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One the readers here occasionally writes to let me know when he uses my Amazon search box to make big purchases of really cool equipment for his work: science stuff.  He’s a scientist!  He recently wrote to say that he had bought a 3-D printer.

How cool is that… a 3-D printer?  I suppose one day we will all have 3-D printers built into our iPhone 13S, which will construct things around holographic projections.

“But Father! But Father!”, some of you libs are tittering, “You really need a 3-D printer!  You could print … *titter*… 3-D documents of … *titter*… Vatican II! Which you obviously HATE!”

Nah… unlike you, I’ve already read them. And I’ve already forgotten more about them than you have ever known.  I’ll print a… lower receiver, which would seriously irritate you.    Or maybe I’ll print big 3-D ACTON INSTITUTE signs.

Anyway, the reader suggested that I let you know how it benefits me when people use my Amazon search box or links.  Okay!

First and foremost, I cannot tell who buys what when you use the search box.  I get a list from Amazon of what has been purchased and, depending on the report, what percentage of the sale or amount was imparted to my account.  But, I can’t see anyone’s name or information, ever.

I can’t tell who bought the Green Beige Floral 5×7 (5’2×7’2) Area Rug Oriental Carpet Large New 662 or the LIP BALM Uniquely Refreshing Exotic Flavors (4 Pack) – Natural Beeswax Lip Care Moisturizer to Repair Dry and Chapped Lips or the 9 copies of God or Nothing: A Conversation on Faith. (UK HERE)

I only know who bought the 3-D printer because he told me: MakerGear M2 Desktop 3D Printer, Black.  Very cool.

There are also search boxes for Amazon Canada and Amazon UK at the bottom of the blog page.


How does it work?  If I understand correctly, when you enter Amazon through my box or a link I post, during that “session” you spend on Amazon, a small percentage (it varies) of anything you get is credited to my account.  So, if you start out by looking for the great disc of Gregorian chant from the monks at Norcia but go on also to buy those… thingummies… those stretchy whatchmacallits or that dog food which Fido likes… I get a small percentage of that too.

By the way… by posting this, I am not asking in anyway that you inform me about what you buy.  I don’t want or need to know.  It isn’t my business and I rarely look to see there is a particular book or disc that I am pushing hard, such as Card. Sarah’s book, or that disc from Norcia or the music from the nuns in Missouri.

In any event, when you use the Amazon search box, it helps.   That’s it.

Use it early.  Use it often.


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