Brick by Brick: Priests learning the TLM

I had an interesting email today.

I got an e-mail today from Fr. Joshua, at St. John Cantius Church, who was good enough to share a group photo of several priests at their TLM workshop.
Facebook tells me that this is embedded code.
As you may recall, you helped make this happen.
I asked Fr. Joshua, and my editor, Beverly Stevens to pass along this information. I think I’ll send it to Fr. Heilman as well.
Thank you so much Father. I hope you post it for justified bragging rights.

Frankly, I was a little confused about this (I get lots of half-explained email and hard to use or absent links), so I asked what it was all about.  I got the response:

This, refers to a post you wrote. Specifically, this one HERE.

That post has turned into this.

The photo is helpfully included as well.

Thank you so much, Fr. Z. I just thought you might want to pass along these results.

Anyway, brick by brick.

Friends, it can be done.  But YOU need to step up and make it happen!


More coherent information…

This week 12 priests from across the USA and Canada are with the Canons Regular learning the ceremonies of the Latin Mass.

The priests participated in Solemn High Mass for the feast of Mary, Queen of Poland (May 3rd) at Saint John Cantius Church.

Since being asked by Cardinal Francis George in 2007 the Canons Regular have hosted 65 workshops in the Latin Mass in Chicago and locations around the world, helping over 1,000 priests to learn the Extraordinary Form of the Mass.

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  1. Neil Addison says:

    In my Diocese, Liverpool England, the FSSP have been settled for a year and half in St Mary’s Warrington. Thist has gone well and they have started a monthly “Get Together” for the local Clergy where they meet, pray, eat and have a talk and a chat. One of the things the FSSP are now offering is to train Diocesan Priests who would like to learn how to say the Extraordinary Form.

    What I have found interesting when “Ordinary” Priests write about attending courses in the EF is that they all say that it affects how they say the OF. That to my mind is what we really need since I do not see any realistic chance of a mass (no pun intended) return to the EF but there can and should be major changes in how the OF is said. The OF said in the EF form, Ad Orientum etc, is where we ought to be heading. That what the Oratorians and the Ordinariate offfer and the do show that the OF can be a beautiful and reverent experience.

  2. Red_Shirt_Hero says:

    Hopefully some young future priests in the photo too!

  3. cwillia1 says:

    Two Sundays ago I attended 730 mass celebrated by a young Polish priest. It seemed to me that he was actually praying the OF rather than performing the OF. Maybe he is trained in the EF. This is yuge, even though the music was awful and he served versus populum.

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