HOUSTON 9 March: Mass and Prayer Rally during Pres. Obama’s campaign stop

I like this approach.

The pro-abortion, pro-infantide, anti-Catholic, anti-1st Amendment Pres. Obama – about whose scantily documented past we really don’t know very much – will be in Houston… fund-raising on the pretext of doing something “presidential”.

The Archdiocese, on the other hand, is advertising a prayer event to coincide with the campaigner’s visit.

I received this in my email:


Archdiocesan Respect Life Office – Helpers of God’s Precious Infants
President Obama will be fundraising at Union Station/Minute Maid Park

Friday March 9th at 3:30 pm.
Join in Praying with us

Annunciation Catholic Church
1618 Texas Avenue (directly across from Minute Maid Park)

12 noon Mass – 5 p.m..
Stations of the Cross

Carpooling is encouraged.

If you can not attend please pray for our country and elected officials.
Pass this to everyone.
Prayer and fasting for our nation and our president are essential.

I hope they also pray the maledictory psalms.

Will Pres. Obama visit the new abortion-mill super-store built by his familiars at Planned Parenthood?

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  1. Uncledan says:

    Excellent! Fighting evil with prayer/masses/fasting IS a great idea.
    Everyone here should mark March 9th down on their calendar with the prayer time adjusted for their time zone, and pray in union with this stations of the cross/adoration/mass.
    Who’s on board? I am!

  2. NoTambourines says:

    I think they should gather outside Obama’s event and just say a good, loud Our Father. Especially the last part.

    “Without justice – what else is the State but a great band of robbers?” – St. Augustine

    More from Pope Benedict XVI: http://www.asianews.it/news-en/Pope-in-Germany:-Without-justice-the-State-is-great-band-of-robbers%E2%80%9D-22711.html

  3. ivan_the_mad says:

    That’s my parish! I just may be able to join in the fun!

  4. Father, would it be possible to add your post setting forth the maledictory Psalms to your quick links under your title bar, for easy reference?

  5. salazart says:

    This is my parish, God willing I am planning to come over with my daughter.

  6. ContraMundum says:

    We’d better pray for the conversion of the President, both now and after the election. Obama may not be Muslim, but he gives no evidence of Christian faith having a meaningful impact on either his public or personal life; and Romney, who has an outside chance of becoming president, is a polytheist.

  7. MikeM says:

    While I didn’t even know that they existed in Houston, I figure this is a good post to mention that the Helpers of God’s Precious Infants has an excellent pro-life program. I’ve encountered them in Baltimore, Philadelphia and New York and their active, prayerful response to the evils of abortion is awesome. For whatever a blog-commenter’s endorsement is worth, I highly encourage looking into them if they have them in your diocese. Even if you can’t attend their prayer vigils regularly (I haven’t been able to, either) it’s worth going when you can… it provides a spiritual jolt I’ve only felt surpassed by the Sacraments.

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