for the independent Catholic high school our son attends, and found this site: http://www.churchlinens.com/vestment-patterns.html. I have corresponded with Elizabeth and purchased a number of patterns; I have not yet contacted Nancy Marie Marquette for the advertised TLM vestment patterns, but intend to do so. (By way of disclosure when Father sees this entry: my ‘regular job’ as a junior high administrator has prevented me from completing the job Father asked me to do in August, but track-out is coming, Deo gratias!, so when I say ‘working on’ it really means ‘having it ready to be sewn the first day I have a few hours to myself’…I am a tortoise, not a hare!)

    You are welcome to e-mail me to talk about making vestments.

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