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What if the papal conclave took place today?

At Il Sismografo I saw some interesting stats about the College of Cardinals. The College today, 26 June 2018 Total electors – 114 Total non electors – 98 Total College – 212 Cardinals created by John Paul II Electors – 19 … Read More

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Pro-Life Victory at SCOTUS – NIFLA v. Becerra

Some time ago I asked you to pray during oral arguments before the SCOTUS concerning a 1st Amendment case from California, which tried to force pregnancy centers to provide abortion information.   HERE  In other words, they tried to force pro-life … Read More

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ASK FATHER: Weird prayer. Getting everyone to “lay on hands”

From a reader… QUAERITUR: This morning I was at a Catholic men’s prayer group. This is a wonderful group of men all holding each other up and pursuing their Catholic faith.  This morning however one of the men, who is … Read More

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BOOKS RECEIVED: good summer reading

I get a lot of books from publishers.  I read a lot of books.  I listen to audio-books and books read by my older gen Kindle (what a great machine!). Here are a few things which I have lately gotten … Read More

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Silly piece at Fishwrap aimed at the new Oratory in @DetroitCatholic

There is an amusing piece at Fishwrap by the strongly biased liberal Peter Feuerherd about a parish in Detroit which has been given over to the formation of new Oratory. Oratories are popping up all over, probably as an unconscious … Read More

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What has the Left been up to? A few examples.

What has the Left been up to? They are becoming more radical and deranged. For example, the inimitable Maxine Waters (D-CA) is calling on those who are susceptible, incredibly, to listen to her to harass and insult and attack publicly … Read More

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Fr. Z’s Kitchen: ‘Na ciumacata! Daje!

The other day I wrote about the connection of the Feast of St. John the Baptist and SNAILS! Romans eat snails on this great feast and so should you. And so did I. A few of you sent some donations … Read More

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Your John the Baptist Sunday Sermon Notes

Was there a good point made during the sermon you heard at the Mass to fulfill your Sunday obligation (under pain of mortal sin under most circumstances). Let us know! Today, I said the NOVUS ORDO at the request of … Read More


30 years a priest, 60th birthday – a priest’s first real Solemn Mass! Wherein Fr. Z rants.

This is the season of First Holy Masses.   For example, on Saturday 30 June, I will be helping as Assistant Priest with the First Mass of a newly ordained priest to be celebrated in the presence of the bishop (coram … Read More

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Reuters and @PhilipPullella create fake news, pit Francis against Trump

This is one of the worst examples I’ve seen of selective reporting, in order to change the narrative (aka “fake news”), since the head of Vatican communications chopped up Benedict XVI’s letter about the series of booklets he received. Long-time … Read More

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Fr. Phillips of @SJCantius will NOT be allowed to return to public ministry after he was exonerated

Yesterday I posted that Fr. Frank Phillips who founded the Canons of St. John Cantius in Chicago, who had been accused of immoral behavior and suspended pended an investigation by a board, had been exonerated of all charges. The board … Read More

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Concerning Card. McCarrick

Card. McCarrick. What to say? I remember that it was Card. McCarrick who suppressed information in a memorandum to US bishops from the Prefect of the Cong. for the Doctrine of the Faith, Joseph Card. Ratzinger, about guidelines for voting … Read More

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UPDATE: HUGE UPDATE HERE UPDATE: Everyone in the Chicago area… You would not make a mistake were you to choose to go to Mass at St. John Cantius on Sunday. ——- You remember the controversy that surrounded Fr. Frank Phillips … Read More

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Dubious dubia about the Dubia

Once upon a time there was a Post-Synodal Apostolic Exhortation that caused a lot of head scratching.  And so some Cardinals got together, four in all, and asked the writer of the Exhortation – or rather the Pope whose signature … Read More

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When I was driving to Michigan for this year’s Acton University, I heard a speech that Pres. Trump gave to a gathering of small business leaders.   During that speech he mentioned NASA and the development of the SPACE FORCE! … Read More

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ASK FATHER: What can the acolyte do and wear?

From a reader… QUAERITUR: I was wondering if you know the rubrics or know where the rubrics for lay instituted acolytes in the EF can be found? At my parish, we try and do a lot of things in the extraordinary … Read More

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Day 1 #ActonU – Getting Started – Days and Deaths

There are some thousand participants from across the globe and many confessions and religion. The first evening involves checking in, a social hour, supper and an address. The first evening our speaker addressed us from Venezuela. She is forbidden to … Read More


“Disinformation” and some notes about the World Council of Churches

The Fishwrap (National Schismatic Reporter) is all excited about a visit His Holiness will make soon to the World Council of Churches in Geneva for its 70th anniversary.  John Paul II and Paul VI both visited the institution.  In turn, … Read More

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Catholic? Why?

Quotes from the article that follows: Freely to assent to truth is the heart of what it means to be civilized. A human order is built on fidelity to tradition and principle. While there are signs of life in various … Read More

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“Perdonamose!” Midsummer Snails, John’s Birthday Feast and You.

UPDATE: Thanks for “snail money” as JP called it, and to: GG ___ Your planet once again is whirling its way towards your solstices, Summer in the North and Winter in the South.  Since the emphasis in Western Civilization has … Read More

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