Muggy ideas (Save The Liturgy.. you know the rest…)

By coincidence, three people wrote to me today about “Save the Liturgy – Save the World” swag.  I was prompted to look at the old design and to create a better, more useful file.

Along the line I made a new design.  Looking at the present design, it thought it might look better were I to split the two phrases to the front and back rather than wrap them around (making them harder to read at a glance).  I also experimented with the colors.

New idea (I don’t have one yet, caveatis emptores).  I am ordering one.  I’ll keep the old design too.  It’s still there.

As I fiddled around with this, the colors (aside from the obvious black and red connotation) could also say something about the interaction of the divine and the world, much as in sacred art we our Lord clothed in one color over another to indicated something about His divinity hidden in self-empyting beneath our humanity.

I also have a car magnet ready, especially at the request of my friend in NYC, EC, whom I hope to be seeing shortly. It is on sale now.

Here is what the large mug in the new design would look like.

Just a little variety.

And don’t forget to refresh your coffee supply!



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  1. kelleyb says:

    The monk’s Pascha Java would be mighty good in that mug Father.

  2. kelleyb: Put in your order now!

  3. Centristian says:

    I just bought some neat swag a few days ago. I had to get the Lex orandi/credendi car magnet, and I also bought a Pope Benedict mug for my mother (who just adores Pope Benedict), to include in her Easter basket, and also a “Say the black, do the red” mug for a seminarian friend. Great gifts.

  4. acardnal says:

    I bought a lot of “Lex” stuff and some “Save the Liturgy, ….” stuff. Plan to give some to my parish priest for Easter gift. ETA is this Friday.

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