TSA thoughts and vitriol

I had a chance this morning to see some of Fox News Sunday.  One of the guests was Rep. James E. Clyburn (D-SC)

I took particular note of one of his statements.

Complaining about going through airports, which they have to do pretty often, he said:

“We’ve had some incidents where TSA authorities think that Congresspeople should be treated like everybody else.”

I wonder if the Congressman realizes how that sounds.

While I agree that a member of Congress is unlikely to be a candidate for airline terror plots, yes, as elected representatives they should have to do what everyone else does… including pay their bills and avoid getting into debt.  As a matter of fact, perhaps members of Congress should have to go through TSA screening twice each time until they get the budget and debt disaster under control.

BTW… in the wake of the shooting Congresswoman Giffords and the others in Arizona, keep your ears tuned for the word “vitriol”, especially coming from the political and cultural left.



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  1. Stvsmith2009 says:

    I have been hearing and reading vitriol all morning, and last night, too. I have heard and read of the blame being placed on Sarah Palin, Glenn Beck, the TeaParty, and even saw a video where a state congresswoman in Arizona called the shooter an “Afghan vet”. They seem to want to blame everyone except the shooter.

  2. Elizabeth D says:

    I am scheduled to fly to visit my Grandma for her 90th birthday at the end of the month and I am concerned about the new security procedures. To me, either the naked-photo thing or the groping pat-down thing are both very objectionable, personally and morally unacceptable. If faced with that, I plan to choose not to fly (take a Greyhound bus home if necessary). But, I have read that there could be serious legal consequences to opting out of the security procedures (even if you are also opting out of flying), even a $20,000 fine. I live on disability and don’t have $20k. I want to do what I can to not set off any security concern and be allowed to fly unmolested. But I don’t want to be either photo’ed naked, touched inappropriately, OR fined $20,000, in the event that security decides to scrutinize me. Does anyone have thoughts on what I have some real anxieties about?

  3. Maybe if the members of Congress were “treated like everyone else,” then “everyone else” would be treated better. In light of yesterday’s readings, I submit that members of Congress need to practice the humility of John the Baptist– “we must decrease.”

  4. Andy Lucy says:

    The shooter volunteered for service in the US Army, but was found unsuitable. Privacy laws prohibit the Army from releasing the reasons for his rejection. Fred Phelps, of the Westboro “Baptist” Church, which plans to picket the funerals of the slain, also claimed the shooter was an Afghanistan vet… incorrectly, of course.

    As to the comments of Representative Clyburn, it just shows that while all animals are equal, some are more equal than others.

  5. avecrux says:

    Elizabeth D –
    Yes, I share your anxiety.
    I am also troubled because, with a husband who works in retail, he doesn’t have enough time off for us to take “slow” means of transportation if we are going to visit family.

  6. Brad says:

    Dem politician = pig who moved into the farmer’s house and then becomes worse to the animal farm than the farmer ever was.

    99% of politicians R and D are grand fools who have breathtaking will-to-power. There is no “He must increase” in the bureaucrat’s mind.

  7. JMody says:

    just remember that the “bureaucrats” and the “Congressmen” are in fact two separate groups of people. They BOTH might be suffering from the malady you describe.

    And as for the comment — someone with a video recorder is going to be able to make a HECK of a campaign commercial now!

    Pray for your leaders, particularly the ones that gall you.

  8. Fr Matthew says:

    I thought we lived in a republic, not an aristocracy. Rule by the people, through representatives chosen by the people from among the people. “Congresspeople” SHOULD be treated like everybody else. They should not be exempt from the laws (and the consequences thereof) which they play a part in passing…

  9. Martial Artist says:

    Fr. Z and Fr. Matthew,

    Treating everyone the same before the law and by those enforcing the statures, ast until such time as a person’s acts require some degree of difference in treatment, is a fundamental principle of the Rule of Law, a founding principle of this nation. Unfortunately, we seem each year to see legislation passed and decisions issued by the courts which depart ever further from the Rule of Law. A lot more prayer, and a lot more involvement by citizens insisting on following that Rule, are both necessary, if we hope to avoid this country falling into more tyranny than already governs it.

    Pax et bonum,
    Keith Töpfer

  10. robtbrown says:

    “We’ve had some incidents where TSA authorities think that Congresspeople should be treated like everybody else.”

    I wonder if the Congressman realizes how that sounds.

    Maybe he thinks he’s Charlie Rangel.

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