“Diocletian Hussein Obama”.

In another entry about Bp. Morlino’s sermon, a comparison is made between Cyrus and [insert powerful secularizing political figure here, e.g., Pres. Obama] with the point that no figure (e.g., Pres. Obama) can possibly win in the end when it comes to God’s plan.  In that confidence, no matter what else we face in this vale of tears, we may face it rejoicing, as did so many of the early martyrs.

Cyrus became God’s instrument to build up the Temple again.  Obama is unifying Christians.  He may very well have some victories in the short term, but our help is in the Name of the Lord, who made heaven and earth.  Obama, like Pilate, ought not forget that any power he now wields was given to him from above.

If Pres. Obama can be, in this context, compared to Cyrus, then my friend, the great Fabricius Romanus (who rants far better than I rant and who knows US politics better than 99% of us reading and writing here) has provocatively dubbed our President as

Diocletian Hussein Obama“.

Fabricius explicat:

Mutatis mutandis the agenda of Diocletian wasn’t so different, and not just about Christians: he too was a big spender who exploded the debt and devalued the currency, he too sought to regulate the economy by centralized planning with catastrophic results, expanded the bureaucracy to unprecedented levels and planted the economical-administrative roots of the final collapse of the Empire. At least he had Galerius crush the Sassanid Persians. Let’s hope the Incompetent in Chief of today won’t try to imitate that last part too in the next few months, and solely for electoral purposes.

That’s a “No” vote from Rome.

Cyrus or Diocletian… Pres. Obama must be a one term president.

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  1. Supertradmum says:

    I would think that Diocletian and Cyrus had more talent than POTUS, who, by the way, looks horrible in laurel leaves.

  2. digdigby says:

    I am looking at a ‘silver’ antoninus of Diocletian. It is bronze with a ‘wash’ of silver over it and the bronze coming through. A mere pretense of silver. The Diocletian ‘Reform’ indeed. Hope and change. Hope you don’t get eaten by lions and your money is changed from silver into bronze.

    The solid silver denarius of the Parable of the Laborers (rather annoyingly translated as a ‘penny’) which was a standard day’s wages reminds me that even I am old enough to remember 90% silver coins in my pocket and we’re not talking a couple hundred years, just 48 years.

  3. Centristian says:

    “Pres. Obama must be a one term president.”

    Which, of course, will only happen if his GOP opponent wins the election…and that will only happen if his GOP opponent gets enough votes. Pardon me for stating the obvious but I have observed that there are a number of people who do not necessarily seem to get that.

  4. wmeyer says:

    Supertradmum: In laurels, or out of them, he doesn’t look like the president I want to see.

  5. PostCatholic says:

    It’s been a very long time since I’ve studied the Summa Theologica, but I think you might want to cast a careful eye over Quaestio 72 and 75 in the light of recent posts.

  6. Johnno says:

    Given the current state of the American GOP, and the amount of disturbing fraud and anti-democratic things that are happening I wouldn’t place any hopes on the election… It’s likely that Santorum whom some Catholics are championing will bow out eventually, but the only one truly worth electing in Ron Paul. But of course the GOP doesn’t want him because both Democrats and Republicans serve the Fed’s interests with the exception of Ron Paul, and now with Iran being the next country to switch from the U.S. ‘petro’-dollar to trade oil for any other currency with Russia, China and India, it’s highly likely war between the US and Iran is inevitable to protect the dollar for as long as possible.

    But what should be of concern is that Obama’s newly passed Executive Order grants the government power to institute a state of martial law either in wartime or peacetime or economic depression times giving the American government power to seize land, power supplies, equipment, food, anything and everything for government use and redistribution; including people to draft in the military or as required labor.

    Folks, that Executive Order effectively turns America into a Communist Country! And war with Iran is the perfect trigger! The mainstream media’s not paying much attention to it, and the White House is brushing it off as something that ‘probably won’t actually happen’, or simply ‘oh it’s just a routine thing’, yeah, that’s reassuring…

    Obama is out to take everyone’s liberties! Well not just him, I fear the problem your country and the subsequently what the world faces is something far worse!



  7. Legisperitus says:

    Brings back memories of the pagan temple they erected to him for election night.

  8. Centristian says:

    “…but the only one truly worth electing is Ron Paul.”

    The gas tank of a 1978 Ford Pinto is worth electing if that’s what the GOP nominates to challenge the President. I suppose I would even vote for Ron Paul if they nominated him.

  9. HeatherPA says:

    Father, are we called to vote for whoever they nominate? I mean do we vote if the candidate has an agenda (not personal belief) at odds with Church teaching on marriage, contraception, abortion? If the candidate does not believe in our Triune God? This is what I struggle with. We do not, as Catholics, support the concept of ” lesser of two evils”. What are we to practically do? God allows what He allows, in chastisements. I feel very conflicted about voting for ” whoever runs against Obama, no matter what”.

  10. Johnno says:

    “The gas tank of a 1978 Ford Pinto is worth electing if that’s what the GOP nominates to challenge the President”

    Why? Who is better? He’s an experienced Senator, he is in fact following what the Catholic Church teaches about limited governance and respects your U.S. Constitution. While he is not one to mandate government coercion to get rid of homosexuality and abortion and birth control, he rightly limits the government’s role in mandating these things. Which then frees Catholics from the yoke of government and gives them a better chance to be free to proselytize and practice religion.

    Let’s face it, having the federal government control marriage and contraceptives has been a disaster and hasn’t worked. Homosexuality was once outlawed and that didn’t stop them from getting where they are today. They endured in their sin and now when the shoes on the other foot, it is Christians whom are being persecuted and little by little outlawed from having their religion in the public. By effectively having America return to it’s Constitutional principles and limit the government and get rid of the federal reserve and corporate and private interests running government, this is good for the country, and good overall for Catholics as Paul would indeed get rid of Obamacare altogether due to its unconstitutionality and he has spoken against Obama’s actions of forcing the Church to comply.

    Paul has a lot of support, but none from mainstream media, and none from rich interests because on principle he turns down being bought off by special interest groups so that he doesn’t feel any obligation to them while in government unlike every other candidate on both sides. It is because of this that the enemies in the high places will do whatever they can to keep him out of the race, including vote fraud as his following has grown.

    Not to turn this into some cheerleading campaign for Ron Paul here, but he is in direct contrast to everyone else a man of principle and would indeed be a strong opponent to Obama. But I feel certain that Obama’s win is a given because that is what the powers that be want, and the Republicans are also part and parcel of it. In other words they are handing Obama a victory because the script calls for it. Indeed there is a conspiracy afoot. So Ron Paul or not, they will ensure Obama wins so that in his second term he can carry out their orders with no needs for prudence. This is why Obama acts like he does, he knows he will win because the election outcome has already been decided.

    Catholics need to realize that we are engaged in a war with evil powers in very high places. Much higher than that of the Office of the President. There’s a conspiracy documentary I’ll include here, it came out years ago shortly after Obama’s election, and many things it said back then have become evidently true in recent days. It also exposes other things such as how Obama lied and didn’t keep election promises, how he consolidates power and conspires with powers outside of America, how he continues to reduce the U.S. Constitution and pretty much take steps to turn the U.S. into a Communist Military State. It is highly alarming!

    The Obama Deception

    Only the Catholic Church and God can combat something of this scale. And this is why great efforts are being undertaken to keep the Church divided. God help us. These have been truly evil times and there is no purely human means to stop what is coming. Man cannot stand up to the devil without the divine aid of God.

  11. Centristian says:


    “Why? Who is better?”

    The gas tank of a 1978 Ford Pinto is better than the President. Hands down. As to the rest of your post (leaving aside the conspiratorial elements), allow me to repeat:

    “I suppose I would even vote for Ron Paul if they nominated him.”

  12. Johnno says:

    @ Centristian

    Oh sorry, I misunderstood what you said…

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