Blog milestone: 90 Million

An alert reader sent a note saying that the “StatCounter” button on the sidebar shows that we reached another milestone.  This must have happened sometime during the night.

The blog is older than that and I don’t put huge stock in these stats, but this is not nothing.

Blogs are not pulling the traffic that they once did.  I think people are putting more of their time into less challenging fare, such as Twitter and, blech, Fakebook.  That said, there is still great potential in blogs.

I’ll keep going, if you keep reading. Even if we need Catholic Samizdat, this will keep going.

This is something that the Holy See’s prospective “General Directorate for the Protection of Papal Secrets in the Press” and it’s concomitant “Goskomizdat” should think about before attempting to shut down free thought and speech.

For 100 Million, I think I’ll have to have another challenge coin!

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  1. Man-o-words says:

    Keep posting. You are feeding a lotnof starving souls out there. I get more understanding of the faith from a single post on this blog than an entire year of social justice, boy scout homilies. Btw, your Latin translations of the Collect are always helpful. Amazing how much more depth these Latin passages have when you see the full spectrum of translations. No wonder the devil hates Latin!

  2. Aman4allseasons says:

    “Blogs are not pulling the traffic that they once did. I think people are putting more of their time into less challenging fare, such as Twitter and, blech, Fakebook. That said, there is still great potential in blogs.”

    It might also be that some are starting to limit their internet consumption (I know I don’t read half as much blogs or watch half as many videos as I used to) for reasons of growing in the spiritual life.

  3. Gregg the Obscure says:

    I’m glad that you’ll keep going when we need the Catholic Samizdat. If the latest from Michael Voris is true (that someone connected with USCCB was trying to get the local police to keep Voris’ organization away from their meeting) – and that is a big if* – it seems that day may be at hand in the blink of an eye.

    * seems very likely someone could be gaslighting Voris on this

  4. iPadre says:

    Congrats! Keep up the great work my friend! You make a difference.

  5. rcg says:

    Congratulations!! I claim my share of those hits as I whack the refresh button like a rat looking for his food pellet. On the tongue, not the paws, please.

  6. TKS says:

    I’ve been growing spiritually by following you since the bird feeder web cam days. Thank you.

    [I REALLY miss having bird feeders.]

    Fr. Z's Gold Star Award

  7. Congratulations Father! As a long-time reader of your blog, I’d say your blog has helped hold Christendom together in these miserable days of the Church’s crisis. That many hits kinda’ says it. Thank you for giving us all a safe place for free and real discussion for so many years – that has been a heavy cross for you. Well done!
    I pray that the angels continue to protect this blog and your good works on behalf of a leaderless flock.

  8. jaykay says:

    “…since the bird feeder web cam days.”

    Indeed. Moi aussi. And Penjing.

    Sincere thanks for the blog, Father, and please do keep going.

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