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Pres. Trump and Cuba’s “Damas de Blanco”

Yesterday I watched Pres. Trump’s speech in Miami regarding Cuba. One thing that struck me is that he talked about the “Ladies in White”. I don’t recall… did Pres. Obama ever talk about them?

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Disaster in liberal Germany leads to massive parish crisis closures

By their fruits… From this story at It looks as if the German Diocese of Trier will reduce the number of parishes from 887 to 35. Dear readers, parishes are not the sole responsibility of bishops and priests.  They are … Read More

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The Catholic Church has succumbed to a “liberal left ideology which is destroying the West”

Edward Pentin of the National Catholic Register has a riveting interview with an Egyptian Greek Melkite Jesuit. No, no. This is a good one. He interviews Fr Henri Boulad, an expert on Islam. You would do well to read the whole thing … Read More

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Hurray! Another Synod (“walking together”) of Bishops!

I’m sure you are all really excited about the prospect of another Synod (“walking together”) of Bishops!  The last two Synods were so helpful for our Catholic identity and unity.   This time the theme will be “Young People, the Faith … Read More

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Takin’ Him To The Streets

‘Tis the season for processions.  We Catholics love to process with the Blessed Sacrament and in honor of the Most Sacred Heart of the Lord and also to venerate Our Lady and many patronal saints.  Some time ago I posted … Read More

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Did Pope Francis appoint a commission to overturn ‘Humanae vitae’?

I’ve been receiving angry, anxious, frustrated and even panicky emails about a “commission” which was allegedly appointed by Pope Francis to “reinterpret” Paul VI’s important and prophetic (as well as hated by libs and feared) encyclical Humanae vitae. My sources tell … Read More

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Card. Sarah and a new book about true compassion for the same-sex attracted

The other day I posted about some new books which publishers had sent to me.  While I have been able to open a few, one of them I hadn’t explored at all.  I now read a bit more about it … Read More

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More on Fr. James Martin’s wickedly stupid remark

Over at Catholic Culture, the perspicacious Phil Lawler has pointed words for Fr. James Martin, the Jesuit obsessed with homosexual advocacy. No, not every lifestyle is sinful “Pretty much everyone’s lifestyle is sinful,” Father James Martin told the New York … Read More

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Grizzly vs. Toyota Sequoia

Car jacking is a real threat.  You don’t want to walk away from your vehicle, unlocked, keys within.   It is best to lock the door and take your keys lest you have an unwanted visitor. That said, here is … Read More

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More of Fr James Martin’s whining

The question in this tweet from CUA’s Prof. Chad Pecknold pretty much sums it up about this Jesuit. First, the screenshot of Martin’s loopy comment.  Then Pecknold: Does Father Martin not believe that Catholics should receive Holy Eucharist having been … Read More

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My View For Awhile: UP Edition

I am in Northern Michigan.   I’ve seen exotic things. Here is a special hat, apparently having deep cultural significance. A priest friend says this is really important in the UP. I found LATIN on a traffic sign. And this … Read More


Your Good News

Do you have some good news to share with the readership?  Let us know. For my part, I have begun a bit of a road trip.  


On the Pope’s clothes.

I firmly believe that occasions require decorum: the effect or result that we desire conditions the choices we make in outward expression.  We adapt and are “apt” for the situation.  Language and gestures can and should be adjusted according to the circumstances. … Read More

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Sobering memory of a murdered priest and advice renewed

About three years ago, Fr. Kenneth Walker, FSSP, was murdered in Phoenix and another priest badly injured by assault.  Pray for Fr. Walker.  RIP. At that time I posted the following, which seems no less urgent today than it did … Read More

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ISIS burns 19 girls to death in iron cages because they refused sex to jihadi captors

More from the Religion of Peace. We learn this via the site of Pamela Geller. Islamic State (ISIS) burns 19 Yazidi girls to death in iron cages after they refuse sex to jihadis […] According to the local activists, the … Read More

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ASK FATHER: Missa Sicca – “Dry Mass”

From a reader… QUAERITUR: Father, what are your thoughts about Dry Masses or Missa Sicca? I found a Carthusian Breviary that there is an appendix for it, as well as Michael Lofton of Church Militant derived from it as well … Read More

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Your Trinity Sunday Sermon Notes

Was there a good point (at least not a heretical point) made in the (sometimes dreaded) sermon for your Trinity Sunday Mass of Obligation? The dogma of the Most Holy Trinity is not only a mystery, it is a really … Read More

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Benedictines of Norcia: Concussi surgunt! Super nifty BEER news!

News from Norcia! I warmly urge you to visit their site, check out their donation page, and consider joining their beer club. Speaking of beer, be sure to look at what they have going … below. Dear friends, In moments … Read More

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Reader Feedback: PODCAzT resulted in new musical composition

This is very cool feedback. From a reader… Dear Father, I would like to thank you for your post “Digging into Vox Clara”  [One of my old PODCAzTs – 077 08-12-16 – An Advent hymn dissected “Vox clara”, with digressions] from … Read More

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BOOKS RECEIVED: New and Repeaters

Publishers send me books. I can’t read all of them, but I can give them a good scan. Here are a few of the more recently received. You will have already seen the book on Luther, which I wrote about … Read More

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